8 ways to make exercise interesting

Sometimes workout turn into a long boring routine. And it happens often, because practice is the monotonous repetition of exercises within a certain period of time. But today we will tell you about a great alternative to working out at the gym, which will not affect the quality of your training.

1. Instead of pushups try climbing


Traditional vertical thrust block depends on the back muscles, but let’s be honest, that’s all she rocks! A great alternative to it is climbing. In every more or less large city there is a place where you can climb artificial rocks. Climbing uses not only the back but also arms, upper and lower body. Besides, it’s a much more traditional way to keep yourself in shape.

2. Jumping over the bench


Perhaps you can find a bench close to the house? Using this bench cool to jump. Jumping can choose according to your wishes: jumping sideways, jumping with both feet, jumping back… a bunch of Options. Horse racing is develop the gluteal muscles and leg muscles.

3. Replace the presses with feet on a pull sled or a tug of war


The resistance force of the load that you want to drag with a rope — the perfect way to develop muscles of the lower body. But it is also a great alternative to the standard cardio. Plus this exercise, the opportunity to work outside, in the fresh air. You can also pull-back forward or backward.

4. The movement with the hands on a horizontal ladder


As a child you probably loved this exercise, or rather, hardly you thought of him a full exercise, rather just a way of moving. This obezyanyi should not refuse the venerable age! Move the hands along a horizontal ladder is a great way not only to pump up muscles, but also improve your agility and ability to balance. Sometimes to develop these skills where better than to find a good athletic body.

5. Replace squats with his weight on the squats, balancing on the curb


Squats — great exercise and one of the pillars on which stands the sports way of life. However, many dudes that swing for a long time, I forget to develop agility, the ability to balance on narrow surfaces, and coordination. On these vital indicators of physical development should not be forgotten. Excellent substitute for squats in the fresh air can be considered squats in an attempt to stay on the narrow curb or fence.

6. An excellent replacement for any cardio — running on the sand


Surely you’ve seen in any sports film, like a dude who needs to pump up and in the end, the last effort to make everyone in the «sports montage» runs on the sandy beach in the setting sun. It is not only beautiful, but also carries the meaning: in the sand to run hard! So running is the best way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and your calf muscles. Strength capacities and low running speed will also increase if you regularly run on a sandy beach (or a giant cat). Good shoes that perfectly captures the foot, running on sand is a vital necessity. If desired, the training can finish the push UPS in the sand with their fists.

7. Perfect replacement ellipse — jumping and Jogging on the sand


Look what these guys are doing! The standard ellipse is a good thing, no doubt, but boring, and that’s what these guys are doing, provided that you have a nearby sandy shore of the lake, river or sea, a great idea. Feet develop! As fat burner this kind of exercise is just a great idea. If you have a number of there are really a lot of sand, you can try to do power exercises such as pushups, squats and some burpees. Keep the fingers of the hands and feet were on the same level — it will help you to avoid injuries associated with the joints of knees and elbows.

8. Instead of running the stairs or Stairmaster try to run on wet wet hill


StairMaster is a very interesting simulator I’ve met not so often. It is an artificial replacement of useful climbs the stairs. But the best replacement I run the stairs in the spirit of rocky is a race on a wet watery ground hill. These can often be found in parks, forest parks or arboreta. The race on such a slope will be quite challenging and enjoyable for your leg muscles and buttocks. Running along the earthen hills and embankments — the real torch calories, which will burn and writhe like a wicked in hell. Say, that shoes for running have to be as comfortable as possible!

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