8 things that really don’t want to recognize unhappy people


Everyone is a bad mood. But some people safely survive periods of adversity and continue to live in a familiar unhappy life. This is a common condition chronically unhappy people. And although they are unhappy, many of them still can’t admit that the vast majority of their misery is their own fault. So I can’t admit infinitely unhappy people?

1. They struggle with self-esteem

Try to understand that asking like a beggar for alms, love and respect is unworthy of this man. You have to be your own best friend. Trust your inner compass and intuition. Make yourself to understand that your life is good and what is bad, you have to, not because someone wants it from you, but because it is right and necessary to you!

Be a man, and you’ll be relatively happy until the end of his days. Don’t rely on how other people see you, draw your idea of how you should look like a real man. And remember that while you don’t respect, nobody will respect. Despise yourself bad!

2. They care too much about what others think about them

If you stop to think about what you think about other people, even for a moment, you feel a captivating sense of freedom. And it’s beautiful. In fact, you simply don’t let people convince you what you supposedly want and what you supposedly have to get rid of 80 percent of your problems.

Makes sense to become independent and to take life into their own hands.

3. They are holding on to old grudges

You’ll never find yourself rest until you learn how to get rid of hatred and resentment that live in your heart. Resentment at those who you supposedly have to do something; the desire to knock out pleas for forgiveness from some people — all for those who are not confident to move on. Past need to take it with him, not to interact, it’s past time! Forgive and forget it!

4. They were enslaved by routine

Remember that what you do every day, is not the only model of behavior. There are people who in the morning drinking coffee, not tea, and there are those that actually jammed the port. Variants, in short, a lot. Sometimes it makes sense to abandon the daily habits, because routine can drive you crazy. By the way, novofine and curiosity will help you meet a new girl, quickly build a relationship with her and not be afraid of new habits.

5. They can’t control a lot of things

Life can be unpredictable. Some moments just happen, just go out to randomly meet the love of your life or get a brick to the head. But this does not mean that you can’t take any action to begin to control your life. We should try to do something! You have to plan your life and not to let anything to chance, because the last is the destiny of people who have given up then, as it is necessary to try to do something.

6. They allow their fears to take over a top

Often, people turn on their fears. Sometimes we try to temper your emotions, to not feel compassion, gratitude, and not to appear weak.

It is understood that such things as recognition, career, love, relationship and friendship, in a sense, still risky! These are things that bring more happiness than the static fun, but they can involve great suffering. But it needs courage! Need to get out of comfort zone and make a couple of eggs.

7. They are addicted to something and lose yourself

More a on earth, because if we lose ourselves, our body necessarily fit someone else in order to use our resources. A Holy place is never empty, as you know. After a hard day we are even more alienated from themselves using questionable methods entertainment: watching TV, reading a stupid magazine or newspaper, the vigil on social networks. The love and friendship we use as it should, but in order to once again run away from himself, as if trying to get out of this mortal shell that we even get. We depend on someone, to stop feeling such a harmless condition as loneliness. Our feelings: joy, pain, sorrow, happiness — they all depend on what the people next to us. We are not, we are dead!

We are all dependent on the society, we should not fool ourselves that this is not so! But the first step to solving the problem, as they say in all sorts of commonplace journals, to recognize what it is. Admit that you depend on society, and you will be easier to distance yourself from him and realize that you really need and what is superficial.

8. The grass is not greener elsewhere

Sometimes we think it is better there where we are not. Sometimes it is obvious that the way it is. But most often we just think that if we were in another place at another time, everything became better and gave us a bunch of Goodies just like that. If you think that you’re the only person in the world who believes in this, congratulations, people like you, thousands!

If you constantly look for the place where, in your opinion, it is much better to live, you’re always going to fail since you will always be unhappy. It will seem to you that live better in the South than in the North, and abroad everything is kosher. If you move, you will be passionately sad native spaces. If you go back to your home, you will understand that you want somewhere else. The best way to find yourself is to learn to live in those conditions in which you live at the moment, so you don’t feel infinitely lonely. To move only makes sense, when you feel that you are unable to realize their ambitions and apply their skills, not because you need to change the interior.

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