8 the best services for startups and entrepreneurs #2

Once bill gates said, «Business is a fascinating game in which the maximum excitement combined with a minimum of rules.» One of these rules says that if you do not keep up with the times, to achieve success almost impossible. And modern program — that’s exactly what need to be an experienced entrepreneur. Especially for you we have selected the best assistants in the business planning — take your time, and we will use them!

Think of your logo


The image is the cornerstone of any project, company or organization. Therefore, make sure at least on the visual component of the logo and corporate identity elements.

Strangely enough, not everyone is able to work with such things as well as Logaster. It allows you to create the basic components of corporate identity: logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, favicon. Here in the base of the icons and fonts you can find everything your heart desires. By the way, the products can be downloaded in vector and raster formats. Using the service already created more than 3,500,000 logos.If you’re in this business the full zero in branding understand exactly what a plumber in quantum physics, there is no need to despair and look for a designer. The site is full of materials that explained the whole process of creating a logo, criteria for the selection of colors, shapes and design. If you’re going to establish a network of pharmacies or fast food restaurants — here you will find information on how to create a bright, stand out against the competitors logo. People who understand the design, there will not be too boring — from a wild variety of templates you can create your own unique.

Protect your business


In Russia the patent law back in 1990 after a century, the nameless, the glory to strangers. Probably you also did not want to suffer from theft of their intellectual property or to penalty for a copy of someone else’s. The modern world has been careful to respect copyright, but the question is how to make them and why, probably bothers you. In Russia it has been Rospatent, but working directly with them, you will face difficulties and waste your time which could use for more important things, on the sample of drawing up a business plan or calculate future profits.

Fill in the required application simply visit the site Online Patent. Here you will find a pleasant choice to register a brand, program or issue a patent. After this simple operation is checked by specialists to give you advice and then you agree with them send your application in the target instance.It is noteworthy that registering a patent can not only in Russia but also abroad. A surcharge can and does provide all the work the lawyers, and most of the time to praise their future coolest company of the young lady at the next table.

Make a business plan


In order to prepare a strategic business plan, you first need to collect as much data as possible, to group them according to various criteria, and then to put them on the right strategic goals. One time-tested methods that you can use to do this is SWOT analysis. It is quite fashionable in the field of strategic management term and very often in business plans you can find a matrix with the same name, in which something is written. However, as a rule, from these matrices there is no sense.

One of the difficulties of conducting a SWOT analysis is what you need to strain your brain, not only in order to choose the correct factors to correctly interpret them and to build on the basis of this strategy, but to make it all technically correct. And it will help developed by a consulting Agency «Masterplans» online service that will take care of all the routine, allowing you to focus on strategic ideas and their assessments.

It is also important that the service is absolutely free and requires no registration (unless you want to keep in a database your results for further use). Another nice addition is the generation of reports. After all, you need not only to understand the goals of the planned business, but also to present ideas to investors (for example, to include them in the same business plan).Professionally designed and formatted the report and data for plotting in Excel format that you can download to your computer after carrying out the SWOT analysis will allow you to save a lot of time. In addition to the SWOT analysis you can take advantage of the other services: «Mold ideas» that allows you to quickly compose a visual summary and forward it to the investors; for the brainstorm, which you can download a template business model and fill it with stickers; service ProblemAnalyst who are looking for a major challenge both in business and in personal life; as well as web application for quantitative risk analysis.

Create your online store


In stores plenty of apps, but you still can’t find what you want for you? Create it, and better to entrust the case of smart guys with Flipcat who already make more than 160 applications to the delight of the businessmen. Their proprietary platform allows to realize any idea into reality. Want online shop selling plush cups — please. Want service delivery pens home — no problem.How is it done? You just write out your idea, and experts Flipcat five days to create a candy out of it. You can create a unique design, and you can just choose something from the finished samples if you don’t want to spend money. By the way, the price is always agreed in advance, depending on their financial capabilities and scope of ideas that is also a plus. To invest in a startup has never been so easy — now it is possible to complete the technical.

Rassuli SMS to your customers


As we have said (or was it bill gates), in business a minimum of rules. So there is nothing that a little «shake» their customers useful SMS mail-outs.

Latest deals, opening a new branch, the organization of the holiday — all this will come to the phone to customers in the form of a message via SMS or WhatsApp and Viber (so you can send not only text but also media). Just contact SMS Aero here and doing it, and with guarantees and without delay.I hasten to reassure that the service works on absolutely legal grounds and cooperated with leading operators in the country. Each alert is checked, you then came a fine or a summons to court — these guys are already 6 years on the market and know what is and what is not. You need only the base units, which gave consent to receive newsletters, it will also be easily edited on the website even via your smartphone. And you can send messages not only in Russia but also abroad. But if no base, SMS Aero makes it easy to configure collection of client requests or visitors on the site.

To protect the site from problems


Cyber-threats in recent times become a major pain in the soft places of the owners of large sites. So Wake up in the morning, and your service is breathlessly and even foot pulls. Your problems at small sites, where any change in traffic here reflected in the work.

In normal speed require not only news sites, but any service where even a second delay can forever ignore the client in favor of competitors. Russian «Airi» in the course of your experiences and ready to get you out of that nervous burden.Just enough to test your service on the website «Irie». Many do not even know how to work their portal in different parts of vast Russia. Spoiler: not very often. So here you can not only get rid of the threat of a DDoS attack, but also to pump their offspring so that it forgot about the brakes and suspension. In addition, it is possible to increase the indexation of soulless website by search engines and daily to monitor attendance and availability. And all this right from your smartphone.

Execute user training and support


When the mail becomes a huge bunch of messages from customers, employees and other persons, there are two choices: to accept and to learn the Zen, or to find a system that could control the flow of emails to manage projects and would be integrated with Gmail and Google Apps. Wait, because we found her — Deskun just might deal with e-mail support for your clients. To test the capabilities of the system can be as much as two weeks, finally realizing that nothing is better the world not yet invented.Using only a Chrome plugin you can easily adjust customer requests — now you don’t need to randomly look for their letters in a host of other. In addition it is very productive to organize work among employees using the same email you will be able to create tasks, assign deadlines and make notes. All this is easily done in a variety of services, but why suffer when there is a single system? It is worth noting that the incredibly user-friendly interface is so good that when you meet him free time in your schedule will become more clearly.

Find out how good your website


Competitors do not sleep, why do you have to watch day and night, when there’s someone or something watching the development of your website? If you took part in creating the resource, you already know about SEO – search engine optimization is, if not the main, one of your main tasks in promoting the service. It should be given no less attention than the contextual or any other advertisement.

In our country this problem to a large extent engaged in Yandex and Google. In fact it is «alpha» and «omega» of the Runet, the favors which you have to achieve at any cost. Fortunately, Rush Analytics to make it easier to get.If come to a head just a couple of tags to find your site, it is easier to use this service. Here pick the right and relevant keywords for your website, cleared of unnecessary «garbage», based on the needs and behavior of web users that provides the ability to optimize your site for search engines, more skillful use of contextual advertising and other types of promotion. Also here you can see the position of your site in Yandex and Google, to see them on convenient schedules and monitor competitors to make sure you become clear whom you’ll pass next time. All this is possible on Rush Analytics in two clicks — clearly, quickly, conveniently.

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