8 «smart» home gadgets

manygoodtips.com_25.08.2014_O30nfk3GFn9fcThe era of technological progress has created many modern and super functional things, which can not only decorate your den, but several to improve your life for the better.

These devices are not only a quick solution to your everyday problems. Beautiful design and improved features keep your living space and power.

1.Robot vacuum cleaner Deebot D77


Cleaning and floor washing will be much easier and easier together with Deebot D77, developed by a pioneer in the field of automatic vacuum cleaners Ecovacs. This smart and hardworking robot, which can get cluttered with furniture room to eliminate the dust near the walls and furniture to clean the floor with any type of coating.

Basically, Deebot D77 is operating in automatic mode, that is, removes on a predetermined algorithm. The algorithm changes if the device meets the unexpected obstacle or accumulation of dirt. In the second case, it will be hard to clean up the area, while it will be a hint of garbage. Came home from work, and the house clean and tidy, in the best traditions of advertising about Mr Propper.

2. Runaway alarm clock Clocky


After the alarm clock rang, you give the all-clear and are still «five more minutes». But after a couple of hours getting reprimanded for being late to work. With this alarm clock such tricks will not pass: it will make you run all over the apartment, before you turn it off.

This smart alarm clock runs away and hides, continuing to yell obscenities good, until you climb out of bed and will not take it. Clocky ensures that you never oversleep.

3.Wireless led light bulb Philips Hue LED Lighting System


Home lighting has become more convenient and practical with the intelligent Philips Hue LED Lighting System. Say goodbye to a wall switch, in search of which, in the dark of night you repeatedly beat the long-suffering little fingers to the toes on all corners of your home. This gadget you can control with your smartphone. High quality energy-efficient LEDs are ideal for home and office and safe for the environment.

4. Mediator


Mediator uses smart technology heating, which ensures an ideal room temperature during the long winter season. Unlike traditional heaters, this is an energy saving device and it will help you save on the bills.

This is a stylish radiator that can turn into a bed with nice heated, one-button and led display to always remind you what day it is and what temperature behind a Board of your rookery.

5. Smart faucet, Smart Faucet


This is a new nozzle on the faucet is the best friend of nature, as they are able to save up to 15,000 gallons of water per year. Smart Faucet mounted on virtually any crane, the installation does not require considerable effort and time.

In order to turn on the water, press the lever, which returns to its original position as soon as you take away hands. Besides, the Smart Faucet can be put in a position that does not prevent continuous flow of water – very convenient if you need to fill the kettle or saucepan.

6. Wireless speakers Wireless speakers


You can listen to music from any wireless Bluetooth devices located in anywhere in the room. Compact design saves space and provides a great view of your room. High-performance subwoofer with a direct radiation Creative DIRECT-THROW dynamic reproduction of the mid and low frequencies when listening to music and gaming effects. An indispensable gadget for all fans of pure and complete musical sound.

7.Digital scale Withings Smart Body Analyzer


This is more than a simple electronic scale. In addition to measuring weight, the gadget displays air temperature, level of saturation of the air with carbon dioxide (CO2), pulse and even body fat percentage in the body. The latter, tellingly, not «silly» body mass index, which you can calculate using the calculator, and «honestly» the calculated indicator based on data of the electrical resistance of the body.

Data can be synchronized with the server using mobile application. You can set a goal and track your success. The application can provide information about the quality of the air you breathe, and strongly advise finally to clean the apartment, if necessary.

8. Book light BookLight


Convenient and practical gadget for all those who love to read before bed and doesn’t want to bother with bright light roommate on the bed. You can adjust the lighting angle according to your needs, and read your favorite book even while traveling for long distances, as the lamp draining battery very sparingly, and the charge lasts for a long time.

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