8 things that will never understand your children

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2014_MLfLzFMEyZomERemember how annoyed the stories of adults about «how was their time» when you were little. Now you’re grown guy and you know your old that tried to convey to you the essence of being. The current generation seems to you stupid, because they just don’t know what had already become simple for you things.

But they are not to blame — to blame progress. So, they think you’re retarded uncle, who is trying to RUB about the nineties, the eighties… You and he were such. You also liked the stories about how your relatives was going with the whole family for a can of condensed milk and had no idea of what a VCR. Now you’re in the place of these old men trying to tell stupid underage, hanging out with friends on the street better than to play video games all day. Let us remember his childhood/youth and make sure again that the current generation won’t even know what those things are.

1. Tetris


Nintendo Gameboy… You can barely explain to the modern child that used to play in this by using things like the calculator. He can hardly understand, which means black-and-white game, and how to use this great calculator, and why it should be fun. The saddest thing is that we do not exaggerate.

We talked with representatives of the younger generation, and within twenty minutes trying to explain what it means «black-and-white game». In the end, decided to score because all our attempts were in vain.

2. Videotapes


Oh the epic fight video! If you wanted to see a sensational blockbuster, and you are lucky enough to have a VCR, you went to a local rental, well, if you’re major, then went to the store for a new cassette. When you picked up the coveted film, most importantly, to hope, — «I wish this asshole rewound the tape». If the previous owner of the magazine was a true asshole, you burned an extra 20 minutes of your precious time, because you had to ‘rewind’ to the beginning of the film.

If you wanted to watch a particular scene, it was necessary to wait long until the VCR will rewind to the right moment. Periodically you pressed «pause», and then it started again. And, if not returned to the cassette on the appointed day, we had to pay a penalty for late payment. Feeling nostalgic?

3. Payphone


Come, children, gather round! Now we will tell you about life before the advent of the cell phone. Yeah, we didn’t have a pipe, and we could not at any time to call anyone and especially to send SMS. But it was a super-thing — a pay phone! Again, it was not personal to the individual, and for General use. First, they enjoyed throwing coins, tokens and then much later began to use a special card.

From a pay phone you could make free calls to phone numbers that started with «0», that is, in an ambulance, the police and so on. The coolest thing might have been to tell the time, numbers «060». Even if you had watch, you still enjoy once again the pay phone. You couldn’t have half an hour to chat with a friend, because you were going to turn, and had to give way to another.

4. Vacation


Now you can easily plan your holidays, if you have a smartphone and Internet access. Previously, it was much harder to do. There were no travel agencies, no one could for you to make a favorable route. Now you can jump from site to site, clicking mouse button and look for the most profitable flights.

And while mom took a huge directory, I took the phone and spent hours and hours to find the most suitable option.

5. Map


And, not the map that’s in your phone. To deal with that any fool: she will determine your location and build a successful route. We have about those cards that were made in bulk paper square.

Now not everyone can easily navigate in such a folding map. Especially when you and your friends eat in the car and need to regularly monitor the correctness of the route to avoid getting lost.

6. Landline phone


The generation that grew up on mobile phones, will never understand how it’s scary to call a girl on the house phone when the phone can raise her parents. Or if you are lucky, your house had two bodies, your little brother could overhear the conversation in the other room.

It was cool that sometimes, talking on this phone, you could intervene in another phone conversation, and if you with the interlocutor could not sleep, it was possible to overhear total strangers.

7. Player


If you were really cool, and you didn’t care to listen to the radio, you just had to have your cassette player. You had magazines with fashionable bands and all the songs on those tapes were the favorite. You are faced with the same problem rewinding that VHS, but it was still cool.

8. Expectations pictures


Oh it’s magical feeling, which managed to feel a little. You could not, as now, look at the picture right after the flash, although if you had a Polaroid, did not have to wait so long.

That would make lovers of self, if they had to wait for their pictures for weeks? After all, it took the film only when all the footage has been used. By the way, I photographed only in special cases: nobody would never think to spend the extra frames to lock in your next campaign in a shower or a particularly pathetic Breakfast. Another thing to take a picture of the family gathered for the lavish Banquet table, this we knew and this habit has survived many so far. Now in one phone more pictures than our grandparents had done in my life.

Turns out you’re actually an adult, and you have now taken the place of their parents. You criticize the younger generation as once scolded us. But I agree, why did you have a feeling that they are dumber than we are?

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