9 bad habits you need to quit

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If you think family and friends should love you no matter what, you’re wrong. There are a decent number of bad habits that you want to quit, because they irritate more than 90 percent of the people in the whole world. Someone sees in them a contempt of his person, someone they are just fairly annoying, but someone a little enter into a stupor. In short, for these habits are necessary not only to stay, but just the opposite: they should be avoided. They are not an indicator of your bright personality, they are just unnecessary ballast.

1. Stop complaining, drawing attention to his person

There are some bro, which do not feed bread — give complain. You the positive aspects of life ask, and they quickly talk about them — and again to complain. And complain about absolutely trivial things that some people happen five times a day. Of course, to share with family and friends with their problems — a normal thing, but that’s not necessary to turn it into a habit and start to complain about all sorts of stuff. This is a great way to attract attention, but a terrible way to hold it.

2. To focus on inner monologue rather than focusing on dialogue with the person

It looks like this. Your good friend something rubs about your original idea, and you’re listening in a half-ear and think to myself, «Well, yeah, great idea, man. Only here do you egg is not enough to implement it. No, but this is bad idea…» first, your eyes are perfectly clear that you are somewhere far away; that if you’re listening, that’s pretty weak. Think about all the pros and cons of the idea this guy after his explanation. But if you need time for inner monologue, ask bro timeout. So you will have the opportunity to think or to gloat, but your dude seem that you care about his opinion and listen carefully.

3. Multitasking during a conversation

Common nonsense: you are talking and you going through the phone, read a book or play computer. The fact that it annoys everyone. Especially single people who believe that you’re ignoring them. Let down for a minute from what you are doing, and talk to the man. Don’t tell if you don’t want to.

4. Not to pay attention to loved ones

If you think that loved ones know that you love them, then you are wrong. Each person needs to constantly show that you care for him, otherwise he will think you just gained his trust and now sitting on our laurels. Disorder. If a loved one something rubs, and you almost do not listen, interrupt, and later say something completely not related to the subject, for it is as a sickle on eggs. Very disappointing, in short. love or friendship also means to listen.

5. Demand compliments

It is not strange, and I’m a bro too, love to demand compliments in the spirit: «I think my stomach has decreased a bit, right? So? SO!?» That looks terrible, you never do that.

6. Vague reaction to compliments

Here you either answer the withered compliments «thank you», or letting them pass. It is unpleasant for anyone and makes you look like a snob. By the way, a simple «thank you» always means that you appreciated the attention, but it’s worth it.

7. To pick off people in mid sentence

Ironically, everyone knows that it’s bad that all this is annoying, but still do it! And it’s horrible, disgusting and like death! Why? Because when you pluck people off in the middle, you show them that your thoughts and words to you a hundred times more expensive. And this little one is not annoying.

8. Indifferent attitude

If your bro does something stupid, don’t be shy and tell him about it. If bro had something good happen in my life — congratulate him heartily. It is far better than if you’re going to respond all in the spirit of: «Well, okay, Cho, well done!» You want to keep with dudes and support them, and maintain a sincere interest in the topic.

9. Trying to please everyone

We’ve talked about what not to do, not to irritate your loved ones and other people, and now we are almost stroked all that have advised, and say to you: you’ve got to know measure. Frankly if you’re not hurting anyone by their actions, move forward, don’t look at the other bro. The main thing — do not think that reputation is most important in life: the less you care about the opinion of other people, the better for your reputation, because active steps can only make things worse.

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