8 ordinary things that seem strange to foreigners

May be, the latest limp hipsters still trying to live in Moscow and Ukhta as if they live in London or new York, but this will not work, because there are traditional things, habits, rules that cause a sincere surprise to their Western standards. We have many strange habits, but foreigners are amused by the things that to us seem quite ordinary.

1. The first thing you should do when you walk into someone’s house, no shoes

Sounds like a biblical passage: «do Not come near here; put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is Holy ground.» For owners is really a Saint.

From spoiled Americans it is normal to lock yourself in house shoes and changing shoes and changing clothes more often than not, to sprawl on the sofa. The guests, of course, Slippers do not give, they say, come in, dear guests, make yourself at home, because there you are also not produced. Oh course… It’s your business, but we were not sorry to catch your germs!

And our tradition is to buy Slippers, then to give their guests, is puzzling. We have a housewife, drivea the floors 2 hours before the arrival of the dear guests, will put the street shoes back where basically everything happens if you stomp out some his dirty paws.

I remember trying to explain to a British man a sense of «resumania». The arguments that «so convenient» and «clean», that is respect for the hostess who monitors the cleanliness of the house not reached. Calmed down, agreeing that our sidewalks are dirtier, and all diseases from walking barefoot. Wild people what to say.

2. Superstitions and prejudices

The room whistling – the whole fate of Whistler.

Went back to the house for a forgotten thing – smile in the mirror.

To give an even number of flowers is bad luck.

Although subconsciously we understand that crossed the road a black cat means that the animal is doing, and drop a fork you pictures, we are still afraid to take.

But we have no chief American prejudice (with rare exceptions) is to shoot everyone in his school with a shotgun of insults and humiliation. But in General they are right.

3. Caviar

Despite the crisis, despite the fact that most of us have seen black caviar only in pictures, this delicacy is the main attribute of every third holiday table that much. This, of course, about the red caviar. Well, what to say, here we are! Even if it is a severe crisis, even if smelt will arrange a genocide of salmon, and the price of eggs soar to the cost of a plane ticket, we’re still going to put the hated jar on the table to convince yourself that everything is fine. And the Americans will look at this and think: «Oh, Russian exotic: balalaika, matreshka, vodka and keviar! Where’s your bear?»

4. A big pot of soup in the fridge

Come on, my foreign friend, try the first time to pronounce this strange word. Come on! Boo… Board. Weak!

They have this dish evokes some mystic Association: red soup with meat, cabbage and beets, which for some reason is obliged to prepare every woman and worth every second refrigerator. Remember in «Police Academy» hero of Christopher Lee poured a bucket of the funeral (by the way, very delicious, according to many, but it is better not to talk about foreigners going crazy) soup, believing it to be sour? Here’s all their relationship to a dish number 1 in Russia. Although many people like.

If not soup, any soup. The fact of the presence of liquid buddy in the fridge confuses foreigners the most. We know that liquid needs to eat, and in Europe soups are rarely included in the diet, more often – all sorts of salads. Too bad, but choosing between soup and Paradise, many would choose the soup.

5. Rough that you can do not to offer the guest something to eat

When my friend the German crossed the threshold of my house, he was wildly surprised by the offer to feed him. It would seem that many peoples have a tradition to feed a guest, especially with the long road, not to mention a Cup of coffee, which is offered even at home til Schweiger. But to eat away – it’s weird. Although, I admit, I offered out of politeness, hoping that he, like many, just refuse. But he sat down to eat. That’s because these people they think that Russian are the master of your generosity will be forced to drink the whole bar and eat anything, even moldy cheese that has been lost in the margins refrigeration of Paradise. Therefore, suggest each other to walk-in guests hungry.

6. Worried? Drink Valerian

Before exams mother gently shouted: «Drink Valerian!» The best remedy for stress, if you drink not. In the West it is not so common. The only thing they know about Valerian – cats from her and stomps!

And we have a mandatory attribute of the kit. In fact, any decent hostess, rather, a herbal chemist’s shop than a pharmacy. Herbal, medicines. And this despite the fact that to get on reception to the doctor in our area objectively easier than in Europe. So, distrust of doctors we have passed down from generation to generation, and therefore in self-medication and traditional medicine, we have no equal, if not to take into account Hispanics and Asians. Until we are like a cancer to the Paradise.

7. New Year with Boris Moiseyev and Co

But nothing confuses overseas visitors as Russian holidays. Every year in Russia is planned not just a concert, and the concert of the year. The same faces singing the same songs. When they show to foreigners these same faces, give a listen to their songs, in response to receiving the priceless reaction that you really want to grab, put in a container and still warm to bring the heads of TV channels. They generally the New Year is not so popular, even abroad, have long become accustomed to the fact that this is the main holiday of the country. And we got used to the fact that Valery Leontiev, Philip Kirkorov, Valeria, Nikolai Baskov, Jane Leo Valerianovich Leshchenko once again, beautifully smiling, will keep the company in the New Year.

It is very important not to sleep, because at 3am the main reason to turn on the TV that night – «Disco 80’s». Almost the same person, plus obsolete, decommissioned and illiquid Western singers, stuck in the 80s.

However, due to the nostalgia, the Russian corporate events and similar events, their wives are fed, because the people hawala. And the songs are there, in truth, in better times. However, hearing all this, the alien begins to think that the New Year in our country is some kind of flour. And what the hell is wrong with us, why are we watching this!? Fool, this is a ritual so every time we new year’s eve called Satan to life did not seem raspberries.

8. Birthdays always involve very long calls from relatives

And it is not always possible to remember most of these relatives. Foreigners such ritual is able to drive in the apathy and be forced to go to a psychologist. And we, like Sylvester Stallone in the movie «Stand still, and then my mom will shoot!», will patiently listen to the congratulations of relatives, which are very vaguely remember. Well, the holiday wishes like: «you were smart, studied well, normal work was… What? Oh, I forgot you’re all finished and have been working. But nothing, happiness, health, wife, you are normal, happiness, health, because, you know <the old aphorism or anecdote>, happiness, health.

To be polite, you do the same in return and spend another 10 minutes trying to say goodbye.

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