8 incredibly cool vintage SUVs

Heroes of our today’s issue is not so much the SUVs as sports cars with a station wagon with improved ground clearance. The Americans have a perfectly fitting name for such cars SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), but in Russia they are called «monster trucks», «SUVs» (which is not true), the «crossovers». But we will refer to them both as a single classification (at least short) we have.

Today’s edition of what was formerly stylish and cool SUV. Most of them look so cool, personally we have a logical question: «Why did the Soviet Union couldn’t do the same style, which now would look dignified?» The answer can be found here.

1. 1968 Ford Bronco

Epic machine, which in wildly popular among Americans, the movie «Smokey and the bandit» (Smokey and the Bandit).

8 suv0277216321

2. International Harvester Scout 800 (1965-1969)

The model was supposed to make some kind of agricultural technique, but it turned out almost the first full-fledged SUV and the dream of any Texas farmer. In the back you could put chairs, which automatically makes this car family.

8 suv1460251344

3. 1981 Toyota FJ40

More commonly known as the Toyota Land Cruiser 40. Much like the Mercedes G-Class. Still, fans of SUVs remains a favorite machine.

8 suv2095701983

4. 1987 Jeep Wagoneer

Wagoneer at the time, was a machine-a luxury, everyone wanted it, because she had a stylish leather seats, air conditioning and heating. To this should be added, and shikaree wooden panelling of walnut wood, which are upholstered in machine externally.

8 suv1965375658

5. 1948 Ford F-Series

Very strange windowless van on the back. Looks, being red, festive and mysterious.

8 suv0106773666

6. Land Rover Series III

Strongly reminiscent of the Jeep CJ. The series was produced in the period from 1971 to 1985 and was the precursor to the wildly popular at the time, Land Rover Defender. For any American these SUVs is the real quintessence of courage and badassest! Although personal to us, this car resembles a mini version of the school bus.

8 suv0477415456

7. First generation Chevy Blazer

The first generation Blazer, produced from 1969 to 1972, was a response to Jeep CJ, Cherokee, and International Harvester Scout. I see that in all that time, desperately, and cowboy answered the calls with different dudes.

8 suv0011415640

8. Jeep CJ-7

The possession of this machine, his time was equivalent to saying that every girl will give you immediately and without hesitation. The series was produced in the period from 1976 to 1986.

Jeep CJ-7

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