8 ways not to start a serious relationship this summer

serious relationship in the summer

It is summer — time to relax and to enjoy life! What you need dude summer? Nice drinks, including alcoholic, a pleasant place to hang out and a nice girl to fulfill his sexual desires.

However, the reality does not always converge with our expectations. Often simple things are the most difficult. With each of us at least once in life has happened this situation: you got a friend at a concert or at a party, this one time turns into several meetings, and then you completely lose control over what is happening.

You need to remember? It was July, and the girl with whom you spent the previous five weeks, will want to force the situation and hang on you label: Mine. But you don’t want? To paraphrase the old is the most delicious on the planet chips: «Try again, you’re forced to eat and now.»

Before your relationship reached the point of no return, you better take into account the strategy of «not more than five times» (more on this later). Restraint is a bad idea for summer, when your body and mind crave to relax, but it’s better than these dramas that ladies love so much.

So if you have some frivolous summer fling and your friend agreed that you don’t need to have each other serious feelings, and it is better just to relax, then you won the winning ticket in the lottery summer fun.

Although if you’re not lucky, then we’ll show you how to make year relationship went too far.

1. Set a limit

As we have said, General rule of thumb: no more than five times. Anything more than five — this is some kind of order to things, convenience and comfort, you won’t even understand that giving up their natural right to have fun in the summer with different friends. And crazy fight as a gift. Drama will ruin at least a couple of fun nights, parties — who needs it, friend? In the end, you all will regret that contacted it. No more than five!

2. Avoid romantic atmosphere

Another basic rule — never put it in places that come across her thoughts about the relationship. That means no trips to the cinema, to the Park, Lunches in the cafe. All of these things complicate your relationship, depriving you of the opportunity easily and quickly to break up with her. And your goal is sex at parties, concerts, in bars, in the pool anywhere. And let buys her own drink! It won’t last, what for to invest?

3. Do not boil

Whatever you do, remember: summer is a fun time and, therefore, to take all necessary easy. Be calm and relaxed. It will attract to you ladies and will leave you the same one that will drive you crazy. No need to argue with her and sort things out — not the philosophy study together, you just sleep together this summer.

4. Stay available to other friends

Why should you limit yourself when you don’t have a serious relationship, and it is summer? This applies not only to the fly — when you’re not in a relationship, do not give up new possibilities. You never know what will happen next.

5. Keep your distance

It is very important to keep your distance and continue to live my life without telling her everything. The less she knows about your friends and the less you know about it, the easier your life will be and the more you will be busy. In General, you don’t want to interfere in her life, you’re not planning on a long relationship.

6. Dressed as got

Your appearance says a lot about your intentions. The more basketball shirts and shales, the better! And if she likes it, isn’t wine? Neralee than you look and the longer it lasts, the higher the probability that it will not attend the bright idea to begin with you serious relations.

7. Denote her as a friend

It is summer, so there is a chance that the girl you have a case, meet your family, friends or someone else of yours. Always refer to her only by name or just as a friend. Any other word for it a kind of beacon.

8. From the outset, set the rules

The coolest I decided to leave at the end. And for good reason: so it will remain in your head much better and longer. The only correct approach to creating a stable, sober and frivolous successful relationship is to determine from the outset the rules. You know, the very phrase «set the rules» sounds like the first step of something serious and complex, but on the other hand, if rules are set, you can at any time refer to them and to relieve the tension between you when you want to end it.

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