9 easy ways to stay in shape without exercise equipment

All the dudes want to finally get in shape and stay in shape. But not all of them want to plan the schedule, to allocate the money and bother with the gym or buying equipment. That is not the case only if you have the money, but in how you do this approach. For example, I know dudes who are going to the gym beats all hunting sports: as it turns out the school physical education classes, as if under duress. So it is not just a question of poverty.

Here we got 9 really effective ways to do that without equipment. They may not all fit you, but at least one or two clearly deserves your attention. Try it, it is not difficult. But sport is cool.

1. Swimming


Swimming is the best sport for your body because it involves all muscles. In addition, there are as many different styles of swimming — that’s what freedom of choice! Of course, for the pool you have to pay, but it’s often much cheaper than going to the gym, right? Not to mention the purchase of home exercise equipment. You can swim several times a week — and still, even in a year or five won’t spend as much as some kind of simulator.

2. Running


It’s simple, man: out of the house and ran. You can stay at a time when tired or run until you’re over the desired distance. Or you can run away from home, and then run back. Sounds idiotic, but in fact a useful thing.

3. Walk


Maybe running is not your issue, but what about walking? Even if you can’t find a special or two hours to exercise, a walk is something you’d be able to incorporate into your daily routine. Walk to store, walk to the mail, walk the dog — but you never know what’s in there. In the end, come to a few stops early and walk, returning in the evening from work.

4. Proper nutrition

proper nutrition

It seems obvious: at least one method to be irrelevant to the exercise is your diet. Send in the trash cheeseburgers and eat that salad, forego the dessert and you will notice that you will become a much more pleasant shape in a very short time. Donuts, in the end, not so tasty, right?

5. Pushups


Even at home you can do without, God forbid, sports. The good old push-UPS will come to you for help. All you need is the floor — and he is in every house. So go for it!

6. Exercises on press


You can say: «push-UPS are not high». Well, first, I can’t hear you. And secondly, I don’t do push-UPS. Drill press. Just go to the same floor and raise your body. Here we need an absolute minimum of coordination, but the exercise itself is quite good, especially because different methods swing different muscles.

7. Dancing


Active leisure on vacation that entertains. And dancing is what you do not active? Even if you think that the choreography for gays and wimps, well, count on, we’re not sending you to the ballet Barre. But in club to go what’s wrong? And be entertained and spend calories.

8. Physical labor

physical labor

Although, you never know, suddenly you’re a serious guy, and not your issue. Maybe you want your physical activity been paid? Well, or at least useful. Then you have the option to go to dig the garden before holiday season, or move furniture or something.

9. Pullups

The bar is in almost every yard. And some think that for such classes, and the horizontal bar is not needed. For example, here’s this guy with the video. Why do not drop? He furniture screws screwed to the floor? Strange thing. He’s got a Youtube channel like a guru home exercises.

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