8 the best services for startups and entrepreneurs #1

Startup is a newly created company, under development and not a curse as some might think. For many startup is the only chance to Express themselves and rise to the top of the economic Parnassus, giving consumers the answer is convenience and comfort. Who doesn’t like startups — he does not love the future. They are changing the world, and hell make good money on their ideas.

But in order to do a startup, you need a good support, not from people, but from the services that will help to establish normal operation. Because as you know if a startup does not work at first, then you can safely cover it.

1. Smart Design Test


The success of any product is laid the first steps when high-quality Customer Development allows you to answer the question of what should our future customers what value they see in the proposal and how many are willing to pay.

Impossible to get answers to these questions, not releasing a finished product or its prototype. And make a plausible prototype hard — you need experience, which as a start-up and no.

But there is a way to assign the prototype to the people who spetsializiruyutsya on such development. Will start with the fact that you will help to bring the idea to readiness to full contact with the buyer. Will design, write texts, think through the sales funnel, set up Analytics and website launch your product online. And this is only the first part of the work.

Next to your product will set up its first ad campaign, take all channels of customer engagement, will make the calculation of the attraction economy — to whom and how much to pay, to find a buyer of your product. These data are already valuable real. Relying on them, you can make the decision of which product to produce and how to sell it. Make a prototype the finished product or service and build a successful business. The main thing is to start!

2. NovaPress Publisher


If you want to be popular and recognizable, you will have to spend the lion’s share of time on the social network. Even in the most beautiful and richest accounts VK and Instagram, what to say about your child, which as anyone in need of support and promotion. It is used in social networks lived one only progressive young people were doing different stupid things, and now there moved a serious man leading a big business.

And to not hire SMM Creator and not to waste already missing time on the social network, you can use the service NovaPress Publisher.

The essence of his work is very simple — it is you engaged in social networks (Vkontakte, Telegram, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Odnoklassniki and LiveJournal).For example, it can be used to schedule content on social networks in the days and months ahead, to import entries from the website, and bringing this method to full automation and implement Crossposting. Why write the same Vkontakte and Facebook, if you can write in one place and all to send. In addition, the service can automatically import social network videos as they appear on TV YouTube, RuTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

In addition to all these features, NovaPress Publisher puts autohistory and watermarks to records. So with a small application NovaPress Publisher became the greatest, but cheap and very comfortable web-service for work with social networks. Work alone and in team, social media are open to you and the subject.

3. PRNEWS.io


In order to assert themselves and gradually to become in the tops, the entrepreneur has to master the basics of PR. Only here it would be very nice to create and share stories with journalists on their own terms, and not Vice versa. You never know what they will decide. And indeed, the relationship of small business and press as challenging as between man and ant — press simply does not notice. Or rather, not noticed.

This all changed when the appeared on the market project PRNEWS.io, which in addition to building bridges of love and friendship between a small business and the press, helps to attract traffic to climb into the top Yandex and Google, and many more.If you had monstrous and fast-paced business or Vice versa, small, not particularly hurried organization know about it, it will be noticed and at the same time, competently and professionally — there is no difference, someone to write press releases. Their professionalism is noted in 25 countries and find negative reviews about them — quite a difficult task.

4. My business


Organization without accounting is like a body without a liver. It is necessary to filter cash flows to calculate and recalculate the Finance, to solve problems with taxes. But not everyone, especially in the early stages, to contain the accountant to do the books yourself will by no means all. Very ungrateful and routine this case, although necessary.

If these unpleasant sensations are familiar to you, you vividly get the service «My business» — it is just designed to keep the books yourself. And it is not necessary to complete courses and to study huge manuals in accounting, everything is automated: the tax calculation, reporting and payroll. Accounts and documents are generated automatically, and the system will help avoid mistakes by using interactive prompts.In addition, the service allows you to check for debts with the IRS directly from your personal account and send statements for all funds online. If suddenly shook and forget to pay on time — don’t worry, the service will kindly remind you about the time H.

If you have problems and questions, which is quite normal for beginners, do not rush to Google and stumble on the advice of Amateurs, the site has round-the-clock expert advice. Don’t worry, their not leaving, help with accounting, and will also help your company or SP (whatever you have) to find a way to reduce taxes. What happens to me.

5. GetSale.io


As soon as you go to some sites as you like from a cornucopia pouring pop-UPS of different size, content and destination. You are asked to join the group or like article, put you discounts for buying right now, or please leave e-mail in exchange for some bonus. All the widgets, and to imagine without the modern Internet is simply impossible.

It is clear that such popularity does not come from the ceiling, otherwise they would not be on commercial sites. Simple widgets allow you to interact with current readers, attract her, to increase sales on the website, to motivate users to make all the necessary actions and inform about current promotions. It previously was afraid of them, like anthrax, and now more and more people clicked on them with the mouse, because it has reached the human masses that widgets is not scary, it is in some cases very useful. Widgets is able to increase the time spent on the website and the loyalty from users, and force people to return to you over and over again.

All this is very useful for search engine rankings, so do not waste time in vain, to GetSale sign up.io choose the design I liked the widget, the script of his show and run him. No need to design and invent, it works in a few clicks. Most importantly, remember that you and your taste depends on your widget to be afraid as before or, on the contrary, the public will be favorable to him. To understand this, take the opportunity to analyze results directly in the service.

6. Digift


Someone will say, «What the heck gift card makes the list of services for a start! I build my business, and don’t give your girlfriend a gift on March 8!» But don’t jump to conclusions, especially wrong. For a second, e-gift cards today worldwide are effectively used in trade and loyalty programs. If you have a online store electronic gift cards up to 30 % increase in average basket. Besides, 40% of the recipients of such a gift — new customers of the brand. With Digift you quickly and at no cost to start selling these cards on the website. And yet — the service is entirely brandished, so it will perfectly fit the design of any website.

Well, if you don’t know how to attract clients, use e-Card and multi-card Digift 100 % cut the cost of shipping gifts. Exchange multicard on any brand from the catalog Digift. Bonus: you can place your logo on a map.

Convinced? Then go to Digift. Recommend to go here at least because people consistently and successfully work with «M. Video», «Intersport», «Muztorg» and many other well-known brands more credible.

7. Virusi


Have you ever thought about how important it is to protect your website from viruses and threats? Probably, but I don’t think you thought it so serious a problem. Lose site the virus does not Bode well for its owner, and the problem of removing and preventing contamination of sites every year becomes more urgent.

To no problems, and was created «Virusi» — cloud antivirus for and firewall that allows you to automatically treat the sites from viruses, to protect them from reinfection, attacks, XSS/SQL injection and suspicious activity. To eliminate the effects of infections sometimes have more than one day. «Virusi» does it all quickly and automatically. Even freelancers that don’t understand anything in computers and security systems, will understand him, he is so easy to use.By many it is recognized as the most convenient, fast, and efficient antivirus and have chosen it already on all continents. Otherwise you will bite your elbows when the hosting provider would block your site for spamming or Yandex and Google will mark it in search results as malware, but browsers will prohibit the user access to it.

8. Okdesk


Some companies are actively and aggressively make sales, not thinking about the development of relations with customers and, strangely enough, often not even trying to capitalize on the high-quality support. But attracting a new customer costs 5-10 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. According to statistics, reducing customer attrition by 5-10% can bring the company 75% of additional profit. It is therefore very important to maintain relationships with clients during post-sale, but the leadership is always «more important things», which somehow does not help to curb the outflow.

To deal with the blockage in Affairs to consider all that is taken into account, and count everything that counts help Help Desk services. But most of them have no built-in CRM and the specifics of the legal entities that can successfully automate after-sales service, in Okdesk. The service allows to take into account the contractual relationship, service periods, keep track of payments for a certain period and record the cost of a single.

Another asset is the service unlicensed Customer portal that will allow the contact persons of the companies customers not only to register and monitor the progress of their applications, but also to check their implementation, to assess the quality of work of executors, to see the value of the executed applications and the like.

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