9 attractive types of girls that are actually attractive

attractive girls

Every time I’m watching a movie or TV series, I demonstrate the idea of what a perfect woman. I mean, we all demonstrate of course, just recently, I started thinking about this. And somehow it turns out that the ideal woman is a man. And it’s not even funny — at least for me, because often these heroines have these traits that women in real life are not inherent. Often it is even the opposite of what I was interested in. So here is a list of these so-called «attractive» women, as they appear through pop culture. They supposedly attractive, and meet you such in reality — what would you say?

1. A girl who knows a lot about sports

This type is often found in sitcoms. She drinks beer, wears a t-shirt with the logo of the team for which sick. She knows everything: who won what year, what are the rules and all that jazz. The logic is clear: guys love sports. Hell, I love sports. Very. So should I like girls who love sports.

Don’t know about you, but I don’t like girls who know about sports everything. Why? For the same reason I don’t like guys who know everything about the sport. They are know-it-alls who don’t seem able to talk about anything except sports and be proud of your terribly developed sports-minded. It’s already kind of monomania it turns out, man! I like to talk about sports, just a little. I can go to the basketball game is fun. But I can’t talk about sports all the time! It’s kind of weird.

2. Bartender who likes to flirt

Such a cute Flirty barmaid too common in television shows and movies type. Often occurs such a plot: a group of friends comes to the bar, and there awaits them a beautiful barmaid who so looks at them, as if able to jump over the bar and walk with all of them.

Why should I want to meet girloy, which is able to behave this way? Why should it be attractive? As possible relationship with a girl?

3. Brazen barmaid

This is a very attractive mouth behind the bar, which makes fun of the guy when he orders a drink, which she did not seem manly enough. Of course, I wouldn’t want to be rude, but could you shut up and bring my drink? I pay for it with money. And you know what? Yes, me after a day of work like skip the cocktail and relax. Of course, I’m sorry that my drink doesn’t strike you as quite a peasant, but this is absolutely not my problem.

4. A friend who communicates only with guys

Do not consider me a conservative, I absolutely don’t mind when girls have their own friends. I absolutely don’t mind when a girl can find the language and with my friends, it is very important in a relationship. But the idea of a girl who only hangs out with guys, some strange.

And I don’t like when dudes talk about friends as a compliment that they «like dude, just so you can sleep». Apparently, it is important that a girl only those involved would: hang out with the guys, drinking beer, playing video games, and yet it is possible and to have sex! How anyone, but I such not on the way. I don’t want to hang out with a girl like guy.

5. «Funny» girl

It is not about Gerlach with a sense of humor, with them just all right. I’m talking about the type of sitcoms, which do nothing serious to say. Everything she says is solid jokes. She is only joking. Such eternal jokers tire — both men and women. This type is promoted in pop culture, probably because guys hate serious conversations. But, man, too well — is not good. I don’t want to date a girl that serious words will not wait.

6. The sex buddy

In recent years television has convinced us that the guys do not want to have a relationship — they just need a friend with whom you can from time to time to have sex. And if someone will be able to find a girl which is accordingly, it is considered a great luck.

I had such experience, therefore I can say: it’s cool. The first week or two. Maybe a month. And then it all becomes tedious. Both feel the morning self-loathing and to each other, you don’t to each other, and it’s becomes a problem. Don’t believe me? Check it out. Call me in about six weeks and tell.

7. The girl who drinks more than you

We often observed this in the movies: girl shows his toughness, drinking more drinks than the guy.

Girls who can skip the whiskey, it’s sexy. And friend who drink six cups, not leaving from behind the bar — it is alcoholism. No, thank you.

8. The girl who constantly wants sex

This is another type of girls who, as it seems the guys in the film crew that likes guys. Most often she appears in porn, but in mainstream culture, this type is also frequent. These ready to drop their clothes as soon as you want — no matter where and when. Read the morning paper? Kaboom! Went to the bathroom? Kaboom! And in General, in any unclear situation, they prefer to have sex.

I love sex. Hell, I love sex. This is one of my favorite things to do. However, I still like to read, watch movies, listen to music. And if a woman 24 hours 7 days a week wants to have sex, it’s tiring.

9. The girl who can beat me in arm-wrestling

This type of a strong woman. Of course, in principle everything is in order. Just in her company I will feel insecure. Who is the General man?

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