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In Russia, perhaps, as nowhere else are more loyal to the style of street wear — this gives you the opportunity to experiment as your heart desires. By the way, for us, this concept is new. Streetwear originated at the crossroads of 70-80-ies on the West coast of the United States. Local designer surf boards Sean Stasi came up with the idea to sell t-shirts with the same prints as on the boards. The first «shop» was limited to the body of his own car, but soon this topic is so broke that t-shirt Sean started to sell in serious boutiques.

Street style is hard to describe because it is constantly changing, but it always affects such items of clothing like jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps and sneakers. In the harsh Russian reality has its own additions in the form of sweatshirts, hoodies, robes and hats. The main theme here is practicality, though some folks like to get away from it in favor of the design. Anyway, in our country where there is good profit to street clothes, and we found such places — each one has its own unique «handwriting».

1. UP! DEAD! UP!

These guys founded the brand back in 2009, when streetstyle still in its infancy in Russia. It all started with the close cooperation with the artist Ostem, which works with the «Up!Dead!Up!» from the very first print. Later joined by other masters, so the range of pictures there is now quite large. In addition to t-shirts and sweatshirts for change: caps, socks, badges, cases and Steerpike. Their prints are dominated by Indian, circus and fantastic themes with bright colors and intricate design, a La art Nouveau and expressionism.

Is used for printing silkscreen. Depending on the type, quality and fabric colors are plastisol inks, which are borne from above, always keep brightness; the method of discharge, when the paint eats into the fabric and stays there forever. The latest collection is dedicated to the most various manifestations of human nature: grace and gracefulness, slyness and confidence, laughter and cruelty. The authors say that the overly bright colors on the prints after washing, will become more pale vintage shade, and the paint will not be noticeable to the touch and will never crack.

It is strange that the Russian streetstyle is not «acclimatize» in his own way and names of clothing. T-shirt (from the English. sweatshirt) — regular sweatshirt, which gave the name of Leo Tolstoy himself. Yes, the same writer, or rather, his fans who loved to wear spacious cardigans with long sleeves. Now it is often put on the skaters and skateboarders (although among them there are certainly fans of «War and peace»).

2. Ritmika

Still some old-timers, but with a large assortment for boys and girls jumpsuits, shirts, Polo, shorts. Typical Moscow street wear brand with its character, for streetwear enthusiasts of different generations and wealth, and in particular, for young people «sleeping areas». As the creators of the store, from the beginning of the work, they found three key elements: the idea, the attention to detail and quality — they were taken as the basis of the first collection and to this day, are the key ingredients in building a brand Ritmika.

They have created their own style of casual street wear and its filing, making it an independent brand with the principled position of apparel production in Russia. The main feature here is a street clothing brand of premium class at an affordable price. Using an aggressive flow, Ritmika boasts a highly interesting prints on Patriotic themes. Overall, it’s really one of the most streetstyle — practical and functional, and most importantly — budget.

3. The WORLD

Despite the fact that you guys bother and produce products for old-school weaving machinery in the suburbs, their collection looks like a futuristic urbanism. Here no prints (except for the logo «World»), but there is a special approach to design in General. Based on the philosophy of reverence of the world, the guys have put emphasis on the material, which will withstand the extreme conditions of the Russian remote places, will give the skin to breathe and does not lose strength for many years, aided by technology Garment Wash. The entire collection is made of unique fabric, make-to-order limited edition.

For its production the creators are in cooperation with experienced specialists in the sphere of production of the fabric. The thread received a special organic treatment, which gave her stability with virtually no loss of softness. The structure of the weave, and the density of threads was chosen empirically in the production process. This tissue and in the fall will protect itself and will remain intact. And at the same time it is comfortable for everyday wear. All in 100% cotton and great design refers to the fantastic youth films. The creators claim that their fabric symbolizes the starry sky. Romance, in General.


Here is its story: the guys started out with graffiti in the early 2000s. at First they had their own crew-a team, then they became interested in airsoft. And since graffiti is a passion, complete immersion in this subculture at a young age entails the need for an appropriate form of clothing according to the cultural trends. The famous Carhartt then was expensive to make and sew something. The resulting experience was more widely used after meeting with the airsoft.

In 2007, the future staff of the NGOs had carried out the first event in the sewing business, but didn’t from t-shirts with the prints, and tried to sew a field form for airsoft teams. It is clear that it is not as easy as printing prints on finished shirts. Although the result was not very popular, but it helped in the further development. In 2010, the boys invented, patented and produced a device for simultaneously spraying two aerosols «lines». From this moment, appeared abbreviation NOGP. The overall style of the NGOs is based on military aesthetics with a sports bias. And the most interesting here, look anoraks with wide collar hood and jackets with built-in masks.


This brand has become a true researcher of new depths format streetstyle. Based on the experiments and fresh ideas, they decided to help those who love real freedom of choice and ready for changes in their appearance. Very outstanding clothes for this style since it first streetsyle meant a certain austerity in favor of harsh outdoor conditions.

But direction for several years and it is time to change — SOWHAT? was on this wave, less than six months, becoming «friends» for more than 40 stores in Russia and the CIS and put on the production, and large-scale, unique and quality stuff. Thus, we can say that their chip is not only provocative courage, but also matured forethought.

The range is quite varied — this isn’t your standard sweaters with different prints. Original t-shirts hooded sweatshirts with detachable sleeves and unusual thin is clearly suitable for those who are not afraid to show personality on the street and ready to surprise even themselves. According to the creators of the brand SOWHAT, before to start the party, they are the model some time to understand what you may experience inconvenience while using it already in real life, and how it will react to the audience.

Beautiful and gowns that designers of clothes if carried out a fantastic Saga — they are futuristic, sleek and, most importantly, practical. Latest autumn collection was a real symbiosis of comfort and energy thanks to the soft fabric, elongated sleeves and exaggerated forms, as well as bodily and dusty shades. Watching the growth of the brand, you know that each new collection is a real embodiment of their slogan: «Freedom is within you.»

6. Astronautics1961

Still some dreamers who had based not street theme, and something poglobalnee — infinite space. The starry sky has long engendered in the people of the romantics, making the stretch towards distant planets and the vast expanses of the galaxy. Thus the harvesting icon Astronautics1961 became an astronaut — the main logo together with the words «the Future is in heaven.» Despite the fact that the range is small — there are sweatshirts, Polo shirts, the style here is quite decent. It resembles the classics of the Soviet Union and at the same time manages to be quite futuristic.

Strictly speaking, all clothing is created according to the original drawings in Russia and from Russian raw materials. Cotton premium allow the skin to breathe, and the density of the fabric gives it high durability. These guys also have a motto: «He who saw the sky will become another, inevitable,» impressive. In General, their clothes, obviously, can be attributed not so much to streetstyle as casual — this variety just can’t help touching several styles.

Street style’s a serape are also very much appreciated. Despite the fact that it was invented in the southern latitudes, this item of clothing is perfect for the cold climate of Russia. Traditionally’s a serape sewn descendants of the Maya, in fact it is just a reinvention of the leggings, just without the holes for the head. They are made from wool and worn on the shoulder like a warm blanket. By the way, it’s a serape can be seen even in cool movie: himself Clint Eastwood in the movie «the Good, the bad and the ugly» were in it, as the hero of Norman Reedus in «the Walking dead». Incredibly comfortable and warm thing.


If Edgar Allan PoE lived in our time in Russia, sure, he could wear such clothes. Gothic skulls, bones, demons, bizarre characters, and he’s the model here prints, spiced with statements in the spirit of «No gods, no masters», «the Mountain can not hide» and «Life is a celebration» (the latter — like the irony). Apparently, these kids like no one else understood the General meaning of the Russian streetstyle. Youth which loves to think about death and the impermanence of life, appreciate it and understand it.

The producers themselves say that their brand is truly crafty, that is all done by their own efforts, with the participation of the brand’s founder, Sergey sabinina. He, in collaboration with Illustrator Maxim kobzevym organized the production of for the love of screen printing and the need for creative implementation of Maxim. If you remember the main themes of the brand, it is not surprising that he was born in Tula — the birthplace of the writer Gleb Uspensky, a fervent supporter of «populists». Street style clothing in this city is like a silent voice of the residents.

8. Lester City Sport

Strange, but Lester City is not just a beautiful name. You probably thought that it is associated with the popular football club, but no. Exactly is popularly known as the Forest town in the suburbs, where, in fact, settled the creators of this brand. Started, like many of the other prints on the wrong t-shirts using someone else’s printing press without future plans and clever strategies. Subsequently, however, decided to act seriously and has developed its own production with the objective to enter the market Casual Wear and to compete with the popular brands.

Now on their website you can find jackets, anoraks, sweatshirts, cargo pants, goggerle, chinos, t-shirts and more. The range is constantly expanding. Guys a lot of time to devote to the search of new fabrics, ideas and chips. Actively collaborate with contemporary artists. The main highlight of the guys from the Leicester focus not only on young people but also for Mature audiences. These clothes can be embarrassment to come to work colleagues will appreciate the modern taste.

9. Roobl’

Any self-respecting man at least once in life must visit Syktyvkar. In General, the entire Komi Republic is a living example of Soviet history, a walking myth, a personification of the far North. The first collection of the online store Roobl’ — «Stylish patriot», has absorbed the spirit of the Soviet Union, particularly the Northern peoples. Each figure the creators have been carefully thought through in cooperation with professional graphic designers. For 2 years they passed thorny path, releasing a few more lines of prints.

Themes they really are extraordinary: everything that made the Soviet people proud of their country, transported on high-quality outdoor clothing. Satellites, rockets, and Gagarin; silhouettes of Soviet athletes; popular phrases from their movies. The most interesting result in the collection of the «Komi-art» — magic symbols of the indigenous inhabitants of Komi fascinate and challenge be proud of the cultural heritage of our state.

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