8 things that are uncomfortable to talk at work

Okay, come to work to work, to earn money, not the talking. But if work all the time and no one to chat, then you can go mad. Although many it is better not to do it, because opening the mouth, they are actually digging yourself a hole and make up a letter of resignation. There is a code of conduct in the workplace, which takes into account what can and can not talk with colleagues. We will look at the ones about which to talk dirty and ugly.1 Political beliefs

Political beliefs are too closely associated with human identity. Disagreement with other people’s views can greatly damage the already long relationship. I agree, frustrating when your views are criticized, it’s like attacks and insults.

Of course, people relate to politics in different ways: some do not care and they only know the name of the President. However, they think in stereotypes, which often leave a misconception. For example, you tried to justify some of the decisions of comrade Stalin — just write down the Communists and the idolaters. Admit sympathy for right-wing views — will be called fascist. Will be called the Alt-right — remember the Milo Giannopoulos and will call a homosexual.

People build their lives around their ideals and beliefs, and paste here my two cents is pretty risky. Politics is so deeply rooted in human consciousness that the basic dispute is a matter of honor.

2 the Incompetence of their colleagues

Incompetent people are absolutely everywhere, and if they notice you, then most likely, your colleagues are also aware. If you have no authority to release them or to help them improve performance, to talk about their impotence at least ugly. This is perceived as an insecure attempt to make yourselves look better. In the end, it’ll look exactly and colleagues would not be very nice to work with someone who is trying to merge competitors. Friendship with anybody will not be — suspicion and hostility.

3 How much money do you earn

The only people who are truly interested, how much you earn, your family. Sitting at the table, you can as much as your heart desires to talk about salary. And in the workplace to have such conversations at least unethical. The fact that wages are not always paid, if I may say so, merit and corresponds to the work performed. Everywhere there are parasites which do less and get more, and maybe one of them is you. We do not argue, maybe your work is the only thing that keeps this company afloat. But others think otherwise.

As soon as you call the size of your paycheck, your every action will be the same amount of money. So to satisfy your curiosity, remember the consequences.4 That you hate your job

Terribly nice to find a friend with whom you can adrenocot hated the work and the same ugly head. But over time even such whining about the imperfections of the workplace begins to oppress. You cease to agree, because you’re tired. You on the forehead harsh hand of the team hitting the mark very negative and dark person, with a very unbalanced mind. In the end you just say: «fail to quit». And remember: these are not very fond of the bosses. Skeptics pull the bottom of the morale of the team, rocking the boat and sow the seed of conflict. And they know that no one is irreplaceable, so think about that next time before you start whining.

5 What happens in the bedroom

And this is all any side shouldn’t concern you. Sex life working in the margins is not as such. This information has no place on the job, and to have such conversations inappropriate. It’s one thing if you close, friendly relationship, and you constantly share experiences and ask for advice, but when you talk about this with people who love you — is idiotic. In the end, you will have the reputation of a Horny fool, a voyeur and a pervert. It is necessary to you?

Don’t need to ask, they masturbate at work or not, is a personal matter. In the end, it is even encouraged.

6 What do you think about their colleagues sexually

So instituted by nature, that we always think about how it looks in bed one or the other colleague. But then again, it is a private matter. Oh, and your sick fantasies. To share your submissions only with your friends, as in the case above. If you have the whole team a great relationship (great, but not friendly), then share them with their speculation at least not worth it. In the end, your theories can walk to the object, and the result of innocent pranks will be acquired in the workplace is the enemy.

And in General, try not to share my opinion with people you know well enough. Little that they have in mind.

7 How dashing you were in your youth

Your past has a lot to say about you. If you did something ridiculous or stupid many years ago, then with probability up to 90% of colleagues will think that you now behave exactly the same. So to tell about my first time, about how you puked on a date, and how you made a drunken fight with Krishna, not worth it. Some had the impression of you as a very unpleasant and immoral type. Others just think you are a fool, because a normal person would not tell a stranger about such a shameful thing. Do not take a cue from celebrities who go to evening shows and tell funny things that are hard to brag about. Don’t forget that they have behind the powerful public protection, and it is much easier to maintain your reputation than a simple Bob-the sysadmin, telling how he ate «trigan-D» and cried.8 What are you looking for a job

Many years ago a guy who in two weeks has warned his coach about leaving, put him on the bench. In General, you can not go because they did not have any meaning, he was off. Now listen, tell you what this guy many years later. At work acts exactly the same principle. Don’t tell the others about what you are looking for work. It is a signal to search for new frames. In the moment when you announce the departure, you automatically become a waste of time for the bosses. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will be able to find something you love, and you will not have to continue to rot on the hated workplace. So don’t tell anyone about their career plans until you find where I belong. And remember: to go from work into the void — the most stupid, even more stupid than having kids at 16.

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