8 reasons to reconsider their attitude to training

sportTo reconsider their attitude to physical activity is important. They not only help you to be healthier and lose a few extra pounds. Your friend will be more pleasant to spend time with a fit dude, but if you have kids, they will gladly brag about their big folder in front of your friends in the yard. Why training is good?

1. Momentum

Theodore Roosevelt, for example, the American President, was a weak child, prone to asthma. He decided he didn’t want to be a pussy, and began to work on myself. Healthy body, healthy mind, health, inspire you to further self-improvement. This is important. This man lived to the fullest, every day being at the limit of their physical and mental capabilities. He developed his body followed his mind. Think about it. If you want to improve your personal life and career, do not underestimate the value of momentum. If you daily stretch your muscles, the brain will learn to cope with stressful situations outside of your comfort zone. People do not refuse to leave their «safe place» that is constantly challenging yourself, it is much more likely to commit outstanding actions.

2. Security

The two men walked through the woods and saw a huge bear. One of them ran away and the other cried: «Fool! You can’t outrun a bear!», what the first said: «I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you.» In modern society, almost all issues are resolved through compromise, adherence to laws and regulations, instead of the good old sword fights, arm wrestling and other competitions. Before survival of the fittest and most trained, and now is the most healthy and smart. But still you never know, you’ll have to escape from the bear. And it’s not only in bears but in bar fights, attacking from the corner, a variety of force majeure, when you need to show strength and agility. You’re going to sleep with the knowledge that able to bear both his children from the fire, if lit the house? If you fall out of the boat, as you would be much better if you know how to swim? When you walk around the city, you feel more confident thanks to the knowledge that is strong enough to protect themselves? Everyone should be able to protect his life and the life of his family. If you keep yourself in shape, your chances to avoid dangerous situations and survive are greatly increased.

3. Wealth

When people think about the future to get in shape, they constantly argue about the cost. How much is a subscription to a fitness club, gym, equipment, clothing? Usually it seems to them a too high amount, far higher than they can afford (read: nil), and they just continue to sit the ass on the couch. Why strain yourself going to expensive and inconvenient gym if you can continue to live as you want? Wrong approach. Let’s think from an economic point of view. How much is the bypass of a coronary artery. About a thousand dollars. How much is a year’s supply of drugs for the treatment of diabetes? How many working days you missed last year because you had to go to the doctor? Yes, you may not accept that your lifestyle makes you to spend money on medical expenses. You can smoke all their lives and never get cancer. But only fools invest their money in such a strange way. In fact, being healthy is much cheaper than being sick. If you add up all the cost of medications, missed work days, surveys (not to mention moral damage), then a gym membership and a half thousand seems a good option. All you need is a rational diet and half an hour strenuous exercise per day. If you don’t want to enroll in the gym, just go Jogging, pull-up, and not have to lie on the operating table. Well, if you’re not an actor and play a medical show.

4. Confidence

Just above we have already talked about Roosevelt Theodore, who was engaged in physical activity every day and can maintain confidence in any stressful situation. In my opinion, when it comes to really complex tasks, there’s nothing harder than love Affairs. Recently I was talking to a bro who told me how behaved his girlfriend until he dropped 20 pounds. And how perfectly it changed after. I will never forget his words: «When you’re fat, you for all like invisible. Nobody looks, nobody talks to you. That’s horrible.» If you still have no girlfriend, you probably want it to appear, and a man with a excess weight is much more difficult to pay attention. Remember the momentum I was talking about in the beginning of the text? When you start to do you yourself like best. The more people will start to notice you, the more it will encourage your sports and improve health. If you’re obese, then you need confidence and there is nothing better than the phrase «How thin you have grown!» If you’re in a relationship, don’t think this doesn’t concern you. The fact that you have a girlfriend, does not exclude the growth of the stomach! Show that you respect their relationship, staying in good shape all my life. You’ll feel better, women will be jealous of your friend, and she doesn’t want to leave you. All will be well.

5. Success

When you were little, mom often told you: «the Important thing is what’s inside». Unfortunately, she lied, to make you feel better. The brutal truth is that attractive people do better than terrible. Scientifically proven fact! If you work, look for work, or quit, good shape will only add to you points. Let’s compare the two candidates. Candidates A and B both graduated from the same University, dressed in identical suits and are considered ideal for the position. Candidate And weighs 20 pounds higher than normal, breathing heavily and wraps around then, and candidate B in great shape and confident of yourself. The candidate Would get the job a hundred times out of a hundred, unless I forget to use deodorant and not appear drunk. Researcher Professor of Economics Daniela Hamermesh have shown that attractive teachers like the students, attractive people get better job and earn more than ugly. Even doctors are paying more attention to them. This is such a halo effect, when people think that one good quality (attractiveness) means that a person throughout the rest are also good. Girlfriends often complain that they are judged on appearance, but guys with the same story. Terrible women get 5% less, and scary men — all 10%. Of course, to make plastics — it’s too much, but your body you can control. You are responsible for your shape, and your figure depends on you. If you already have a job, you’re happy, for you there are plenty of other reasons to play sports. You’ll be more energetic, you will need less sleep and you’ll be less sick. You’ll be more productive, and bosses will appreciate it. Jackpot!

6. Intelligence

Plato wrote: «To the life of a man failed, God gave him two means: educational and physical activity. Separately they don’t work together. These two tools help to achieve perfection.» Our lives have changed various technical innovations: cars, shopping, Internet and pizza delivery, but our genetics have not changed since the ancient Greeks. We feel best when doing what we created: use your brain and your body. Plato knew it. Recent studies have shown that aerobic training increases the activity of brain cells in some areas by 30%. University students in Illinois each morning engaged on a mandatory program in the gym and passed the exam better than the students of other universities. Why? When you do, your brain cells Wake up and become more receptive. They have tiny receptors which improve concentration, the more effective the exercise is, the more information you can remember.

7. Mental health

This is one of the most important aspects. A real man can protect his family and friends and with dignity to get out of unpleasant situations. If you are faced with depression, anxiety and similar ailments, sports can help you. Studies have shown that exercise is effective against depression, it is actually a natural anti-depressant. Furthermore, sport not only treats, but prevents depression. Running and other intense exercises may cause the production of endorphins and is a natural morphine. Very nice. I run in the morning, and you?

8. Longevity

All want to live long, friend. You also probably want. Sports to help you. Yes, medicine has made a huge breakthrough over the past years, we have medical insurance, but that’s not all. It’s hard to be a good husband and father if you’re lying somewhere under the ground. Now all the reasons why. Here you will not regret it.

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