8 ways to keep your personal details to yourself


You open your Inbox at work and suddenly get a message from an unknown company. There is a letter from a new online shop that offers very large discounts. You will get access to them, if you enter your name, credit card number and password. Not so much to buy a mixer with a 70% discount, isn’t it? Enter all this and evolyutsioniruet back in the Primate himself to blame and I’m not sorry.

Identity theft is on the rise. In the world victims of Internet fraud each year, tens of millions of people. The percentage of malware every year becomes more and no law will not protect peaceful users of the network from fraud.

Today you have a unique opportunity to merge all their savings in one click for a couple seconds. Think of this being only a complete idiot? No, just a crime of this kind is growing very fast and protective system for her time.

But there are a few simple rules that minimizes the possibility of theft of your personal data. About them we’ll talk.

1 terms of use email the First thing you should learn in this world of lies — do not pass on suspicious links, even if the letter saying that you have become heir to an African Kingdom. The bulk of the scams trying to disguise their links so that they seem quite nothing from official sources. But keep in mind, criminals deliberately creating fake websites, which are easy to use for collecting sensitive data such as usernames and passwords. Usually they send these letters along with advertising messages from authoritative and popular sites.

2 Create strong passwords How many passwords do you have? If you use the same for all, don’t be a savage, changing at least some of them. We believe that your memory is able to memorize multiple passwords. One for the social network, the other for recording on Aliexpress, and the third for PayPal. And do them harder — with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and perverted characters and without repetition. And you will be like Zuckerberg with his «dadada».

3 invest in antivirus


All my life I use pirated software, but then decided to put an end to it by installing licensed antivirus. In General, I advise everyone to do likewise under license to lose money, but get rid of the pile of problems that always have pirates. A good anti-virus program is always wise.

4 Beware of phishing Phishing is a way of obtaining personal information through registration on fake web sites. Scammers often lure «fish» of various stocks, services and discounts. At times, they pretend to be a state structure to build confidence (though in Russia it is not working).

5. Avoid public Wi-Fi Before you connect to public Wi-Fi spots, think twice. Criminals can easily hack into a public network to be able to receive data with devices that are connected to it. There are programs that allow you to see the passwords of all the people who are connected to free public Wi-Fi.

6 Related accounts How often do you revise your credit record? You know, if the hackers got your credit accounts, they will not take the money all together, they would steal small amounts to stretch the robbery for many years. In the holiday season they tend to increase their activity. But you do not even notice it, because the summer always spend more, especially on vacation. In General, take it a rule to periodically check their accounts. Perhaps, at this very moment, from your cards removed a few hundred — be vigilant.

7 do Not share data


Never disclose personal information over the phone or Internet. Criminals can hide behind the guise of a Bank employee, the cellular operator, or even your mom. Even in surveys that are punctually carried out on the street, you should not. The collected information together with your data email safely merge in companies that are engaged in chiselling customers promotional offers. You need it?

8 Keep documents safe Sure that you they are made in a puny folder, not scattered around the house. Do you remember where your insurance policy. A diploma? We recommend you to get a reliable Deposit box for document storage. If you throw the document, it is better to burn it or shred to pieces, so it does not fall into the wrong hands. Professional burglars often reconsider bins of the homes that you want to clean. And all because people dump their checks, not even thinking that it is easier to measure well-being «victims».

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