9 fitness tips from the pros

If you want (and you want your workouts become much more effective and useful, there are a few tips that you know fitness trainers. In fact, they don’t keep them secret, but still this is not everyone knows or thinks. So maybe you need to learn a few hacks for you to practice.

1. Active break

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2016_AtY3NXIkiJxtiTo survive in the gym without a break between exercises is simply impossible. However, many famous trainers believe that this break should be active, only then will you be able to push his body to the max.

Famous coach at cross-fit Ramon Acosta in an average one-hour training session is constantly in motion and highly recommend it to their wards. If suddenly someone decides to sit down to rest, he was immediately punished – 10 burpees. Clearly, Acosta does not expect that during a break, his disciples to do push-UPS and run a fairly basic walk, not to stop.

2. Technology to help

Louis Corragio, the Creator of the program to improve physical fitness trampoLEAN, have long understood the value of scientific and technical progress and therefore constantly uses applications that raise the functionality of a stopwatch on a higher level. For example, brother Louie highly recommend a timer that allows you to easily adjust the high-intensity interval training, also called TABATA, that is where you need exercise cycle with a strictly defined intervals.

3. Always ready

Coach Pilates Amy Jordan strongly encourages everyone to always have at the ready equipment. At least a change of socks, a Jersey and sneakers to be able to do. Their presence provokes like a sports bag with sports equipment at hand motivates not worse than Shia LaBeouf. Herself Amy says, «If I have a free 20 minutes and form at hand, I have no excuse not to do your exercises».

4. The time for running

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2016_MM8Da9ZunaGXHTreadmills, as we know, are wildly popular, so there is a worst thing: they are always Packed. Standing in line, waiting in the wings, and he does not come. Already the hall is closed and I want to run. Now, you have the right to negotiate with the staff about the time limit at the gym. But do not forget yourself to behave like a gentleman and did not hold the track.

5. The fight against stink

Your smelly sneakers can be impregnated with a blend of ponizov the whole bag. Time the smell is so fusion that kills cattle. Fitness trainers strongly recommend to pour inside the sneaker deodorant for Shoe storage and have to put the tea bags. As you know, they perfectly draw moisture and stink.

6. Foam rollers: before and after

Know about foam rollers, which are always lying around in a pile of inventory. However, some of them still use it before workouts, after. And is there any General sense? There, and only in the case if you do before and after a workout, then the promised mobility will be guaranteed.

7. Toys for men only

If you train at home, and even in a limited space, without the fitness ball is not enough. It is foolish to assume that this is purely a ladies ‘ shell. It is inexpensive, extremely versatile and functional inventory for those who can’t afford to have a home trainer.

With this bullet you can work on any part of the body – from head to toe. It perfectly replaces the gymnastic bench. In addition, the extreme lovers can try to hold it all day, using a ball instead of a regular chair to prove your equilibrista abilities to new heights.

8. The attention of the antagonist muscles

By.kom.ua_20.02.2016_lqRUJonZaA57tProfessional fitness trainer Jason Pain for a very long time looked at often unnecessary training of people who are without coaches. That though as-that to make use in their classes, he offers to pay attention to the antagonist muscles. This muscle groups that create the opposite effect with respect to each other, that is, in other words, it is the muscles-flexors and extensors of the joints.

During the execution of exercises on a certain muscle is the opposite of antagonist is under rest or light static. Thus, training can build on the principle of paired muscles, considering their size and reducibility. Such training greatly save your time and you have, in essence, the same amount.

9. Make a playlist

With music, all the fun, so be sure to make your playlist for workouts. Moreover, it is desirable for each exercise to make your: run – single, for push UPS for rod – third. Music can be a stimulus for exercise. By the way, another advantage of the playlist is duration of exercise. In order to know when the time is up, don’t have to look at the clock. The five-minute track is over, then you can rest.

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