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manygoodtips.com_4.06.2014_4ZocYWR18ZHk4Every day life hits us on the head or pushes up the backside. Unpleasant, I agree, but there are benefits. We learn how to live, to have fun and bring that fun to others — or at least not being a pain in the ass. The next programme of action for the smart dudes!

1. You can’t change stupid to even try.

2. A hundred times harder to burn calories than not to eat.

3. If you’re talking with someone you do not know, maybe you’re talking to someone who understands the subject much better than you.

4. The most expensive and cheap things are poor choices.

5. All love smart dudes.

6. Bad mood comes and goes, but if you are trying to get rid of it, it will take root deeper and linger longer.

7. Children are the most honest creatures in the world, until we teach them to lie.

8. If the film all the actors are good, its not worth watching.

9. The scream makes it worse.

10. When you think that you are worried about someone else’s opinion of you is actually bothering you my own opinion about myself.

11. All your problems are only yours, regardless of who was causing it.

12. Not to take on too many things at once.

13. If you never doubt, then you have a lot of what is wrong.

14. To learn to control their desires is the toughest, most useful skill in the world.

15. No one can be all right.

16. Cynicism is too simple to be useful.

17. Every passers — the whole story is as complex and interesting as your own.

18. If you hate someone or something, in return you also get hate from people, situations and inanimate objects.

19. Classic literature teaches how to live.

20. People love to decorate and do it almost always.

21. Anger shows your weakness, cruelty — also, and even more.

22. People can’t destroy the planet, but to negate its ability to support our existence — completely. This is what we do.

23. When people are uncomfortable, they are busy with hands, feet and even mind. Open your eyes and see.

24. Who complains, least of all reaches.

25. If postponed, it will be harder and scarier.

26. A loan will take your soul, man.

27. We all know only a tiny part of what is happening in the world. There’s too much information for one person.

28. A big part of what we see is our thoughts about what we see.

29. People who are not afraid to show themselves for who they are, are extremely rare.

30. The most common addiction in the world — the desire of comfort. It breaks dreams and people.

31. If your business you feel safe, then you’re doing it right.

32. The most important innovation in the history of speech.

33. Who doesn’t like responsibility and loves to blame others.

34. Every person you meet, something is superior to you.

35. Proof — not that other, as a compilation of opinions similar to your own.

36. Knowledge is faith, nothing more.

37. Self-indulgence is not self-love.

38. What distinguishes humans from animals is the fact that the latter is not ashamed to be myself.

39. Introspection is the best way to not feel miserable.

40. Whoever you are, you will die. When you realize this, you begin to appreciate your life.

41. Revenge is the destiny of the irresponsible and unfortunate people.

42. If you learn to be organized, life will improve dramatically.

43. Every cliché contains a grain of truth. Don’t roll your eyes at another trite phrase: wisdom of it has not disappeared.

44. People inflict suffering on others when they themselves suffer. Will cease to suffer will cease to complicate the lives of others.

45. The quality is always and in all ways a better number. This applies to things and friends, and to experience.

46. Life would be a better place if everyone read magazines about travel.

47. If you’re not happy single, you can’t be happy and in relationships.

48. Even if something doesn’t cost money, it is not free when it takes time.

49. Emotions make us biased in a positive and in a negative sense. This can limit us and help us.

50. Addiction is a much more serious problem than we used to think. Everyone has an addiction, often not even one, we just call it another word.

51. If you feel a strange feeling somewhere in your belly, pay attention to it: perhaps it is the voice of intuition.

52. Your posture and clothing to change your behavior and how you perceive other people, whether you like it or not.

53. Everyone thinks that their driving is above average.

54. The desire to punish him says more about the need to Express his own disappointment than to correct someone else’s behavior.

55. People think too much — this is the item for everyone by default.

56. If a thing is worth it to splurge, do it. Are you going to use it somewhere in life.

57. There’s nothing worse than not having friends.

58. To say of someone that he needed, very badly.

59. We’re all hypocrites if you think that at some point could do otherwise.

60. Justice is a human invention, and it is very difficult to achieve, but there are people who can destroy your own life, seeking her.

61. The children immediately understand what was going on, even if you Express an opinion in two simple sentences.

62. With sales usually sell things that have noticeable flaws. For example, the mismatch of the season.

63. To swear using the word stupid.

64. Words have enormous power. One careless remark and you paid the person an incurable wound for life.

65. Easy to make someone’s day better just by being a good person.

66. Most of the lessons that children receive from their parents, it would be better and never to learn.

67. The secret ingredient of any dish — in most cases the oil that is put in immense quantities.

68. If you do not like the food the first time, it makes sense to try and second.

69. Problems are usually not as great as the fear of them.

70. Nothing ever happens like you imagine it.

71. People often do not know how to accept compliments and help. It just so happened.

72. Very few women occupy important positions, and the world for a very long time suffered from this.

73. When you do not fulfill your commitment, there is an awful feeling. When it develops into a habit, you begin to hate themselves.

74. Nine out of ten things you’re worried will never happen. Nine out of ten bad things that happen are usually beyond our imagination.

75. You can’t hide a bad mood from people who know you well, but you can always be polite.

76. Sometimes some people need to eliminate from your life, even if they are members of your family.

77. Any will calm down, if you look at the sea or at the stars.

78. It makes no sense to read a book that you don’t like. Life is too short. Swallow the pride and put the book aside nedochitannaya.

79. There is no connection between the brand of the batteries, their price and service life.

80. Starting something new is only slightly more difficult than what you’re used to.

81. Life is a journey that you walk alone, but you have a lot of fellow travelers. Some of them are long, but most don’t.

82. One of the best things you can offer children is travel.

83. The less you have, the more you do for yourself.

84. Einstein had been much more wise than smart, although he was a genius.

85. If you’re tired of your life, start something to read.

86. Dreaming of another life, you only hurt yourself.

87. The ability to be happy — not that other, as the ability to make all the changes.

88. Killing time is an atrocity. It is priceless and will never return.

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