8 ways to get rid of a girl right after sex


Yeah, dude, we understand that not very good to write articles with similar content, like this article , there are angry our lovely ladies. But sometimes when a girl is anything else is no longer good, or you’re the dude from the TV series «How I met your mother» Barney Stinson, you need to get rid of a girl so as not to incur even more problems.

We present to your attention 8 unique ways to get rid of a girl right after sex.

1. You have plans for early morning

No one likes to get up early. True. Tell the girl that tomorrow you have to get up at least 4 hours in the morning to (insert here any significant reason). Say definitely call her, sometimes works!

2. You have insomnia

Also add that you are turning. This is a good, neutral reason. You can also say that you’re sitting in front of the computer and disturb her sleep. Or sleeping too little or too much. Of course, she might be intrigued if you say you go in sleep, so no need to drive about there are all sorts of psychological problems. It sounds pointless. It needs to be.

3. Time to bathe!

Right after you rest from the short session of love, uskoci like a scalded cat, and run to the bathroom. Carefully and with some distaste wash up, you can stay for a while, at the same time will wash more efficiently. Usually even the words are not necessary.

4. Roommates

Work, if of course they are. I will say that they are very bad to the girl in the house, tend to zalamyvaniya to your room at 4 a.m. to tell to what level they are you hit my rogue in World of Warcraft, or just a rather dumb look. Don’t forget to add that they also write in the tub. Where is the girl? Where did it go?

5. Door lock broken

Surprisingly effective tactic. You can say that you have a problem with front door and tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. will arrive probably a drunken master who will be fixing it. If you live with your neighbour or relatives, can add this item to the previous.

6. Just tell her to go home

Simple options are the most remarkable, aren’t they? Be sure to add that or she’s going home now, or go to work scruffy without makeup, in a stale clothes the walk of shame. Usually it works just perfect.

7. Show her a bath

Only works if you have there all bad. Really bad, not just the soap dish is not on the right shelf and the left! Undesirable girl will disappear faster than you have time to say goodbye to her.

8. Get up and go

Will work only if all this happened at some party, and it still continues. Stand silently, keeping the expression «the moor has done his job — the moor can go», get dressed and go to the room all these fun people. Horrible, insensitive way that works just perfect.

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