8 statements, which is not a sin to borrow from the charge


Let me begin with a personal opinion. The pickup is garbage. He’s kind of disrespectful to my friends. Even if I’m looking for adventures for one night, I don’t want to play with this girl, and to be honest, to have a conversation on equal terms, and not to drive her in a verbal trap. There is something unworthy. However, there are reasons that justify the existence of a pickup truck.

We all know that talking to a stranger is scary, especially if the stranger is a beautiful girl. But let’s serious, it’s time to grow up, to look your fears in the face and collect the balls. None of you will not make it. Just don’t do it. What can happen worst? You get shot down? So in a sea of many fish. What can happen the best? The woman recognizes your confidence and charm magic, and you get in your piggy Bank hot. You have nothing to lose, don’t be a wimp!

Remember these things and begin to act. In any case, don’t try to pretend to be someone that is not. Be yourself and be confident. Women are smart (at least most), don’t try to circle them around your finger, prevrow about himself, about his job, his car and anything at all. There is nothing less attractive to women than a man who pretends to be what it is not. It’s called a lie and you get caught. Any honest. You don’t want to she fell in love with some unrealistic version of you that only half of you? You don’t want to pretend with her to build something herself. You want to be liked for who you are, and if you’re not right for her, a great loss someone will like.

Trust me, a normal friend will give you a chance not even a very attractive guy, if he’s just a funny and well-mannered, and attractive and insecure type like her less.

And here we come to a very important point. Make her laugh. Every girl does not mind being with a guy who can laugh. Even the cheesy pick-up strategy will work, if you can present it in the right way. Laugh at yourself. Do not overdo it and show that can be serious. Not all of these conversations, «What do you think about the mayoral election in Moscow?», and just genuine interest in her and the world. Smile when she talks, look her in the eyes and, for God’s sake, remember her name. And the names of her friends, if you meet with them. We told you how to remember names.

And finally, be a gentleman. This should happen by itself, but sometimes you need a little reminder. Open doors for her, talk politely, treat drinks. While you’re there, don’t let her pay it yourself, tell her you’re a gentleman and can’t afford to buy drinks on their own. The ladies love it. Do it without expecting anything in return. Don’t think over a couple of drinks it should leave you room, do it because you’re a gentleman and she’s a girl — she will appreciate it. If 30 seconds or 30 minutes, you will understand that nothing else works, just tell her that I was glad to meet her, and come back to friends. If you spent a few hundred rubles for a drink, whatever. Maybe they’ll pay off if you just make friends. If she offers to buy you a drink, politely refuse or say she will do it next time, if you want somewhere to come with you. Of course, if that happens, you will not allow her to buy you a drink. You’re a man, treat a lady.

Here’s the previous word that should help you. Women like confidence and when you are confident and a good guy, you’re better than 90% of the other sitting at the bar.

Now for the truck stuff.

1. Perfect gentleman

Come to the woman and ask her name, how she’s doing, you as the «perfect gentleman» and ask if you can take her to tea. Then you can say something like: «Some also call me (here insert your name)». The rest depends on you! Start small talk look interested in you. Watch for the signs she gives you. If you are not interested, but he hasn’t lost interest, tell her nice to meet you and hope to meet again, and if she wants to talk, you’ll be in the bar (point to friends). If you repeatedly notice that she looks at you, you can approach her again and ask how the evening.

2. «With you the other girls look bad»

The girl put a hand on his shoulder and sincerely say, «I just wanted to tell you that you soon vistat here.» Pause for a second, let them react, and you keep a serious face. Then with the hint of a smile, explain that its the other women look bad. Most friends are constantly comparing themselves with other women, and if you say it, she’ll be flattered by your words.

If all goes well, you can even continue and tell you how to fight with a security guard to let her stay, and the guard said Yes, but under one condition — if you buy her a drink.

It can also be fun, but you need a lot of charm and acting skills, not to fail. Try it if you think she’s interesting: if you met eyes, she smiled at you was submitted by another sign. Before you approach her, you can try to meet her eyes several times to let her know: you look at her. Watch for her reaction. She looks away? She turns away? She smiles at you? She starts to play with your hair? Read the signs!

3. «I have those same shoes!»

When you want to approach a girl, look what she’s wearing. The more feminine the better. For example, she is wearing a simple dress and bright high heel shoes, talk about shoes. If she had an interesting purse, talk about a handbag. You get the idea. Go up to her with a smile and enthusiastically begin to tell you the exact same shoes. Or handbag, skirt — anything. This is a good way to break the ice and make her laugh. In addition, you will show that you are attentive and notice the little things. It works, especially when you’re talking about some of the items of clothing.

4. «Have we met?»

Simple and surprisingly effective. She’s sure you’re joking, but if you’re good, you can even get her to doubt herself: maybe she forgot you, and you remembered it. This will help her feel special. Of course, do not lie, just talk and all. If she has enough brains, she will understand that this is a game, but for the sake of fun it can give you a chance.

5. «Who said you were looking for me»

Here the main thing — skill. No need to scare her and seem like a maniac. You want to charm her with his confidence, not make her feel that you’re God’s gift, it is unclear for what merits fell on her sinful head. Play, as in the previous trick. It is slightly more risky strategy, you become more vulnerable, but the skill and the right choice of girl (not very serious) — the key to success.

6. «You are very beautiful»

They say that flattery doesn’t get you anywhere. Lie. Flattery opens before you all doors! If flatter skillfully. This is a very bold approach to the girl. You reveal the cards and give her a compliment. Beautiful is the right word. Sexy is too greasy, wonderful — too far from life. Girls love compliments, especially when I spent an hour in front of the mirror trying to look good. Man up, look her in the eye and say it. Even better if you’re a bit shy: she will see that you overcame himself and decided to take the risk.

7. «Drink until I start to feel like the handsome»

If you have a lot of money and you see a woman who is worth the money, previously make sure it is one, it is a fun way. Go up to her, you, or just immediately ask her for a favor. If she agrees, give her much money there and ask to drink until you start to feel like she’s handsome, and then to come to you. Girls like it because everybody loves when they give money. They love it when they make gifts when they are corrupt, and here you can combine just two of these things. And it works well if you’re already handsome: so you seem humble and sweet. If you’re not handsome, it shows that you have a good sense of humor and you can give heat. Maybe you’ll get lucky and you run into the sassy one who will say that you’re already good, so you can talk right now!

8. «If I kiss you, you slap me?»

Funny thing. For self-confident guys — or just for those who got drunk. You can use if you have already started to talk and she seems fun to you. Not to say that a perfect result, but sometimes get lucky. Just ask: «If I kiss you, you slap me?» It’s bold, but curious, and if she says Yes, still you still have a chance, because she’ll think you’re funny. You can dismiss something like: «Well, I’m just checking». And kiss. In the end, you’ll never know what would have happened if you hadn’t tried.

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