8 reasons girls like bad boys

why girls like bad guys

Why girls like assholes that are the normal guys seem to be doing badly. It’s clear as day, it’s no good, he will use you and throw! But she’s not listening. The girl likes. She looks at him, as if spellbound, and wants to go with him to the West. Why?

1. He knows his worth

Girls do not like wimps. One of the most important characteristics of the bad guys is that they never do lame things. Bad boys have traits of an alpha male. They all scream out: «Look, I’m a tough guy!» Girls love this, and this is the first reason why they choose the bad guys.

2. It can protect

This is a direct consequence of the idea that the bad guys are no pussies. If the bad guy is going to kick ass to anyone who shows him disrespect, imagine what he will do to save the honour in front of a lady! Well, she thinks so. She believes that, if caught in their nets a bad guy, he will be her knight in shining armor. Naive.

3. It’s fascinating

Think about it. If you were a chick, you would want to jump on a bike, hug a waist cool dude and rush him away or would you prefer to stay home and watch a movie with a cute guy who will make the popcorn and massage your feet? All right. Bad guys is an exciting prospect, because girls never know what to do with them next time. The movement into the unknown attracts women, and why they are so attracted to bad guys.

4. It’s not like the other

Most women are fed up with ordinary guys. They treat her nice, tell her she’s beautiful, buy her flowers. They will treat her like a Princess and she knows it. Boring. The reason bad guys like the girls, that with them one day is always different from the other. She never knows if he comes or leaves. He treats her well, then do not find time for her. It will be her personal soap Opera.

why girls love bad guys

5. She is a rebel

The girls are tired of sitting at home and bake cookies, they want something new. Think about it. Every girl that lives behind your wall, you will not be able to resist the bad guy, who will pull her hair out of her boring life where she keeps everything under control. The bad guy’s portal to the world that earlier the woman had only seen on TV.

6. It is a challenge

The bad guys usually do not like to be bound to anything whatsoever. Good guys just looking for the one with whom they want to spend the rest of my life… and all that shit you see in the postcard on Valentine’s Day. To get a good guy is easy while to conquer a bad guy — it’s a real job. It is a challenge for her: will she be able to hold it? She wants to know will she have enough of all this female stuff, so it was enough of one.

7. To please him

Imagine how cool she will feel if it turns out that the only girl that was able to bind him to her. Being around bad guy is a complex task. They can never relax. Every girl at some point wants to be the bad guy and wants to be the one with which he stayed: it talked a lot about it.

8. Reverse psychology

Now, all other reasons aside. Girls want bad guys because they know what the salt. Previously, they were no different from you and did the same: bought flowers, asked out, and then they were down. Once they crossed the line. They understood what was said to Pushkin: «the less we love a woman, the easier she likes us». Get her to chase yourself, just don’t pursuing her. May she be surprised, because you a little about her question. Don’t waste your time worrying what she thinks about you: she’s worried. Reverse psychology.

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