8 webcomics worthy of attention

So, the editors manygoodtips.com often the person reads comics in his spare time. We know that you too love it, and will probably help you find something new or well-forgotten old. In the list there is no «Cyanide and Happiness» because we think that you know enough about it. However, the characteristic feature of webcomics is a technique, which is sometimes completely absent, although in some cases we can observe a very steep arts, as in Romantically Apocalyptic. By the way, let’s start with that.

1. Romantically Apocalyptic

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2015_WgyWreumies9PThat rare feeling when you’re very proud of his compatriot. Vitaly Alexius, a native of Russia, has indeed created something amazing. In addition to sharp pictures and made a crazy post-apocalyptic world, you are in this comic and the gorgeous, epic story, soaked in a fair amount of black humor. Almost every reader soon gets himself a mug of the captain.

2. Moonbeard


New Zealand comic author James Squires invites us to see his «awful pictures» and to plunge into the wonderful depressive-mental humor. Turned out he is pretty cool and original.

3. Married To The Sea


Drew and Natalie Dee made a sharp satirical comic mocking conservatives of all stripes. They use prints and old pictures to give the strips more absurd and comical way. History, science, politics – it is the theme for the story married To The Sea. Unusual incarnation and cynical sense of humor give the authors their share of fame.

4. Wulff&Morgenthaler


Probably the second most popular webcomics after «Cyanide». The authors are Michael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler. Caustic irony and vitality – the main distinctive features of this project.

5. Hitler was a hipster


The creators of this creation who is JC and APK. Quite an unusual comic book that uses the image of a dictator of the past in the form of satire. And they have turned out well. However, it would be this comic also comic if the main character would not have taken the image of a historical character? Get ready for large doses of irony and constant word play.

6. Jesus and Mo


Steep and techy British comic strip about religion. There are three characters: Jesus, Mo and Moses. But no, there’s still a bartender. The author of the comic for reasons of personal safety should be published under the pseudonym Mohammed Jones. And let comics are drawn badly, but the author impresses with his humour and dialogues. Whose side will you take?

7. The adventures of business cat


There is a cat named «Business cat» and who works as CEO of a major company. He has a yacht and a luxury life. What it finds on your work?

8. Madness Willi


Very original strips. I have the feeling that the author just connected to some unknown to us, information flow, very unusual panache. But it is certainly worthy of your attention if only because of its singularity.

And I advise you to Google the comic Oglaf» which is just a large trash that will permeate a variety of debauchery. All of De Sade, but he has the right to be here. Look at your leisure.

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