8 things everyone must do at music festivals


Music festivals are a very important step in the life of every self-respecting bro. We can assure you that everyone simply must go to this festival, at least for the experience. It will be positive or negative, it doesn’t matter — the main thing is to have something to tell the children in old age — in the spirit of «How I met your mother».

Any big phenomenon like «Cuba», «Invasion», all kinds of PCB is a very significant event. It can like or dislike, but he is always accompanied by girls of various degrees of opening and sobriety, light and not very «substance,» a very strange personality, funny little people, strangely dressed dudes and all kinds of kippot, chipset and similar education, which surrounds the aura of God’s chosen people and not the most pleasant smell (in the case of hippotas).

1. Try to go there apart from your friends (at least once)

Dude, this is actually very important. Even best friends aren’t supposed to be there. First, you will be able to behave as they want, not afraid to ruin someone’s relationship. You’re not anyone to be distracted. Of course, there are disadvantages: for example, you can Rob or beat, and you won’t be missed. But this is an extreme opportunity to make new friends.

2. Get at least a dozen phone numbers from friends

Regardless of whether you use them or not. It will be your trophies. Even if you have true love, you still take the phones will come out. That way you’ll feel young and cool. If your lady is not, then write down all the names of his phone. Even if you are not going to use it, it will be interesting to see it all when you get back to my regular routine.

3. Try having sex with unfamiliar girl

We assure you that it is very simple (in the case of a music festival). Girls are on it especially relaxed. In any case, man, music festivals there are also disadvantages, which are expressed, of course, in sexually transmitted diseases. Chance to pick up something at such events is quite large, because they very often live trouble-free girl with a strong nymphomania. No, really, sometimes they are very personal, despite the fact that their «track record» is very impressive and is more than one page of A4, written in the sixth bowl. Meeting with such ladies can «reward» you in the most pleasant gifts. In short, think.

4. Try to make sure that you are not fired.

Quite obvious advice. The fun ends when you expelled from the party. Especially frustrating if you take to the police.

5. Meet with DJ or any performer

If the contractor is more or less known, you can hardly miss him, so will have to try. In any case, it’s worth it. Importantly, the police is not dragged.

6. Wear very strange clothes

In real life you’re less likely to wear a weird shirt, weird glasses with stars on half-face, ugly hat in the shape of a banana attached to her unnatural dreadlocks or bright red sombrero — it’s clothes for just such events. Do not deny yourself the pleasure!

7. Earn an invitation to the after-party or Potosi with someone after the festival

If you have new cool friends, try to hang out with him again. If the event involves the presence of the after-party, visit and it. At least once. Even if you drink you have no strength!

8. Wake up in a new, unexpected place

Well, nothing to add, it is necessary to try, but it is desirable to remember what happened yesterday.

Take care of yourself!

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