8 rules for meeting her parents

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So, dude, someday you’ll have to meet her parents. Especially if you have a serious and cool. The most unpleasant in meetings with parents is that you can not please them, and it may well mean the end of a relationship. Therefore, the meeting must be well prepared.

1. Meet on clothes

It is unlikely that this advice can be considered innovative, but he deserves place in this list. The first impression is always very important in any meeting. Parents, relatives, coming to work, meeting new people — most people hard to recall the first opinion about the person. And stick to it, so no hats, wrinkled shirts, shorts and the last of impropriety. Dress neatly and not frivolous: shirt, Polo, jeans, neutral shirts. Any shaved, moms love it. Jeans and other pants well Otpad. But don’t dress too well, for example, suit: can’t believe it.

2. Rehearse the story of your first meeting

Yes, it is very important. Someone from the relatives will inquire about how you actually met. Ask them not only in order to know the truth, and to check convergent version told by the girl, the one you talk about now. Of course, you have to understand that the truth is in the spirit of «we met in some terrible bar, drunk in the wood, hugged for a long time in a dark corner, and then had sex in the toilet» is unlikely to appeal to parents. Therefore we recommend you not to forget to ask about the version of your acquaintance, who told parents she. Would be a bummer if your version does not match.

3. Gather information

To go and meet the girl’s parents almost the same as going to an interview in a major (or not) the company. You don’t walk into a company without knowing its conditions, where the office of the company and how much you will pay? So meet the parents, too, should not come just like that. Need to know the marital status of the spouses, they divorce, second marriage or are you going to meet her father or stepfather, that will relatives are grandparents, relatives love their names — all you need to know! And who said it would be easy?

4. Make your mother loved you

It is not strange, but in most families mothers are the main. We don’t mean a family where there is no other parent, nor do we mean families where the father outright rag. Just mothers are always so gray cardinals who decide who is right and who is wrong and whether this man in our family. If you seriously think that the mother can not affect the opinion of your girls (like my girlfriend is an adult, she understands and knows), then you are very wrong, dude. One simple: «Honey, have you seen his eyes? He always looked at our silverware» or «Honey, are you sure he deserves you?» will make your girlfriend carefully consider. A good relationship with the mother of the girl will help to protect you from the wrath of the girls and other family. Plus the constant reminder: «What a great guy you have there, don’t lose!» Flattery (but not arrogant), good manners, compliments her appearance and culinary talents, plus help around the house and taking away plates will help you to win the trust of mothers.

5. Do with her father’s second

Parents always harder to accept you. If you ever have a daughter, you will understand why. In short, dads are usually a lot more like daughters than sons, and the thought that this man at night banging his little angel, alarming parents and little sets against you. If the mother is acquainted with you, being in a neutral or positive mood, the father is likely to be configured to you several negative. I once visited his friend, who was expecting the birth of a child, but did not know its gender. When talking about who he wants more, the man said: «Son!» «Why?» — I asked. «Because I will go crazy from thinking that my girl will fuck some loser».

In order to have a good relationship with her father, is to know his interests, job and so on and so forth. If you have similar interests, you can be happy to keep the conversation going. If all goes well, you will spend several hours in conversations about hunting, fishing and camping trips. Just do not lie!

6. Prepare some topics of conversation

There is nothing worse than uncomfortable silence in the first minutes of Dating. So zagotovo some things to smooth over awkward moments. It is always good to ask a lot of questions, interested in family life, but don’t overreact. You also need to always be ready for unexpected questions about your work, family, social position and interests. Standard topics of conversation include: your job, sports, family, movies, current events, Pets. Just need to know whether or not people like to discuss it. There are topics to avoid: politics, religion, money and any jokes. Until you understand what these people sense of humor (and if there is any), is not a joke.

7. Bring a gift

Ideally, of course, on any occasion to bring a bottle of wine after learning people’s tastes. Floral arrangements, beautiful baskets of sweets — also a great gift. There is even a small card to attach.

8. Don’t wait too long and watch the action

Why girls introduce guys to your parents? Just for the sake of the other, to show that they see a future in your relationship and want more. It is one hundred percent, man! It is an axiom! But after meeting with the parents, not only the girl but her parents will look to you much more activities: living together, engagement, wedding. If the period of Dating and meeting with the parents too long, you know, for them you become a gradual burden, they genuinely don’t understand what the hell you doing in their house and why are you eating their food.

During the first visit parents do more pleasant things. Care for a table with a friend and her mom, pull out table, take the plates to the kitchen and help her mom to wash them. You also need to give parents to understand that this girl you are interested in not only breast and ass, but everything else, so keep your eyes away from her cleavage, despite the fact that this t-shirt it looks amazing.

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