8 things for which you’re too old in 20 years

what I old 20

There is such a great band Blink 182 that I’m used to be a fan in high school. They had the track at all times what’s my age again — there’s guys ran through the streets naked and had fun, despite its age. And in the chorus there was something about 23 years. 23, man. At this age are supposed to grow up, as it was not sad. Not to become a man, and grow up. And with it becomes too late to do some things. What?

1. To kill

Remember when you were five and your parents talked to other adults, you could in the middle of the conversation to get stuck and never ceasing to call parents «Mom, paaap!» Remember? It’s annoying, but when behaves a child of five, he is to forgive. The brutal truth is that many guys are not able to overcome their desire to speak and unable to kill anyone under any circumstances. Don’t need to be one of these idiots. If you met such, the best reaction is the good old joke «Man, the middle of my sentence accidentally interrupted the beginning of yours?»

2. Do not wash

In childhood, no one loved to bathe. We could wear the same shirt for a whole week if mom didn’t throw it in the washing machine and the way back was not, we strongly opposed the prospect to take a shower. The thought of swimming made us shiver and hide. And now a completely different story. Strange: when you come in public transportation, I wonder why so many guys think that deodorant is not necessary. I mean technically it is, but it should not be! Don’t let your body smell, it stinks.

3. To fight

The world is full of idiots who are not interested in other people, they have overpopulated our mortal planet, and therefore verbal conflicts and quarrels are inevitable. In contrast to popular opinion, to beat his chest, shout and make friends to keep you is not cool. It looks stupid, man. You want to fight? Let’s consider the possible cases.

  • You win. High-fiving all his Bros. But you’re not a professional fighter and you don’t get paid for this feat penny. You just made yourself a new enemy.
  • You got busted by the police. You will arrest, will shake your nerves, you go to jail for 15 days, maybe.
  • Some of you accidentally hurt a man, not involved in the fight, and hurt him. That is, you are heroes.
  • You’re going to lose. See how you got your ass kicked, and you will be disgraced.
  • The other man pulled out a weapon and, for example, will cut you. With me such never happened, but it can happen, you can’t write off this possibility from the accounts.

4. To sort out the relations in social networks

This is typical behavior for high school students. To unsubscribe Vkontakte about what I think is important, even if all this care is very immature behavior. Quarrels in pairs — this is normal, but it is not necessary that your friends and family members knew the details thanks to your tweets and records Vkontakte. So, in the same cash quotes from songs, quotes of famous people and other stuff. Because of this garbage your relationship look pathetic and your friends want you finally broke up.

5. It is wrong to say the words that everyone knows

No longer funny when you say «taburetka». First say, «Yes.» Now — «burada». Kaboom! Very simple. Speech errors such complexity like yesterday you learned to speak, doesn’t make you loveable in the eyes of friends and carbon monoxide in the eyes of the dudes. They are all annoying. Do not make people brain, straining your larynx and say the word correctly. You got this, dude, I believe in you.

6. To pick your nose

Seriously, dude, this is not a trifle. If I walk into a room, and some idiot removes at this time, the hand from his face and starts to roll between fingers, everyone understands what happened. An awkward situation, don’t escalate. You already twenty.

7. Hysteria

Surely ever happened to you that you just lost control and said everything that came into your head; screaming; something thrown; cried and showed everyone what you are. So, circumstances can be different, sometimes very hard, but they have to deal with. They need to resist and not to shout in all Ivanovo. No need to roll up hysterics and to vent their anger on people — it’s like the tantrums of little guys, when parents something they bought. And breaking things is a bad habit. Then you’re gonna wish you broke your phone or punched a hole in the wall when I was too angry. Well, if you have walls made of chipboard.

8. Ask friends to for you talked to the girls

I remember in school I asked my bro to approach a girl and ask her number. She refused him and set a condition: if I have so wanted to get her number, I had to ask it myself. It was in the sixth grade. Even at that age a friend can tell a coward from the normal bro, what can we say about adult women. You’re a man, feel your balls and go! Worse than when you bortot is when you give information about it through an intermediary. Bingo!

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