9 commandments best friend

We wrote a lot about the friend zone and the relationship between man and woman, and not so much about true friendship. But in fact it is a very fragile thing, and she’s not just talking about women and General alcoholism. Here something more would be as fruity as it may sound. In our country the phrase, «I love you, man,» associated with the promotion of what is known, the Harley Davidson and Cowboy Malboro it was immediately clear what it’s about.

Unfortunately, few know how to make friends, and therefore, the relationship between precious mates quickly deteriorate. So we decided to recall the commandments that will allow you to be John Watson, but not Anakin Skywalker.

1. So leave your relationship the envy black

Envy is the best way to ruin a friendship light. Envy is absolutely impossible, because your friend’s fault that you’re a fucking loser. Since he was more fortunate, since he paid more attention, if he is talented, just be happy for him, support and continue to do their work.

In such times, it may seem that the partner behaves dishonestly and is removed. But most often we ourselves are saying. Envy, of course.

There was one good movie with Ben Stiller and Jack black called «Black envy». Very instructive story about two friends. One fabulously rich, but have not lost the human qualities and even refused to move to a more prosperous area just to be closer to my best friend. By the way, he proposed to him to invest in the business, which led to wealth, but he got greedy and was left with nothing, hating my friend, just for his honesty. The movie ended, as expected, happy end, but think about the sacred bond of brotherhood makes.

2. Not posterboy anything from one of his

Friendship is a need, friendship is a kind of service. However, it becomes such if it is treated. Friendship is based on mutual affection and not on the whims and consumption. You can not demand any extra attention to ourselves and to arrange about this hysteria. Your friend for these purposes have a girlfriend, you wait a little different. Appreciate your communication with him, not rendered services to each other.

3. Let it be your criticism is appropriate and adequate

Criticism is useful when it is in moderation. Of course, the best one can find those 3 coveted swear words, which can open the eyes to what is happening. And constant criticism, «poking» his nose in mistakes – just your pathetic excuse to show off and appear better than you are. And to whom? In front of your friend?

People you trust so much don’t act all-knowing master, know that sooner or later get tired of it.

4. And do not covet his neighbor’s wife. And just in case one

In ancient Judea even Yahweh didn’t approve of it, and there you encroached on the sacred. What’s threatened by the laws of honor? Nothing good, have the right to knock your teeth out, break the tail and stab horns. So you have to act solely so as not to cause the slightest discomfort and silly doubt in the other.

But there is another nuance. It is connected with the common companions. You meet his friends, and in the end you are plump and communicate more often than he’s with them. And some of it does not rest, as a rein under the tail. Appear resentment, and complexes, and jealous hatred, like Frodo suspecting Sam of love to his beloved ring. So the three hang out together if it comes to that.

5. So you will be on the same wavelength

Blissful moments of friendship is when no superfluous words there is a spiritual unity. When you catch one wave, one the mood of Bob Dylan enjoying the triumph of the moment and the freedom and drinking beer, think: «How the hell, okay!» Than a good friendship? The fact that one can forget about the oppressive domestics, and feel the freedom, and feel again the taste of life. But sometimes comrade is not fun – oppressed by heavy thoughts, and in these moments you need to get on the same wavelength. Friends weren’t just for fun created.

Someone from the Quartet «And» said that the secret of their friendship lies precisely in the ability to understand each other and be on the same wavelength. So the recipe is very simple. In fact, Matthew McConaughey said the same thing about their warm relationship with woody Harrelson: «One of the reasons why woody and friends is. we’re on the same page.»

6. And don’t forget your ears to hear the reproaches of friendly

Listen to everything, but able to hear only one. The ability to listen to other, understand his problem and do not interrupt the words: «fuck Yeah you are» – is increasingly rare. After all, people need to understand. To offer the «score» as a listen – only person. Even if you are not lucky, like me, and you’re the fifth time hearing the same story about three women who ruined his life. This is your cross, be strong. But be ready to once again brainwash him, and sit on the neck and turn into a piece of film Adam Sandler. To tell about women, by the way, also do not want to.

7. And don’t cut off your mouth insulting joke, and people would not mind killing

If you have taken the hard jokes, that’s fine, if mommy and his ugly women kidding you’re the only one, then get ready for the fact that, most likely, you methodically break your nose and stop to chat. So adjust your sense of humor. Even Eric Cartman other times regret rudeness to Kyle.

8. And will not break the link in the bustle of life

Over the years, we become gloomy, insanely busy pieces of shit. Happy drinking often appear as memories and youthful optimism became something dull and boring. Living in the same city, we don’t see each other for months, and meetings interfere with work and other employment. So communicate at least by phone. If I hadn’t corresponded or spoken with their friends every day, then God knows what would happen to our friendship. But friendship requires a bit of attention. But when they meet, there is no awkward pauses: the feeling communicated only yesterday (as discussed in 2 o’clock the presidential race in the United States, reports from the currency exchanges and new funny videos – is sacred).

9. And come to the aid of his friend

One day my closest comrade grabbed his stomach. Realizing that long-held ring of defense against the onslaught is known to the masses he fails, he hid in the toilet of the nearest eatery, which was not toilet paper. At all. And you know what? Had to save, to bring the coveted cloth. Well, that was not far to go, some 10 minutes.

For idiocy and smell this story is hidden the forgotten moral that friends are learned in trouble. With absolutely anyone, no matter how comical or absurd it was. This movie random decent people come to the aid of the main character. In life will come to help only friends and relatives, and the more valuable your friendship is. Only, for God’s sake, did not help as a favor, and don’t need to think about it at every opportunity, and then you shit, and not one.

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