8 ways to divert harmful friend cute girl

how to neutralize her friend beauty

It so happens that you see a pretty girl you don’t want to go. And so you’re already halfway, when suddenly a terrible disappointment: it turns out she’s a girl. As a rule, pretty chick girlfriend is not the most pleasant. So, harmful girlfriends — a common phenomenon presented in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are usually strict in nature due to the rather transparent reason: their vagina remains untouched from the time when the planet was inhabited by dinosaurs and even to this girlfriend had no case. Fortunately for us, there are eight ways to neutralize this enemy and achieve the desired cute girlfriend. With a dipstick is not easy to do, and writing about it even harder. So let’s first keep in mind two immutable postulate:

1. Never forget that you’re awesome. Even if harmful girlfriend blowing you off and let you get to know this beautiful chick, you will not be difficult to find another object of attention that you will be happy much more.

2. How would you not want to kick this bad bitch on the soup, don’t do it! No one will approve. Even you yourself.

So, our goal. Why naughty bad girlfriend? She’s jealous and jealous that she did not pay attention and so from time to time. And now she wants to shake you to raise your self-esteem. Remember, that you need (her hot friend) and manifestations of patience, because you have to interact with the two of them until it is time to show who is interesting to you. Make this bad friend to feel a liking to you and go your way.

Situation. You see a hot chick with a girlfriend in a bar, and the second pilot you have. And you vitally need to approach these ladies. Don’t worry, girls like confident guys who have balls. In our days to approach the two girls alone is a great achievement. Next you need to neutralize the daring friend. How?

1. You, and be nice, but not very

Don’t be a pussy but an asshole too. The Golden mean, man! Let’s not forget that her friend is also a bad girl, she needs to do gallantly. Will, turn on your charm, draw in their minds a picture of the nice guy who loves to have fun and go crazy, but with the best intentions. Shake their hands, listen to them both. When you are interested in talking to a girl, talk to her friends too, contact with both of them. A bad friend will appreciate it and will feel included in the conversation — and blue stockings, like it already is worth a lot.

2. Buy drinks for both of them

Tequila, for example — great value and quality. It’s not a Church but a bar, so any free alcohol, besides strong needs to keep them happy. Why not? Your goal is to get a hot girlfriend, even if I have to buy the drinks back. This will show that you’re not straining the last effort, throwing attention on a single girl in a bar, and will represent you even in a better light than the previous item.

3. Laugh them

If you can make a woman laugh, you will feel more confident. I’m not a relationship expert and not even an ordinary mathematician, but it is obvious that girls love confident guys. And girls it is very important that the man had a sense of humor.

Tell a joke, play the fool, and God will switch the traffic light on your street on the green. Besides, with a joke you can safely make it clear that bad friend that the object of your interest — not her. Can use the name of the attractive ladies in the joke, closer to her across the table — this is a hint, and like you said nothing. So you kill two birds: uninteresting girlfriend roll, and interesting will get the hint and will redouble their attention to you.

4. Alone mean

For example, when an interesting girl to go to the toilet. As soon as the opportunity (and it will), talk to clearsky, tell her something like: «Tell me about your girlfriend» — or put this question in a humorous form. She will giggle (or pretend) and you will understand everything.

5. Show love to the family

You said the mean lady that she is not interested in you, so time to change the subject so she didn’t dwell. As soon as she answer the question about your friend, regardless of the fact that answer anyway, don’t try to hit on the beautiful yet. You again have the opportunity to boost your confidence and show that you are not just hunting for new victories, and in fact is the same great guy trying hard to seem. Once you have indicated the scope of their interests (beauty), remember some family member. So, though no matter you love it or hate it — as said by unknown person, just do it. Tell me about a good movie that I watched with my mom, think about a recent fishing trip with his father or about how your brother plays perfectly in football. Any cute story. Boring a friend who is a little disappointed that once again did not attract male attention, be happy that you’re not just a cock on legs, and can maintain a pleasant conversation.

6. Tell us about the other

A bad friend may behave in different ways.

  • When she calmed down a bit, it can offer you and interesting chick to exchange numbers so you can later meet. This means that you have won her trust.
  • It may begin to merge: a little tired, you want to see another friend and asked you to prove your a cute girl home, that’s cool.
  • But at this stage she can climb shit, and it could ruin everything — and you’ve been successful.

If this happens, you start to talk about the friend with whom you would like to meet her. Say something like: «I, by the way, has a wonderful friend» or «You would obviously like my friend.» Before I continue your manual, remember: don’t ever call my friend’s name. If you’re like the mean spirited, she’ll be glad to any your a dude who (she hopes) will like you.

7. Introduce her to that friend

And now we begin the search for the second pilot. For this you don’t need the bar more than five minutes. It should have been the man who has nothing left with a girl even without bad girlfriend. Let’s say you are lucky and you see a suitable candidate. Come and explain the situation to him (you need a wingman, all clear now), offer to buy him a few shots, if he’ll agree to help you recapture the beauty of her friend. It is a good idea just not necessary to shove the conversation to harm this girl, he may get scared.

8. Alone beauty

If all goes well, there is nothing wrong with a little alone time now and take the beauty away from this impromptu double-date that you just started. You can invite her to dance or ask to go with you to the bar for drinks. It’s a great excuse to spend a few minutes alone. So you won her annoying friend. Congrats man! Enjoy!

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