9 creative ideas from brilliant people

To learn from someone else’s example is always interesting. Not the fact that you’re going to use someone else’s technique in your life, but it is interesting to know how people came to success. However, most are simply interested. Well, that’s their business. This isn’t you? No? Then pay attention.

1. Louis CK

Stand-up comedian, writer, producer, Director and just a cool guy.


Idea: If you get stuck, start all over again.

Over the years a glorious career, Louis ck has happened on hard times, called the creativity crisis. Popularity was falling, and nothing new on mind did not come. When was nowhere to retreat, he followed the advice of George Carlin and I just dumped in a garbage heap in the past, all your old jokes and stopped to show old material. Simply put, he mentally resigned to with a clear head to explore new materials and to write new jokes. Moreover, there was no way out, the repertoire was empty.

So don’t rely on past achievements, otherwise there will be forces and space for new. Sometimes this debris and prevent to think.

2. Ray Kurzweil

Inventor, entrepreneur. Kurzweil invented a computer program in an age in which the rest of us came up with an excuse why they didn’t do their homework.


Idea: embrace your dreams, to find in them some new and useful ideas.

Before going to sleep every evening Kurzweil visualizes the problem. He’s trying to decide whether the problem is conceptual, or personal anguish, and then imagines her decision. He argues that most ideas come to him in a dream. And the essence of all this seemingly simple idea is that to access the elements of our subconscious, which is usually inactive during the hours of waking up and constantly open-minded throughout the day. As they say, «look into your heart».

3. Ed Catmull

The President of Pixar Animation Studios, scientist


Idea: don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself, offer the most insane ideas.

This may seem strange, but according to Catmull, early drafts of Pixar classics like «toy Story» sucks. But thank God, Pixar employs a lot of people who throw an endless amount of ideas into a huge pile, and then choose from it the best. Don’t be afraid that your idea would be called crazy. So they chose the story about the weird friends – the cowboy and the astronaut. So if your head is filled with ideas, spread them on the table. Will definitely find something good.

4. David Lynch

Director, writer, musician, artist


Idea: Use meditation to be more relaxed and receptive.

About David Lynch and his vaunted meditation say almost more than his films. The Director himself claims that he never uses drugs to fuel their creativity. Instead, he relaxes and turns to the hidden corners of her wonderful mind. Lynch achieves this through transcendental meditation. However, you can use any trick that will help you unpack your mind. Scientists confirm that peace and tranquility is a good creative doping.

5. Rod Serling

Writer, Creator of «the Twilight zone»


Idea: Write down all your thoughts and ideas. Even though it will be random, unrelated things.

Serling wrote nearly 100 episodes of «the Twilight zone» is a huge number of ideas, most of them are pretty freaky. He believed that creative ideas «come from experience, you either saw or heard them.» You need to be open for everything, even for things to which you do not have the slightest relationship. One way is to record all of your experiences and observations in a notebook, and then mixing them together in random unpredictable ways.

6. Salvador Dali

Surrealist, artist


Idea: get inspired by on the border of sleep and wakefulness.

Like Kurzweil, Dali knew that the most unique ideas come from the subconscious. However, his method was a little different in its quirkiness. He set the plate on the floor next to him, holding the spoon over her and relaxed, until I started to fall asleep. Accordingly, threw the spoon, and jingled on the plate, waking up the artist. Dali took a brush and tried to transfer to canvas surreal images that arise in consciousness on the border of wakefulness and sleep.

Further believed that in the moment of falling asleep, the mind starts processing the information received during the day, distorting it and drawing unexpected Parallels. Therefore, his paintings look fantastic, and exactly what would the pictures of dreams.

7. Ray Bradbury

Science fiction writer


Idea: Make a list of random words and work on it.

Great fiction in the pursuit of a creative spark was doing a very strange thing: he was just thinking about random nouns and write them on paper. You just take a random word or image and use as a starting point for its vibrant artistic activities. You can even try random word generator.

8. Steven Spielberg

Director, writer, producer… and you do not know!


Idea: change the picture to get a different perspective.

During work on «Close encounters of the third kind» was an interesting case. After another unsuccessful attempt to design an alien spaceship, Spielberg, to clear your head from heavy thoughts, decided to take a ride on the outskirts of Los Angeles. When we stopped to admire the beauty of the city, he looked at the familiar scenery from a different angle and found the necessary inspiration.

9. John Cleese

Comic. Thanks for the «Monty Python»


Idea: any problems you can get with creativity.

Remember what I was doing with the coconuts in «Monty Python and the Holy Grail»? They beat each other, creating the sound of hooves. But the joke is forced. The scenario of the horse was, but the comedians did not have enough money for their rent. Then Cleese and his pals turned the issue into a joke, which is very much worked. Cleese believes that the best ideas come in a fun relaxed atmosphere. And do not need to put on the pressure and convulsive attempts to extract from boiling ideas stillborn freak called «crappy creative». Less stress, more humor, enjoy the process, and the end result, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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