8 things that make sense to be grateful

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We are all human. No matter what we believe or do not believe at all (I generally don’t believe in anything), we should be grateful. For me it makes sense to be grateful to the old lady of the evolution and destiny. The evolution for what she did to amoeba a lovely creature, and in a series of random events that I was able to appear in this body and do different things. We should be grateful and not to get lost under the blows of fate? As said by Epicurus: «not to spoil what we have, wanting what we have, we must remember that we now have things about which no one before could ever dream of!»

1. Unique privilege to be a

You really are unique. As a snowflake. You have a number of qualities, some of them are on the level, and some require revision. You’re different! But no need to brag that you’re the only one and unique: every cat is unique, each flower is unique and unrepeatable. This is not a feature of some sort. This is what you need!

So do not waste too many days are wasted comparing your life and achievements with the life and achievements of others. Just work on yourself!

2. Each of your experiences have helped you become who you are now

You is a product of all your experiences and experience that your life savings or borrowed from someone else. You need to appreciate life for what it made of us what he did. Through trial and error we have become such as steel. Good or bad, is not so important. The important thing is that we are moving forward and not stop even for a second. On the one hand, we think that our life was full of ridiculous simple things, but this also has meaning and pleasant aspects. Especially if you have common sense and the ability to draw conclusions from a variety of situations.

3. Our daily struggle strengthens us

Every day is a challenge, which throws our lives. Let us think that nothing happens that we Wake up, get dressed, go to work. We should be thankful that we have this challenge. Various events makes us strong, it is not necessary to avoid them, we are too soft people. Why not be grateful for it?

4. The gift of «now»

We don’t live in the future, we don’t live in the past, we live now, and in a certain sense, is also a gift. Cat, animals and plants are not aware of the concept of «now», unlike people. And the «now» — in fact, life. Life has meaning only when we at least do something, enjoy and don’t look back.

5. Every moment is the beginning of something new

In life a lot of original moments, and, most important, each of them starts something new. Every moment to come to start something from the beginning or to continue what we had once done. Don’t start tomorrow, start with this very moment.

6. Familiar faces, places

People like to see familiar faces and places. Because of this, they feel like family, needed and at ease. On the one hand, the more you know a person, the more you think that so will be always, and furthermore, that it should be. We should be thankful that these people are still with us, because it means that they need us and that we are not alone.

7. Functioning body

It seems to us that in the body there are many imperfections, in fact it is. We can be extra pounds, hair in the wrong place, bad teeth, disease. But still we have important underlying asset is our body, to destroy which, obviously, completely illogical. The best way to respect and love yourself is to accept yourself as you are and work on yourself. To go to the gym, eat the right foods, avoiding harmful. This is the best way to show the world how much you love yourself.

8. The fact that you’re reading this

Not only that, you have enough money to have Internet and read this. Or do you have a job that you can do in your spare time to read us, or a good phone that can access the Internet. I understand that this is no surprise, but I don’t want you to wonder: just realize the fact of the exclusivity of their current situation, understand that there are much worse and there are better. Here and move to a better option. Of course, you can steal a tractor and go abroad, but you should always remember about the consequences.

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