8 inventors you didn’t know

manygoodtips.com_7.05.2014_VHTkFhhBVWVqZSome people have a truly insatiable thirst for knowledge. Where we were now, if there was no light Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and the like?

We will introduce you with 8 people whom you, probably, did not know the talent of the inventor.

1. Michael Jackson anti-gravity shoes


Creating video for the new song of Michael Jackson was a very important event. When you’re at the peak of popularity, every step should be better than the previous one. For Smooth Criminal is the seventh single from the Bad album, Michael created the video, which was truly innovative. In the clip, the singer dances and fights with the bandits, showing his trademark gait. Of course, in the video a lot of tough moments, but the most impressive is the scene where Michael tilts at an impossible angle of 45 degrees.

The singer was supported by cables to achieve this effect in the video. However, as Jackson was able to recreate this on stage?

With the help of two designers, Michael has developed a «method of creating the illusion of anti-gravity» and patented it. Normal-looking loafer has a strap that tightens around the ankle to secure the foot the dancer on the heel. The heel is attached to a certain place on the stage.

Michael Jackson successfully used his invention on live performances, shocking the audience and securing its already a huge success.

2. Howard Hughes push up bra steel underwire


Successful Director and producer, businessman, aviation pioneer, and in recent years the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes was definitely a genius.

During the filming of the outlaw in 1941, Hughes found that the camera pays tribute to the lush breast ACTICE Jane Russell. The Director has used his engineering skills to construct a support bodice to accentuate all the virtues of the actress.

In fact, Jane Russell never used this bra in the film, as this «weird thing» that was causing her unbearable pain. But despite this, the bra was in the Hollywood Museum.

3. Abraham Lincoln: a method of raising vessels afloat


Abraham Lincoln is known around the world as one of the greatest U.S. presidents. He freed America’s black population from slavery and kept the country intact during the Civil war. But few know that he is also the only US President that holds a patent on their own invention.

Before his presidency, Lincoln learned a lot about river navigation, when floated on the rivers Ohio and Mississippi. Years later, as a young Congressman, Lincoln returned to the ship home in Illinois. Unfortunately the ship sat on the chalk, and Lincoln as the captain ordered the sailors to collect all the wooden boards, empty boxes and barrels and frame them under both sides of the boat.

This case inspired the future President to design paintings from the cylinders, which could raise the ship on the water.

The invention Lincolnia has never been implemented in reality, but the Smithsonian institution is the layout of the ship equipped with a device Lincoln.

4. Zeppo of Marx: the heart rate monitor and heating pad


Zeppo Marx – one of the famous Trinity of cinematic Comedy was the only «techie» in chinoserie.During his life, Seppo received a total of 3 patents.

In 1952 he created the «water spreader of warmth», better known today as a warmer. Two other inventions he patented in 1969: «heart rate monitor» and «clock mechanism for actuating a heart rhythm.» The device was to be used together, their goal was to alert individuals about problems with the heartbeat. Essentially it was an early analogue of the modern heart rate monitor.

5. Marlon Brando: shoes for the pool


We all know Marlon Brando as one of the greatest actors of all times, for his roles in such films as «a Streetcar named Desire», «the Godfather,» «Last tango in Paris,» «Apocalypse now».

But in addition to achievements in the cinematic career of Marlon Brando noted in history as the inventor — he invented a special shoes for the pool designed to make workouts in the water more effective by increasing the friction between sole and flooring.

6. Paul Winchell: artificial heart

It was a bribe.field.ua_7.05.2014_qAgNePGAlX31M

You might be surprised, but Paul Winchell, the husband gave the voice of tiger from Winnie the Pooh, was an accomplished inventor who first designed and patented the implantable heart-lung machine – artificial heart.

Winchell started out as a ventriloquist. Having reached a certain success in this business, he was able to become a voice actor at the Walt Disney studios, where «played» his most famous role.

In the eighties, having finished medical Institute, Winchel finally realized a childhood dream – to become a doctor. While working at the University of Utah, Winchel jointly with Henry George. Hillegom (author of the eponymous method returning breath) has developed and patented the implantable heart-lung machine.

In addition, on account of Uinchela there are about 30 different patents – disposable razor, a fountain pen with a retractable rod, and more.

7. Thomas Jefferson: the machine for the manufacture of macaroni, «kitchen» lift and the plow


Thomas Jefferson – 3rd President of the United States, he was one of those who put his signature to the Declaration of Independence. In addition, he also was an inventor and played an important role in shaping patent law.

Some time the future President served as the American Ambassador in France. In this country he was addicted to pasta, and later even developed its own machine for the manufacture of macaroni. In addition, an avid gardener, Jefferson created a tool that allows you to loosen the ground more thoroughly. So to replace the plow came to plow.Among other Jefferson-constructed devices, there was a small «kitchen» is an Elevator, intended for lifting objects, not people. Although none of the inventions of the President was not patented, he played an important role in the creation of the first Patent law of the United States in 1790.

8. William Marston: the prototype of the modern polygraph and Wonder Woman


William Marston, an American psychologist, developed a test to determine the lying systolic blood pressure, and a device for carrying out the test. As a result, the device called a polygraph, or lie detector.

The idea for conducting research on the topic of when performance pressure lies Marston threw his wife – she noticed that in moments of excitement her blood pressure rises. Wife also inspired the Marsten another of his creations – a series of comics about Wonder Woman, who became the first female character in the history of comics. By the way, the lasso of truth in her hand is a metaphor invented earlier polygraph.

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