9 interesting facts about the «Church of Satan»

By.kom.ua_6.02.2015_Fyhk8XYMb3A0z«Church of Satan» was founded in 1966 by Anton Sandor LaVey. This religion took its roots in San Francisco and has since spread around the world. Today we explore the pages of the Satanic Bible, as well as the value and meaning of the satanic belief is that a as before, misunderstood. And why the hell not!



Satanists believe that all religions of a spiritual nature invented by man, and that there is no God but himself. There is no divine Providence and inscrutable roads – only we are responsible for ourselves and the consequences of their actions. The priority personal qualities – pride and freedom that most religions deems inappropriate. Satan is not a religious deity, but the main inspirational figure. Members of the Church seek to end the struggle between conventional religious politics and contradictory human nature that everyone in this world can live without shame and guilt for a harmless human instincts and desires, what makes Satanism weird free and tolerant religion.



Why waste time on a tedious sermon when you can just invite the followers to see the next Hollywood blockbuster? In the «Church of Satan» has a list of recommended movies, including «the Wicker man», the «Corporation «Murder», «Blue velvet», «blade Runner», «Fantasy», «Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory», «bedazzled» (1967), «Citizen Kane», «the Great Gabbo» and many others. Also to advertise their religious movements Satanists chose a very colorful and iconic people from the world of show business: the incredible beauty of the past – Jane Mansfield, ordained high priestess and died in a car accident on the 34th year of his life, Sammy Davis, Jr., Vladi Valentino Liberace and, of course, Marilyn Manson. The involvement of these persons as «citizens of the infernal Empire» lends a certain chic and Shine all religion in General.



Magical witchcraft and other such gamesmanship is not part of the «Church of Satan». In fact, a Satanic Bible warns people against practicing white or black magic. In this respect the followers have their own idea, or rather, the division into Small and Great magic. Small magic is masterly psychological techniques, the ability to manipulate people and control their minds, pushing for the adoption of relevant decisions. This magic possess almost all Satanists, whereas Most magic is a large section of the occult Sciences, and it is not so easy to learn, first of all, you need talent, observance of the General laws, and even some creative approach that leaves plenty of room for improvisation. And if magic is purely intellectual process, the practice of great magic requires a great deal of energy emotions.

These magic rituals are perceived as a therapeutic method of energy control, and mandatory components of the process there are five elements, or «ingredients,» for both types of magic: desire, timing, method, focus and balance.



In Florida in orange County satanic temple has provided educational material for students. Literature was intended to explain the philosophy of the Church and to proclaim the rights of children to practice Satanism in school. It happened after one group of distributors Christian Bibles made a RAID on 11 schools of the district, preaching Christianity and the biblical covenants. Despite the fact that the «Church of Satan» would prefer the separation of Church and state, adherents still demand equal rights for all religions, so in 2014, the children from different schools received coloring books about the adventures of a boy named Damian.

Pentagrams and other satanic imagery was repeated in each guide, where he promoted the anti-bullying, compassion, free will and the power of friendship. This humanistic philosophy of Satanism had no choice, neither the city authorities nor the school authorities: books and pamphlets about the Satan was approved and given to the kids.



«Church of Satan» founded by Anton Sandor LaVey, first offering to listen to fascinating lectures for only $ 2 per participant. Publicist Edward Webber suggested LaVey to create a full organization, thereby providing a high profit, and as we can see, it worked. The press started to promote the establishment of the Longwall in late 1966, it was rumored that he played the devil in «rosemary’s Baby» in 1968. Founder and he is the high priest, wrote the Satanic Bible in 1969 and continued to promote this religious philosophy until his death in 1997.

Needless to say, Anton LaVey is the alias. His real name was Howard Stanton levy. When he worked as a lion tamer and tigers, occasionally taking part in Burlesque shows and strip shows, and clothed in a creepy and a little nasty costumes. His beliefs and satanic activity were subjected to constant danger as Anton and his family members: an anonymous letter with threats of murder, kidnapping and rape her daughters, vandalism and the shooting of the house.

The eldest daughter Karla LaVey, the family business his father did not want to have any relationship, the only son became the bearer of a Grand name – Satan Xerxes Karnacki, and the youngest daughter, zeena Galatea LaVey, was the press Secretary of the Church in the 1980-ies. She also received the position of high priestess in 1990.



«Church of Satan» has faced serious PR problem in the 1980s, when the organization began to receive allegations of criminal activities: one of them was a ritual sacrifice, physical and sexual violence group. LaVey repeatedly stated that his Church had nothing to do with this series of crimes and that they are strongly against such atrocities.

Started a real satanic panic and hysteria about the possible existence of a satanic conspiracy. Especially carefully added fuel to the fire, not allowing it to be extinguished, popular television evangelists and journalists, blaming the terrible killings and rituals are absolutely not related people from the order of the Eastern Templars or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, which was extremely objectionable to the Christian Church.

Victims of the satanic panic were the Dan and Frances Keller, and they were one of many victims. The pair was accused of mass killing of cats, dogs and babies, grave robbery, pedophilia and even use children’s blood as a drink. Revealing they were convicted 48-year prison sentence, but was released 21 years.



The cost of membership in this organization is approximately $200. This is a one-time fee, but do not understand the target and expenses to the discretion of the administration. Well, at least you’re honest. «Church of Satan» on its official website in the FAQ section says this: «If you feel the need to know in more detail how and what will use your money – don’t join us.»

To join the ranks of the adepts can as adult citizens, and able-bodied children, but with the consent of parents or legal guardians. Satanists recommend that parents introduce and familiarize children with different religions of the world, and let them choose for themselves the path of faith.



The nine satanic commandments is not the embodiment of pure evil. Opens the list the following entry: «Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!» Forbearance should stand at the head of the human Kingdom of self-control. Illegal indulgences such as violence, drugs, and categorically not approved.

The fourth commandment says that the act of kindness should apply only to decent people: «Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates!» Kindness – for a few, but not all. In the eighth row we see the inscription: «Satan represents all the so-called sins, as they lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!»

Satanic Bible’s emphasis on individualism and learn to answer with blow blow, to choose monogamy, but not to forget that every action will have consequences and to always reckon with this fact. Religion is not permissiveness, but the responsibility for that freedom.



«Church of Satan», as before, is underground. The holidays they celebrate in the homes of the leaders, which reduces overhead costs for the organization. The only official representative’s office in Poughkeepsie, new York, but it’s closed for foreign visitors. Satanists hard diskriminerad and there is no single database, participants rely only on their membership card, which you receive immediately after payment. Many do not advertise belonging to the flow because of possible negative effects, and only active members of the organization participate in social activities.

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