8 great women that you didn’t know

Work.com.ua_7.03.2015_tEk74DQPWdqHwDude, surely you know these famous women like Marilyn Monroe, Margaret Thatcher, Coco Chanel, Maya Plisetskaya – the list can be long. The names of these beautiful ladies always sound on the lips and harmoniously decorate the top of the Google search. But there is a heroine, not legends.

Today we would like to tell you about the lesser known but very talented and amazing women who have given the world no less than their more popular sisters.

1. Julie Récamier (1777 – 1849)


Beauty – terrible force, and the beautiful Madame Récamier represented its main instrument in the era of post-revolutionary France. Hitting right and left heart romantic Parisians and inspiring famous artists, the beauty gained famous reputation, being the «star» lady on a European scale at that time. To her great legs bowed Dukes and princes, writers and poets. The name of Julie Récamier sounded from Spain to Russia. She broke the heart of Lucien Bonaparte, brother of the famous Emperor, and by painters such as Gerard and David had immortalized her glorious portrait.

Fun and mysterious, naive and unavailable – ambiguity was its essential feature. In addition to charm that she brought to people, Madame Récamier was obsessed with education. Her famous literary and political salon was the intellectual center of Paris, absorbed the best thoughts and knowledge of the contemporaries of that time.

2. Rosa Luxemburg (1871 – 1919)


Theorist of Marxism, philosopher, economist and publicist in one person – it’s all about the brilliant Rosa Luxemburg, became one of the most influential figures of German and European revolutionary left of social democracy. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin called it «the eagle, the great Communist, a representative of genuine, revolutionary Marxism,» emphasizing that her work will be a useful lesson for the education of many generations of Communists all over the world.

Rose was one of the founders of the anti-war Spartacus League and the Communist party of Germany, gracefully fought against the bourgeoisie, for which he was subjected to repression, in total having in custody for about 4 years.

A smart woman on the verge of genius. Her insatiable desire to work, to fight and to do won any difficulties on the political and creative way.

In the centre of Berlin in her honor called the square and its metro station, and the streets are named after Rosa Luxembourg is in many European cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg.

There is a song of group «mummies the Troll» dedicated to Rosa:

3. Vera Ignatyevna Mukhina (1889 – 1953)


Legendary woman sculptor who left a significant contribution to Soviet monumental art. The world fame was brought to her grandiose monument «worker and collective farm girl» (the same one from savers, of course), not presented elsewhere, and at the world exhibition of 1937 in Paris.

Vera Ignatyevna created the monument to Maxim Gorky, mounted near the Belarus station, the sculpture «Science» at MSU, monument to Peter Tchaikovsky at the Moscow Conservatory, sculpture «Earth» and «Water» in the Luzhniki stadium.

In 1947, Mukhina became a member of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of arts. For many fruitful years of work received the title of people’s artist of the USSR, became the winner of five Stalin prizes and was repeatedly awarded medals.

4. Gabriela Mistral (1889 – 1957)


Her real name was Lucila de maría del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga, but for obvious reasons the world is better known for her concise and beautiful nickname – Gabriela Mistral.

She worked as a teacher and later a diplomat in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Brazil. In 1903, she published her first poetry: tragic, sensual, imbued with the spirit of suffering and love; a deep, troubled about the attitude of the Indians and swept the hearts of ordinary people. In 1945 Gabriela Mistral a Nobel prize in literature «For a true sense of poetry that made her name a symbol of the idealistic aspirations of the entire Latin America.»

Gabriela is famous for its struggle for women’s rights, engaged in educational activities. Her exquisite image of a beautiful, intelligent woman with big heart and pure soul is a social ideal, surprisingly rare in our time.

5. Vera Kholodnaya (1893 – 1919)


A relatively short period of film career that began only five years before her death, brought Vera a the glory of the most famous silent film actress of her time. It is rightly called the «Queen of the screen». Tape «by the fireplace» in which the actress played the main role, was a record for views of pre-revolutionary cinema. The film was shown continuously for 90 days in Odessa and 72 days in Kharkov.

For three years, Vera Kholodnaya took part in the shooting of more than 30 paintings. Its popularity faded during the revolutionary events of 1917 and even during the Civil war.

6. Simone de Beauvoir (1908 – 1986)

For the sake of.com.ua_6.03.2015_F5s5vAJQawG2j

One of the most prominent representatives of the literary world at that time. His book «the Second sex» Simone made a splash in certain circles of the intelligentsia of Europe and America. Book writer became a symbol of the sexual revolution of the 1960-ies, recognized (even the men) and the most important work of feminism of the twentieth century.

Simone de Beauvoir made a significant contribution to the development of the philosophical thought of his age, became the ideologist of the feminist movement and has deservedly earned itself a reputation as a talented French writer. As she wrote of Simon: «If I have something of genius, it is only clarity of thought.»

I tore myself from the safe comfort of a reliable and specific life for the sake of my love for truth – and truth rewarded me.

The strange paradox is that the sensory world that surrounds man, is composed of softness, tenderness, affability, in short, he lives in a female world, while the woman beats in a harsh and hard world of men.

Psychoanalysts define a man as a human being and woman as a female; every time a woman acts like a human being, they say she is imitating man.

7. Ella Jane Fitzgerald (1917 – 1996)


Madame Ella was one of the greatest vocalists in the history of jazz music: who has a great voice range of three octaves, the master of scat (that’s when the voice of the performer imitates a jazz instrument), skilled voice improvisation and 13-time winner of the award «Grammy».

Fitzgerald dubbed «the first lady of jazz». For their creativity, the singer received the Presidential medal in the United States, became a knight of the Order of Arts and literature in France and was showered with numerous other awards.

During his 50-year career in jazz Ella released about 90 albums and compilations, selling in total more than forty million records:

8. Rosalind Franklin (1920 – 1958)


As a matter of common sense, of women biophysicists in the world was not so much. Rosalind Franklin was one of the few such scientists.

Rosalind – modest woman, whose name was never at the hearing. However, the actual discovery of DNA is Rosalind. Let all the glory went to her colleagues James Watson and Francis Crick, but it is accurate laboratory experiments female scientist allowed to obtain x-ray image of DNA, demonstrated a known and familiar today is a winding structure of molecules.

In 1962 the scientists received the Nobel prize for his discovery. Rosalind Franklin died of cancer 4 years prior to this event, which could bring her a well-deserved triumph.

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