8 reasons to grow a beard

beardThe beard does not come alone. It brings attention and interest from the opposite sex and, as a consequence, makes the procedure experience more easy and relaxed (of Course! With this trump card!). In our category «Question dude» we have already answered the question of why women love bearded men, but has now decided to develop this theme and found a whole list of reasons why you will not remain without the girl having well-groomed and dense vegetation on the face.

Of course, the beard should be accompanied by some more real manhood, but let’s start with the beard, and there he will see how life will change.

1. The beard is sexy

A man with well-groomed beard, on the condition that he is, of course, is more severe and masculine, compared to other localisee dudes. And of course, it does not remain without attention from the beautiful half of humanity. The characters are the type of Wolverine from the X-Men, Thor from the Marvel universe, Khal Drogo from «Game of Thrones» are forced to put a warning sign «Caution, wet floor!» in the homes of many girls. Plus the beard helps disguise some defects of the face, from acne and scars, ending with watery weak chin.

2. Bearded men are the best lovers

In matters exquisite foreplay of the beard universal. RUB or tickle her in strategically important areas, and it will give your girlfriend an unforgettable and uniquely pleasurable sensations.

3. The beard is a synonym of prestige

In old Celtic times, Otto Big often swore on his beard. In the middle ages, the touch of men to the beard of another man was considered a direct challenge to fight. Now the beard is firmly associated with a certain brutality and a symbol of strength and self-respect. The bearded man declares his alpha status and gives a woman to know (albeit subconsciously) that he is a good defender.

4. Bearded men are considered more masculine

When boys are approaching puberty, their bodies in the most natural way change. One such change is the appearance of vegetation on the body and, in fact, on the face. Survey many women confirmed the fact that the bearded man is perceived the opposite sex as someone who is physiologically ready to make babies. If the guy had a thick beard, then he has no problem with testosterone, and in General, he is able to present the world with genetically strong offspring. Don’t think the logic here does not smell, it’s just the results of the women’s surveys.

5. They are more patient

For most men, growing a beard and caring for it is a task that requires patience and understanding of the overall picture in perspective. Bearded calm and collected, considered and, in most cases, he is inclined to be hasty when it comes to making decisions.

6. Beards stand out from the crowd

The beard is universal, it is timeless and will never go out of fashion. And even if you do not care for fashion trends, you’ll still be in the trend, and meet, you know, on clothes.

7. Beard is associated with wisdom

Probably, everybody knows the theory that almost every woman seeks in a potential partner’s image of his father. A famous study showed that women in the photographs of men with varying degrees of facial hair, categorically rejected gladkovybrityh and with interest at the face, covered with dense bristles. In a survey of girls admitted that bearded guys caused them lasting Association with reliability and wisdom, possessing a great parent qualities or inclinations.

8. A bearded man – healthy man

Most likely, a man with a beard leads an active and adventurous lifestyle. He enjoys outdoor sports, such as, camping, fishing or hunting. Did you know that a beard can block between 90% and 95% of UV rays, thus slowing the aging process and minimizing the risk of cancer.

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