8 reasons to travel

manygoodtips.com_29.03.2016_2gOAOadURmWH7Going to go to University or at least College? I think you expect to make good money after 5 years of training, and generally to discover all the doors that are available in this big world. You want to know the planet, to reveal the secrets and become an educated person – honor and praise to you. But what if we say that the walls of educational institutions is often far from the most important knowledge that can be used in practice?

Where to look for them in this case? If formal education is not necessary to hope, may refer to the experience of our ancestors, who studied travel? Personal experience, dear reader, sometimes more important than any diploma. What you will learn if you score to study and its place in the office, and get to the other side of the planet? Now explain the other.

1. The characteristics of the economy

Creating a presentation in PowerPoint on the economy of Brazil – it is nice and calm, you can earn one of these, not looking up from the glass of cold Cola. But the best way to understand foreign economies is, of course, to live in another country. Only by knowing the culture, the lifestyle of an ordinary person, it is possible to understand the economy of the entire nation. Academic knowledge will certainly help you at first. But they are not always true.

2. Easier to learn the language

In University, you can learn the language, even Swahili. But it is unlikely you will be to talk to him outside of the classroom. However, when you go to conquer new land, you’re surrounded by other people’s language systems every minute. Rubbing on politics and life with a local, you will learn to understand the language as never before.

3. The mindset of the entrepreneur

Stop.com.ua_29.03.2016_pkr0bvtDqW53QCan there be a business without a theory? Of course, it can, albeit with difficulty. But without practice business is dead. And practical knowledge you can get when you face a lot of problems at the household and living standards. While traveling, you have to find unusual ways of getting from life what you need. You are treated in the head a bunch of scenarios and then choose the one that achieves the goal.

If you’re going to open a business, travel. Breathe life deeply, to understand what he wants simple people, not only in your country, but in the Congo, for example.

4. Relationships

If I meet a man on a journey, it is always a special person, with their history, with their ideas and talents. In a way we are more kind than home. Therefore, we gladly offer a lot of people, a relationship which may continue throughout life. Travel is an opportunity to expand her close circle of friends. This is exactly good.

5. You will become more diplomatic

When you live in the same community, it is easy to degrade in terms of communication. You know what to expect from their countrymen, adventures not expected. With foreigners not so – you have to find common ground where, at first glance, should not be.

6. Self-education on the road

Didn’t have time for the smart book home? Or the Institute could not tune in to the learning of more important material? In travel you will have plenty of time to spend on self-education. All of these trains, metro, planes – if not to read, with boredom can die. Of course, it all depends on your curiosity.

7. Introspection

manygoodtips.com_29.03.2016_flDlap9K9XukPSitting at the computer at work and at her Desk at school, you’re drifting away from the moment when you will have to arrange all your activities, all your fears and desires on the shelves, that is to conduct a self-analysis. This is important in every person’s life stage needs free, no clogged brains. And when you can be alone, and even with a clean brain, not in the road? Believe that the journey is a great opportunity to realize themselves fully.

8. Life in hostels instead of dorms

What’s great about hostels? The fact that there are plenty of people who can become your supporters, or, at worst, to tell you about his invaluable experience. This is valuable knowledge which are imprinted in your head stronger than old-fashioned speech, or «motivating» quotes. Why? Because these interlocutors, often pulling a vagrant life will be much more those people you will see on student drinking.

Reality, not fiction

Life is based on impressions, feelings and real experiences. All this is more than you can obtain while traveling. No one can take away your memories. So learn this world is similar to the researchers, who plied the oceans in the hope of finding new land. If you’re close to the city, and at the Institute of bored, then find other ways of development don’t cling to the «norm», especially when this norm is destroying your life and gives absolutely no useful knowledge. Besides, you can always step back in. Higher education is not going anywhere, to cancel it will not.

But if you’re one of those guys who has several diplomas, in a way! Travel should be in your plans.

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