8 signs that you’re on the verge to quit

manygoodtips.com_23.06.2014_cjSi9GQeq7ErUBad job thing common. If too much work for a bad job, then you will think that a good work does not happen (and indeed my favorite work is still work), and the only way to work for food. In fact, far from it. You can work for the man and be in a better position than one who works for himself.

Bad work can deprive you of sleep, desire to eat and even the desire to live. When you reached the handle, and sincerely hate all its staff and boss think real m*a duck, despite the fact that earlier he thought you were a good person, it’s time to change something. Urgently and decisively! However, just note that if you extend on this work, further developments will be the following: either you are at some perfect moment to drop everything, yell at the boss and go to the sunset, or take to tolerate the habit, turn into a shadow. Scary? And correctly. Here’s the alarm bells, man! Saw at least half, dump nafig.

1. There is neither growth nor opportunity to learn something new

Early in his career at this place of work, the focus was on growth and learning. For you experience and new skills was more than the wages, benefits, employees and other buns.

Good job every day confronts you with different tasks that can be called interesting or uninteresting. There is nothing wrong in what you think about some problems in his spare time — a chance to become a professional. But if all your work is routine, chitchat and nothing in front of you never gets up, it’s time to move to another job, because you will not succeed. We need new skills, new node, but not the same. If you think any job has routine, you are undoubtedly right, but it is quite different. This item is relevant to virtually any field: writing, translation, programming and even work in the trade industry. But every position has its own limit, every position, when it begins to give nothing.

2. All the days merge into one pile, and the rate of flow of time is reduced

Time is a funny concept. When you’re having it, it moves so fast that three months is equivalent to three days feels.

But when the flour starts or when you wait, time slows down. The same goes for poor performance. It’s excruciating. Even if this work is pleasing, and one week it lasted like a day, things can change. Now, one week on the job is becoming almost a year of suffering, and when you get paid, you cease to please.

By the way, when are you going with this post, you realize what time begins to flow normally. This transformation is surprising and fascinating.

3. You stop worrying about appearance

It’s OK to care about their appearance. We need to take care of her. This is how you show you care, and appearance is his business card, it’s not our fault that most people have the impression only in appearance. If at first you ironed the shirt, pants and picked up a quality jacket, now you feel absolutely do not care.

First, you stop iron the clothes. After you begin to spit on the choice of clothing. A little later, begin to wear a t-shirt and Polo, of course wrinkled, because iron them for a long time you scored. All ends with the fact that you come into the workplace in a dirty t-shirt with a suspicious stain, unshaven and smelly socks.

If desired, and some experience, you yourself will notice this trend among colleagues and even superiors. If people start to bail on their appearance, know that soon they will leave. The same goes for any sphere of human activity, for example, a love relationship. If people start to bail on their appearance, so it is time to change.

4. Daydreaming

You sank into your dreams. It’s good, actually. But it completely robs us of this moment. Why is this happening? Why, instead of to work and live in the moment, you dream about the future work that will bring you honor, respect and money? Because you’re doing banal escapism.

5. You’re afraid to do even the most innocuous things

People are nervous and afraid of big meetings and such complex and important things, like going to the dentist. This is normal.

But not normal when you begin to fear and worry about everyday concerns, without any logical reason. You don’t want to meet familiar people, that’s why you choose a certain route to get to your destination. You are afraid to write in General chat because you think you misunderstood, you’re even afraid to send the report in time, because I’m not sure if you all filled out. But things were very different. And you even remember this moment, though, it seems that he was quite another life.

All this results in a complete lack of initiative, and all because you’re afraid to step left, step right. It is fraught with low self-esteem and a number of psychological problems. It’s time to throw!

6. You start to abuse the wrong things

Drink alcohol in small amounts after work once or twice a week is a normal thing, but if you make a bottle every day, it’s rubbish. Another alarm bell is Smoking and drinking beverages with high caffeine content. But that’s not all. If you enjoyed reading books or spent leisure-time intelligent and diverse, but now all is very doubtful: beer, chips, World of tanks and watching the next series. In the evening you Shine yourself in the face with a flashlight smartphone, flipping through the tape Vkontakte.

7. You’re well aware that you all got

No experience, no prospects, no opportunities.

8. You justify continuing to work in the enterprise

And now you have my full dissatisfaction from the work process. You really don’t like working in this position, no prospects, and bosses won’t listen to you and does not give a damn. Why are you still here? Because you constantly find new ways to justify their stay in the current situation. Maybe it’s a slim chance of promotion or some bonuses or maybe, it’s because you think two years in this position, look better one in labor? Maybe you feel like you still need money or sure can’t find anything better? Excuses are many, all not list. Even if in your mind there is truth, reality is disappointing. Why not think that the fruits of your labors in the future will be brighter and nicer.

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