9 inventions that came to light thanks to pop culture

People often divide life into components: here is the economy, then politics, and culture there, but over that hill already and science is seen. But separation is only a Convention. And in this article we will prove that antagonism between culture and science is very destructive. Look at those inventions that are created without the involvement of popular culture. Inventors often inspired by artworks, films and TV series. The result has been to create something that previously did say that fiction.

1. Mobile phones – Star Trek

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2015_yM1whCb6Eudn5In 1973 was released the first prototype of a portable cellular phone, which was called the Motorola DynaTAC. Its Creator, an employee of Motorola Martin Cooper openly admits that the idea learned from the TV series «star trek», and if such a star was not epic, it is unlikely that it would thought of such a device. The tube is weighed 1.15 kg and had the size 22,5 × 12,5 × 3.75 cm.. wild sort of thing, which is now not present. And the analog of «Star trek» called Communicator.

2. Submarine – «Twenty thousand leagues under the sea», Jules Verne

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2015_uAyoLOdTgP151Simon lake is considered to be one of the first creators of submarines in the world. In 1901 he built his first, which is called the Protector. The Lake was constructed and the first Russian submarines that were called «Sturgeon» and «Cayman». «Nautilus,» the legendary ship, which is found in the novel of Jules Verne, contributed to the fact that began to appear on the real prototypes. Word master Jules Verne predicted the advent of such devices with all of these periscopes, gateways, and diving suits.

3. Rocket – novels by Hg wells

Work.kom.ua_23.07.2015_mx0cjYDKUgognRobert Goddard – the man who invented the liquid fuel rocket – was obsessed with the novels of wells. After reading «war of the worlds» Robert became interested in space exploration. He dreamed that someday man will fly to Mars to conquer space, perhaps, even find extraterrestrial life. Already in 1919, a distinguished scientist wrote a number of works on the possibility of flight to the moon. He designed rocket engines and invented all sorts of things that promoted rocketry to a whole new level. By the way, the first book that was able to go to the moon, is the autobiography of Goddard took a flight Edwin Aldrin – the second man to set foot on the surface of our satellite. Thus, despite the death, Goddard still managed to go to the moon.

4. IPad – Star Trek

And again «Star trek». Well, aren’t going anywhere, is a cult thing, almost like «Star wars.» In the series often meets like tablet called PADD. It is a prototype ipad that has never hidden even the great Steve jobs is an ardent fan of «star trek». Striking similarities, and use it in the series almost the same.

5. Telecommunications satellites – the novels and the works of Arthur C. Clarke

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2015_KsRrmkNHEAVlzThe writer Arthur Clark has rightly been called the «Prophet of the space age», because a lot of them are described in the literature eventually became a reality. For example, he predicted the advent of satellites as a means of communication. In 1945, Clarke published a work that was seriously ahead of its time that nobody took seriously at the time of publication. It took two decades to get the first space satellite was released on bond. In 1965 it happened, and Arthur, perhaps, triumphantly said: «I told you, dude!»

6. Helicopter – the novels of Jules Verne

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2015_ystwZ6wFF2Y6yJules Verne, too, can call themselves a prophet, because, in addition to the submarine, he foretold the appearance of the helicopter. Igor Sikorsky, like many children in his time, was fascinated by the books is Correct. They stirred the imagination, was not like any other. Sikorsky accurately be called the father of helicopter because he created the world’s first helicopter in 1939. Sikorsky’s son claimed that his father was influenced by the books True to life. Maybe Igor had presented himself the main character of the novel «Robur the Conqueror», where the brave engineer also designed something remotely like a helicopter-a flying machine heavier than air.

All that one man can imagine, another man can make real.

Jules Verne

7. Atomic energy – the novels of Hg wells

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2015_wOGBVcRcmHIPLWhen the physicist Leo Szilard read «the world Liberated», a novel written in 1913, wells, I was surprised how the writer describes in detail the appearance of a fictional artificial energy. Szilard believed that the atomic energy is a panacea and the salvation of mankind. He conducted research on a variety of nuclear reactions and really believed that it is possible to use atom in a responsible and peaceful. Unfortunately, we clearly see that nuclear energy also brought suffering to the people.

8. Waldo (mechanical arm) is a novel by Robert Heinlein

manygoodtips.com_23.07.2015_s4GyKxGnpFJPqAlthough Robert A. Heinlein has not made such a dizzying recognition, such as wells or Verne, it is, however, made possible the emergence of mechanical hands. Waldo is a story, written in 1942. The mechanical arms it is designed to ensure that people could protect their limbs during the dirty and heavy work. Now remotely controlled mechanical arm, is often called the Waldos used in absolutely different spheres: medicine, mine clearance, rescue people.

9. Samozashnurovyvayuschihsya sneakers «Back to the future 2»

Powder.kom.ua_23.07.2015_X9ZDtSZ5JGy7GOh really? I thought it was never going to happen. Perhaps some good things from this film have not been the inventor in the present, but at least something happened. Nike decided to raise the human race to incredible heights, creating these sneakers. All in development, but chances are big. And while you can wear shoes with Velcro fasteners.

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