8 old guys who are doing cool things

Old age, certainly not joy, but if not despair, it is possible to surprise many with the way you deftly shake her. Therefore, I advise you to look at these dudes, remember them and recall them when you will be the same.

1. Tornado in a turban. This guy’s name is Fudge Sith. While some are too lazy to get out of bed to prepare myself a sandwich, this dude ran 6.5 miles, when he was 101 years old. FOR 90 minutes! However, his record is not fixed — the Committee was unable to find a birth certificate. The bureaucrats!

8 Kruti Stari chuvakov1763209110

2. Dr. William J. bell of Jonesboro, Arkansas. This guy is 90 years old and he jumps with a pole. Just to say that for this you need strong legs and strong upper extremity.

8 Kruti Stari chuvakov0598453618

3. 97-year-old Amateur water ski «Banana George Blair. This dude is passionate about water skiing, of course, need strong legs. But this guy does his own stunts WITHOUT skis! Bare feet. Three times he’s been hit in the Guinness book of records. He is cool!

8 Kruti Stari chuvakov1327663279

4. 84-year-old rapper Kwayzar . This guy proved that you don’t need to be young and black to rap read. And yet he has the hottest Chicks and their hit song «I’m still unable to do it.»

8 Kruti Stari chuvakov0383273972

5. Cat Moore from South Africa , He became the oldest man who carried out a bungee jump. When he returned to earth, his only words were that «the jump was too short.»

8 Kruti Stari chuvakov1539049970

6. Min Bahadur Sherchan from Nepal This dude is 80 years old, he became the oldest man who climbed the Everest. This record is still not broken, although it was made 4 years ago.

8 Kruti Stari chuvakov0728350657

7. 60-year-old paratroopers. These guys did the figure of 60 years of parachutists in the sky and flew for 90 seconds in a free fall. Tough guys!

8 Kruti Stari chuvakov0017551305

8. 77-year-old… porn star. This old man still has got it… And he does hard and exhausting work… he’s a star hard porn! He was 77, and his name is Shiego Tokuda. He began his career in 50 years and went to world fame almost 30 years.

8 Kruti Stari chuvakov1722479855

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