9 ideas for a new life

manygoodtips.com_17.12.2014_TPcBAxFR6Gs5xEvery year around this time almost each person can sum up the past year. We analyze our shortcomings, victories and defeats, relationships, career and so on and every new year think about what you need to change something, set new goals and to live a new life. Surely each of us have had these thoughts: «this year I’m going to go to the gym», «this year I will quit Smoking», «this year I start my own business»… well, you told yourself this a hundred times heard about the same from others.

If you’ve done what you wanted to do, Bravo, because you are rare. According to some, is only 8% of all plans in the new year.

But maybe this year will be different from the previous one: you will collect all will in a fist and realize their old dreams and goals. Forget the stereotypical ideas that are forgotten in the best case, 1 February, if not before, put yourself 10 viable objective.

1. A dinner or a party

Get together with friends for a delicious dinner and heartfelt conversation is a great way to strengthen friendships. After such meetings, all usually say: «We should do this more often!» So why not do it at least a couple times a year?

If you have never organized a dinner party (beer with friends at football does not count), first of all, consider the guest list, pick a food, drinks, music and more.

The organization of the dinner party is a great reason to learn how to cook. Look in our section «Food and drinks» and you will find many interesting recipes. In a pinch, call a friend, and a better mother to ask for advice, she will be very happy to help you. Of course, mom should not take part in the organization of the party, but some practical advice on cooking will not be superfluous.

2. To contact a long-forgotten friend

People come to each other’s lives. It’s natural. But sometimes, for whatever reason, we cease to communicate. We all have a couple of friends with whom we once had a great time, helped each other and supported in difficult situations, and now just recall them with a sad smile. Friendship is complicated: sometimes it is possible for stupidity to lose a faithful friend. But the images, like everything in this world is not eternal.

Sometimes it is enough just one phone call. If some old grudge your old PAL is still strong, well, you can console yourself that at least tried to.

3. Ask for forgiveness from those wronged in the past

One day we all have made mistakes, which now are proud of. Guilt is a bad thing. All you need to do – just recognize what you did wrong and apologize. If you are shy to apologize verbally, use the dying art of handwritten letters. You sure you don’t lash out extra and be sincere.

4. Read more books

We all sometimes feel uncomfortable when someone refers in conversation to the literary source, or quotes a funny passage from the works, and the majority of the group happy, while some are laughing out of politeness, not actually understanding the joke, but too shy to admit it. The more you read, the less will be among those who do not understand the quote.

Think of at least 3 books that you’ve been wanting to read, but the first time and start to read. You have the whole year!

5. To go on a road trip

It’s amazing how many interesting places to be in your backyard, but your lazy ass likes to spend weekends at the computer or TV. Remember how you had plans to travel by car when I was choosing my first car?

And for this all you need is to Wake up in the morning of the day, take a bag with necessary things, girlfriend or friends and go to the nearest town or village. It does not require large financial costs and a lot of time. Before you go on vacation for a few thousand miles, explore your district. You will find many interesting places which are not suspected.

6. To help carry out the plans of his girlfriend

Relationship is about compromise, and compromise means sometimes doing something you don’t really want, but what is important for the person you love, the dinner with her parents, or a trip to the local art Museum, or a concert of her favorite rock group. If you work and fulfill at least one wish, will receive additional points and rise in her eyes. Especially if it’s something you’ve been resisting.

You know that she is far for you, so why not do the same?

7. Make at least one donation

Whether it be time or money, we all have that we can give to someone without expecting any benefit in return. Do you like animals? Become a volunteer at a local shelter or make a donation in the form of food or litter.

Share with someone for their skills or knowledge. To do good selfless acts incredibly nice.

8. To start to learn a foreign language

You can enroll in a course, and can start small and teach every day at least 2-3 words in any language that you like or will use in life.

For example, to learn English pretty quickly. Don’t stop and gradually improve his speech.

9. Start doing sports

At least to run in the mornings, even a couple times a week, then will be involved and will run even in the rain and snow, and running in the winter is especially cool. I make it a rule to do push-UPS several times a day or to download the press. Eventually move on to more complicated exercises. You know yourself to be weak and frail in his Prime a shame. It’s time to fix it!

Of course you can come up with your 10 or as many goals, most importantly, never give up and never give up. Beat procrastination with every achievement of planned business and improve your life!

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