8 modern cars, which started from a wild concepts


Each car is created with a separate purpose. And the goals are different: some are created for the world, and the other to the last nut excite the public. Take a look at eight concept cars below. Each struck the world in varying degrees, in their animal, a wild creature.

Ford Mustang


Early concept: the Mustang I, 1962.

Between this legendary «Mustang» and lipartia on former glory, crisscrossing roads of the same name, nothing in common. The real «Mustang» was a true sports car with four-cylinder behind the driver’s back.

«Mustang» was the epitome of patsanskogo, so to speak, of a sports car. And that old memory many still call the Mustang the dream car. At present this role is not necessary, but the old man met all the criteria, being a boy dreams the posters that hang above the bed.

Corvette (C2)


Early concept: Mako Shark, 1963.

When in 1961 all the work on the creation of the Corvette Sting Ray of 1963 was completed, there was a need for a little «wind up» the audience, to excite in her a desire to immediately rush to the dealer for a new car. And there was «Mako». Its name he received in honor of Mako shark that the General Manager caught while fishing, after which hung her in effigy in his office.

The most difficult was a stage that never caused problems – painting. Mitchell wanted the car exactly copied the colors of his sharks, but the painters did not work. Finally, they came up with an idea: to ask for as sample of the shark itself. The result was not slow to affect.

MINI Cooper


Early concept: Mini ACV30, 1997.

Before BMW bought the brand and turned it into what we are accustomed to seeing today, the car has changed over the decades. In 1997, however, the concept debuted with the model ACV30, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the success of this brand in the famous rally Monte Carlo. Radical appearance of the model was refreshed in 2000, when the brand suffered major changes.

The Batmobile


Early concept: the Lincoln Futura, 1955.

In 1955, Ford gave the concept of «Lincoln Futura» with a serious intention to put it into production. Designer outlet, which embodied all the extravagance jet-era cars of the 1950-ies. At that time, the streamlined shape guaranteed the attention and love of fans.

In 1965, the producers of the TV series «Batman» needed a car. In the end, don chose «Futura», and added a few touches and voila – a new car of Batman ready.

rlymouth Prowler


Early concept: Prowler, 1993.

Prowler is one of the few examples where the car will make its debut as an amazing concept, and then hits the streets with relatively few changes. Nearly 12,000 copies were made in the five years of production before the model and, subsequently, the concern disappeared under the heavy pressure of history.

Chevy Volt


Early concept:the Volt concept 2007.

«V» in the era of the debut of the car (almost 10 years ago) was one of the first hybrid concepts shown at the major auto shows.

At the time, Tesla said its «Roadster», which was just as lovely on the inside as ugly on the outside.

Pontiac Aztek


Early concept: Aztek, 1999.

Within 10 years, the car ingloriously competed with a subsidiary brand «Ford» under the name «Edsel» for the title of greatest disaster in the history of the automotive industry. Nevertheless, it was revolutionary for its time car. That only is the retractable awning.

BMW i8


Early concept: Vision EfficientDynamics, 2009.

I8 is a miracle in many ways: lightweight, high-performance hybrid that can compete with the Porsche 911, what is called «neck and neck». When BMW presented its vision of the concept, everyone is outraged and expressed his vision of a new concept. It is rare when someone just so wrong.

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