8 things you will understand only people with a small salary

As Charles Bukowski wrote a wonderful book «post office». Pure autobiography about how a man spent half his life in degenerative and complex work, which is paid in pennies. Perhaps this novel is the best remedy in order to repeat a similar fate. But, unfortunately, this fate repeats huge percentage of the population who can’t do anything about it. The truth is that not all people can live in prosperity. This is not the fault of the market economy or government, but of human nature itself, the limited resources and benefits.And many people find it hard to understand how hard it is for people who live on the border of poverty. Incidentally, according to official data, 11% of Russia’s population lives below the poverty line. Here are our business. Minimum wage is hardly enough for a decent life and here’s why.

You can’t make plans

Sometimes not enough money even to buy food for the next day. What kind of planning or saving in this case can be discussed? But unexpected expenses like sickness, broken equipment. Such household for many things dramatically affect the budget of people living on the brink of financial hell.

Life – work

Too much depends on it. The schedule of the day is the schedule of your company. My daughter’s birthday? An evening with friends? No, dude. You used to think that working hours have not ended.

Step aside – execution

The car now is expensive, especially in the cities. Gasoline is not cheap, tickets for planes, trains too. Public transport, I agree, is not enough. He scored all constantly gridlocked because of the terrible system of roads and dirty as the life of a chimney sweep. Loss of mobility is common for anyone who receives minimal.

Prison life

Want to hear the sound of the ocean? See how the world looks to big and snow-capped mountains? Out on the West coast of Australia, taking with him surfing? If you work for one of the lowest paid places, all this will remain dreams.

Whole life in one post

I never noticed that these workers can be a lifetime to stay in the same position? The employer disliked or your own apathy does not allow you to move a little bit forward? Others climb up, you’re just treading water.

No benefits

Work seems to you a simple routine. You don’t care how much and what you do, you spit on the development of the firm, as you don’t see the connection between the wellbeing of the company and his wealth. Day after day, day after day. The days merge and even you are not happy.

The voltage across the dependent

When you have money, then close the dependency is not perceived as acute. But if you’re the only one «working» person in the family, and even with a small salary, the fact that idleness is shocking around you. What the hell housewife, homemaker? Work, that is what she should look for!

Social insecurity

Less money – fewer rights. Sorry, dude, but that’s the way things work in our state. Remember the story this month? The man gave a bribe to a policeman in a hundred rubles, and have got 3 years of strict regime colony. Understand what it is? I doubt that a similar fate awaited higher status.


If you fell into the trap of financial self-destruction, it is necessary to break, as difficult as it is, otherwise you are waiting for a life that will transform you into a real living dead, like from the movies of George Romero.

The financial situation in the country is terrible, everywhere apathy of society, and even hope begins to melt. But were the people and more hard times are only tempered character. Did of the children of these dudes. In General, if you are in such a situation, don’t consider it the norm and try to get out of shit.

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