8 signs that you want to marry my girlfriend


This is often observed in movies or in the magical stories of their parents, friends or just friends. Many of them say that they just knew I chose the right woman, they want to be together forever. This kind of feeling that is hard to assess from the point of view of logic. Romance is the name of this kind of love, others chemistry. With awareness comes in very different forms: you could have a beer with her on the couch in his underwear watching TV series «Parks and recreation» and suddenly discover that this is the best day of your life; or is she just belched the loudest of your friends at the table than put your imagination; maybe she was the first girl that knows all the crazy work by Alan Moore? In General, he’ll understand when the time comes.

We imagine that it has already occurred. Are you running to sign the registry office, spit on the slowness in this respect, their peers. But we shout to you: «slow down!» Do not hurry, after all, for every happy marriage has thirty-three accidents and forced. The wedding isn’t a big step, especially if you spend it with the wrong girl – «fun» set for life. So pay attention to the signs that give some kind of guarantee of happiness. If anything were to take over failed, then stop and think again.

1. You watch her favorite TV show and you like!

All these terrible channels where the show show with tizanudine leading that mock people. If you can get pleasure from such a project, «I was fat», where fat is forced to shake their buttocks to lose a ton of weight? Although, of course, can: this fun to watch. Anyway, always nice to know that you like to watch the same nonsense that friend. To the Internet the quality was at a premium, because the family half of his free life spent watching television. If you have the same tastes in movies and TV shows, then you are very lucky. Not cool when you want to watch a horror movie and the girl is hiding in the other room. You can, of course, to dictate to their own tastes, but who cares? Such a marriage will not be happy.

2. You can easily submit a joint with her life


If she’s already moved in with you, you can the item not read. And if not, then look.

Joint life – a complicated thing, and many he breaks. Notorious scattered socks and used tampons in the apartment did not regret it. You have to live together for at least a month to mark all this trouble and try to get rid of them. But the main thing is, it is the desire of life together. If it scares you? Do you dream nightmares when I imagine your girlfriend is in your apartment? If you can’t renounce a pleasant solitude, the relationship will not be able to reach a new level. But if you want it, and you’re ready to face the difficulties, well done, respect you.

3. Business

It’s not the most important thing in a relationship, until they get close to the line, which is called «marriage». The point is that you have to solve a lot of cases to solve alone, it is possible, but this position will be incorrect. Even little things like choice of furniture for the office, can embroil a young couple: the views may be different and no one should be offended. We are not talking about concessions, we are talking about respect for each other. If not, what kind of marriage can there be?

And yet look at the strong marriages. Don’t know about you, but we often see people of the same profession who work together or at least have an idea about each other’s work. Even cooperative learning is a very good thing. It gives the feeling that you’re on the same wavelength with his fiancee, so you should think about it.

4. She is your best friend


Maybe corny, but true.

So think now about who your best friend in this world. What makes one better? Answer for you: it can rely on; you listen to his advice, and he is yours; you have common interests; you know it inside out; you can tell him anything. If you are in a loving relationship who are attracted to marriage, the girl should be your best friend.

I’m not talking about what we need to score on their buddies. It should not be between you and your old friends. But she, nevertheless, must occupy a place in your life. She should be your friend.

5. You used to sleep with her that without her

Physical compatibility – not just empty words. But we don’t even about your sexual activity, but about more everyday things. About the dream.

Imagine that you will probably have every night to sleep with the girl you chose. Is this a problem? For many – Yes, that’s the problem, because have to accept the fact that she snores, she charges you a blanket or being in a dream, gets you kicked in the liver. It is physically hard work, especially when you get up in the morning. And it will not only have to sleep together, but together and Wake up. Many girls look adorable in the morning? In General, you’re screwed if you don’t like it.

6. You’re proud of her, and she you


An important component of the joint relationship. We have seen unhappy husbands and wives who down each other in front of their friends and families. Some relationships is a constant struggle between opposites. But it should not be.

If you enjoy its success-heartedly support her, even naive, undertaking, and she says the same to you, then that’s fine. Mutual motivation won’t hurt anyone, and extra praise from the woman who loves you, does not happen. It’s hard to believe when you see barking at each other people, but the harmony between the pair is not uncommon.

7. She makes you laugh

And maybe she’s the most fun person you know. And it’s important. Many people underestimate the power of connection of people with the same sense of humor. If you can make each other laugh, then you’ll be inseparable. The ability to bring joy, even if the method is immoral and cruel jokes, it’s an incredible thing, not to mention the fact that many arguments start with a joke that one person finds funny and the other not. And if such quarrels occur, it indicates incompatibility.

8. You still smile every time I see her

In the end, with the woman I love, there is always the feeling of the first meeting. The desire to see her fail, while a business trip for seven days turns into forever. This condition distinguishes a mediocre marriage happy, and Yes, I agree, such is difficult to achieve. If you regularly need to «break apart», then maybe it is better not converge? The nervous system will benefit from this.

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