8 of the most unpopular professions

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2015_oBXvcmvB4aZ5CGo to uni, go, and then it spits you suvanova, emaciated and with a little luck, enriched by the knowledge, on the big road called life… And nobody wants you. Your profession is not in demand. And what do people do? To change the profile or to succeed.

But if you do, man, still do not know what the profession is not in demand, your favorite manygoodtips.com now in detail tell all.

1. Lawyers and economists

Know people different years, lawyers there is no demand. Rather, lawyers are always needed. But given the fact, in what amounts they are produced, the demand for them drops sharply. And that work masters of legal science in the «MVideo», pushing people food processors from the point of view of «legal responsibility». If all of the outstanding lawyers I worked, everyone, even the homeless would have the legal protection, personal lawyer, and we would have lost the cashiers in the «Auchan» and «KFC». Notorious experience bothers to get really talented and loved his profession to the guys who have no time to work as a paralegal for a measly few thousand.

However, for the same reason, the country does not need is the dominance of economists. Everyone wants to be closer to the money, to make millions, but the knowledge of a huge crowd of graduates leave much to be desired. And do not need so many of them – the market is swarming with economists.

2. Psychologists

Now psychologists (not to be confused with psychiatrists) is studying a lot of kids. Why? Someone had heard the stories about his uncle Freud (because no one else they don’t know), someone goes to a psychologist in order to deal with cockroaches and the diagnosis of his madness, and someone is really interested. But where then does it go young professionals? Psychology in demand abroad, but in Russia it was not justified. We have to go to therapy is considered shameful, unusual and strange. Although perhaps every second, it would not hurt to seek advice.

Someone well settled, opened his Cabinet and takes out a Pro-Western wealthy a large sum of money, and someone is forced to go into teaching or to work as a school psychologist, conducting tests, the effectiveness of which they do not believe.

3. Officials

Who is in our understanding official? It’s such a fat young man, with a face broader than that of the newspaper, in an expensive suit for an important city event, with a sense of dignity tells the story of the spiritual ties and truth. And we all know that these officials live very well. Eat not just bread and butter, but also caviar, send their children to study abroad, and in General, live happily ever after. But «mountains of gold» turn into tons of stinking shit. Many do not know what the starting salary of a young specialist is very small, and the imaginary career of a very long and thorny. Officials in charge of municipal and regional offices, but all sorts of youth centers. And there’s not much weld.

Moreover, the crisis makes itself felt, and after the optimization of the state government and municipal authorities, the number of officials will decrease sharply. So let’s meet in the vast field of demand of the two armies – the army of young professionals and the army downsized.

4. Police inspectors

The rumor was that the security forces are waiting for a ruthless reduction. Once again the police and the inspectors will have to tighten the holster and go in search of new employment elsewhere. Not all the nightmare areas and to protect prostitutes, but only favourites.

5. Insurance agents

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the insurance market has not yet overcome the crisis definitively, but the demand for insurance agents, no. Some companies have reduced staff, some have closed, and some… also will be closed. When the market wakes up and insurance will return to their former condition, we will immediately notify.

6. Administrators, secretaries, office managers, HR-managers and similar staff

On the sites of employment you can find quite a lot of vacancies for the above professions. But even if the company puts these jobs, they quickly do. All because of requirements for specialists in these fields, nonspecific and low. The main thing – to smile, to speak, to write, record and not be distracted. Moreover, the crisis, some places are closed, throwing in the most useless administrators. And wages, to put it mildly, not very.

7. Rare profession

The fact and rare that we need not often and not everywhere. For example, without a sommelier (wine taster), tea taster (tea taster), the taster can do most of the catering companies and the food industry. But the cooks and staff – is unlikely. Moreover, there are not many restaurants that serve a real «Chateau» 75-year, and not diluted «Cabernet». And in such establishments the sommelier is not that is not needed and is contraindicated. It will be a shock if he sees that serves customers.

8. Coaches on-line sales

Specialists in sales are very popular, but why spend money on coach on-line sales, no one knows. Apparently, the market and the people too are unable to answer this question, and therefore, this profession is one of the least popular.

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