8 reasons why talent and passion is better than money

Favorite work. This expression does not seem realistic. The head is never a normal person, and the workflow is rarely fun.

If you really think so, this trend is scary. Modern man does what he is told to do. Finish school — go to army or go to school. Graduate from the Univer — going to work. Stop and think no time, you are constantly pushed and forced to do something.

Attempt to push for the dream job becomes a real challenge. And there is no guarantee that you get this dream job will have to taste! Suddenly, you don’t know what I want really! Best job for an enormous number of people — one that pays well. Because of the need to stay and work in routine positions, we lose our social life. We want to impress the girls and our parents. We want to look good in suits. But mostly, we want money to buy many fine things. But in the end, is all this really worth it?

This article is entirely devoted to the idea that money is not important, and more importantly the circle, the realization of ambitions and talents.

1. Money is a guest

They come and go. Today you have them for one reason or another, and tomorrow no money at all. Talent and passion is forever.

2. Money is a strong external factor of motivation, but talent is the factor of intrinsic motivation

When you buy new things, they delight you at first, but then the effect goes away. The more you buy a different kind, the less pleasure you bring new things. Talent and passion to a favorite cause can motivate you and to keep in good shape constantly, if you have them. The path of a creative person is difficult, but the fruits of his nice and tasty, although frankly not enough.

3. If you have something to give to the world, let

Let’s be honest: even if you know how cool to draw, this does not mean that you can give to the world something special. Every year thousands of people come out to the art faculty but become famous artists only one. Find a little more recognition in the narrow circles of fans of comics and contemporary art, but they are still small. The majority of people do not succeed because of a lack of ambition and confidence that their work is at least good. But look around: how many outright slag around that issue for the beautiful pictures, great content and interesting prose? These guys just have balls to declare itself as about the very cool creators, so why are you silent? Strap the viewer or reader is understated, you’ll be able to raise the quality of our art, if at least try. The chance is very small, but he, at least, is. In extreme cases, will lead.

Everyone has the opportunity to become famous, if not the whole world, then within the same village.

4. So, you’ll find your social circle

A big problem many modern men and women — has no social circle. Like there are people, but they can not be called in your Board. Comrades, colleagues, casual friends, University friends — they are all pleasant to you, but still you don’t feel that they are your real supporters. If you work on the business of life, to find those who are you cute, lovely, your Hobbies and your way of thinking, much easier. Someone dies and learns that this circle of like-minded people, you have the same (if you listen to our advice) will have a chance to feel what it means to be like peas in a pod.

5. Health

Work for money first, seems cool. You get a few thousand more, and the new post carries a little different from the old challenges! But soon, you finally realize (unless, of course, did not know before) that absolutely hate the work you do. The only reason that is holding you back is money, but you understand that the bread and water to actually survive, not to see these people and stop doing this routine, which frankly sick. You can feel the life drop by drop flows out of you. From the stress you’re grinding your teeth in your sleep and go to sleep with a terrible hatred and disgust. This work only hurts you, destroys all the good lowers self esteem and causes suffering. Without the extra paranoia note that the chance of severe personality disorder or long-term real depression is very high.

If the work is done just for the money, this outcome will always be. Another thing, how quickly will come a time? If you think that it is always possible to endure, you can do it, but over time you will become an empty shell, which can be called «bubble».

6. Everything will fall into place

The best place for each person — it is not something where you pay more and not which is easiest to reach by car or bus. This is the place where you will find the application your best. Be true to yourself. Start from scratch on your favorite posts. Open a business or create something of their own that can be shared with friends.

Work on yourself, only it requires your entire dedication and dedication. Read more books, do more education, constantly learn something new and not ustavi to do it all. The only way you can become a truly talented, motivated and stay that way even when your job is stressful and heavy. Everything will fall into place.

7. The rich also cry

Mansions, cars, and tight wallets is not success. Success comes satisfaction from the done work and results from it. If your talent and passion found application, we can say that it is a success. Money is a byproduct and must always remain so.

8. Happiness

Let it not, but when all is said and done correctly, when you realize that it could self-actualization (as if it did not sound snobbish) and find themselves, comes this short and wonderful time, which can be called by this word.

We all want to Wake up and see a bright light and some perspective on life. Especially in Monday morning. When you’re in the right place — this is happiness, although I’d like to call it «delivery». Money, even in large numbers, do not provide you this great feeling. For comparison, remember that time when you bought a large thing which had long dreamed of.

Talent and passion for the beloved — here are the keys to happiness.

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