9 dirty manipulation methods


Psychopaths live in our homes, walk among us in offices and schools and even posing as normal people. Statistics shows that among the business elite, a large proportion of clinical narcissists and psychopaths. This can be explained by the fact that people who have achieved success have more reasons to fall under the onslaught of self-respect and breaks. The art of manipulation in this respect plays a big role. Because, unlike normal people, psychopaths are trying to earn their power and fill their pockets with money not through honest means, and with the help of suggestion. Their strategy bears fruit, but also destroys the lives of many honest people. So we compiled a list of the most common ways of manipulation, which with confidence can be called dirty. I hope that after reading you will know how not to let yourself be used. 1 brainwashing brainwashing is a manipulative tactic that can be described in different ways by three expressions: «wasn’t», «you thought» and «are you crazy?» The point is that your opponent tries to distort your knowledge about the reality of this world. He insists that your sense of reality is mistaken, because you do not trust yourself. The human brain is arranged in such a way that it can lose touch with the facts from memory. You can easily convince, even if you were a direct witness of events — enough to break your will. But you can protect yourself. It is sufficient to ground their own reality. For example, you can every day to write in her diary or to tell you about my experience. Then you’ll know that it really happened, and the man opposite just playing you.

2 Projection

Projection is when people who surround you, the guilt thrown on you. That is, design mistakes in life to another person. It’s a defense mechanism of the human psyche, which is used in order to displace responsibility for negative behavior, attributing it to someone else. Moreover, it is possible to design not only the behavior, but also personality traits. It will be difficult to cope with such people, but you can try to use their tactics to move your view of the world and its system of coordinates on their personality. 3 Generalization You said to my colleague that it is not always possible to consider the long-term consequences of financial decisions? He left you a stack of papers and says that you called him «short-sighted sucker». Then you said that the agreement could fail if you do not take some steps? Your coworker complained to the boss that you think the deal is a disaster. What the hell is going on?

It’s not that your colleague did not understand what you’re saying. The fact that he is absolutely not interested in understanding your words. Such people, as well, intellectually lazy. They do not ponder what you say and often generalize words to make your mental work. We can counter this only by upholding its tough stance, arguing that the generalization is illogical and primitive form of thinking.

4 Reorientation


Skilled sociopaths use a logical fallacy, known as «retargeting», in order to break your spirit. It looks like this: NIT constantly require proof that your opinion is taken into consideration, but when you pour on her all the evidence of the world, she returns the conversation in the direction where you want even more evidence, and the topic of conversation is chosen outside the considered problem. Don’t play this game. To voice their point of view, give a couple of examples and close up shop angry dispute, because everything will only get worse. You already said what you wanted to say — to convince the man makes no sense, because it is already decided for yourself that you are not right.

5 changing the topic, change the topic of conversation looks harmless enough occupation, but in the hands of a master of manipulation it becomes a means to avoid responsibility. Instead of focusing on problems, the manipulator will redirect the discussion in the direction of its influence. This story can go on forever, and it will make it impossible to find a solution on the merits.

Try the method of «broken record» to cool the ardor of the manipulator: keep state the facts, do not get distracted, perenapravljat so that redirects your interlocutor, sosredotochena attention to the real problem. If he’s not interested in the solution, it will soon detach, and if you are interested, its energy go into a more constructive direction.

6 Images

It was in kindergarten, it was in school and now it is happening now — at work or at University (don’t know where you read). The problem is seriously impeding the work, so it should be solved once and for all: if not triggered dialogue, then run to aggressive discussions or read our article on the types of Boxing punches in order to know where to apply them. I hope you will be able to solve everything with diplomacy. 7 Libel Freaks love to play martyrs, when they have exhausted the possibilities to manipulate you. They pretend to be the victim, inflict damage to your reputation and name. Sometimes they start the whole smear campaign that you considered their power. Such people are guided by the principle «divide and conquer», pitting together of people or tuning of whole groups against each other. But don’t let them win. From libel to fight back in different ways, but it is best to be guided by the principles of an honest man who does not repay in the same coin, and fighting with dignity.

8 Devaluation


Be careful, when your colleague shows you favor in a time when the other «down» in full. This suggests that a colleague does not respect the office you or others, and only plays on the feelings, relationships and friendship. It sucks, especially when it occurs at the level of «superior — subordinate».

This problem may occur not only in the professional sphere, but also in the family. So if you come with a smile, be prepared for the fact that behind you actively granocoat. You have to be careful to how a person speaks to you, not to take on trust words and to always predict how relates to you in the future.

9 Triangulation One of the most effective ways to manipulate you and— triangulation. Its essence lies in the fact that the manipulator puts the attention on perceived threats from another person. That is, he’s lying to you about what others say about you. For example: «that guy from the sales Department told you not to finalize, that sucks».

The guy never said anything like that, but you already think he is your sworn enemy. How to be smarter than the mental sadist? Try to get support from third parties which are not under the influence of the manipulator — so you will form a good protection, which will help you in the future.

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