8 facts about SpaceX, which you didn’t know

Poradi.yak.ua_22.04.2016_hGUiXm1NoLutJWhen talking about the prospects of SpaceX, even to curse you do not want. I have the feeling that they decided to bring the cosmic hope of mankind to reason. For example, they have lower stages of the rocket and are about to colonize Mars. But, as usual, in order.

1. Musk taught himself rocket science

This guy is of South African origin, which during the life of singing the praises that never dreamed of the Roman emperors, constantly makes us feel like slackers. Well it and is clear: so many successful companies that are able to change the world, and all in the hands of one guy. And here’s another detail that can make you feel even more incredible.: he had studied rocket science on their own. His partners say that the innovative ideas born in the head the Mask immediately after reading a book on rocket science.

2. SpaceX VS Tesla

In 2008, in the Wake of the crisis, Musk faced with the harsh realities of the business, which spare neither the discoverers nor the researchers, and at the time, he only had to watch and wonder which of his two companies first go to the bottom. tesla was in debt, as in silks, and she never had a prototype car that could show people. The rescue company was complicated because until Musk already has poured so many millions of his personal fortune in SpaceX, so save literally had nothing. However, in 2011 he was able to gain sufficient funding through the friends that were able to return «Tesla» from the graveyard of unrealized projects, where already lie the cavalry of the sailors on the zebras, biorobots and natural soluble coffee.

3. All about Mars

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2016_5gP74a2rfP7AXThe colonization of Mars has long been a passion Mask. He repeatedly said that he founded SpaceX in 2002 primarily to help make humanity multiplanetary.

According to Mask, the Mars will propel human society and technological progress to such heights that did not even exist.

4. Mars can be closer this year

Despite the long list of impressive achievements to date, SpaceX is associated with ambition, not achievement. Musk, of course, has spoken publicly about his desire to spend the last years of his life on Mars, but little information about the expedition and its spacecraft raises concerns about the possibility of rapid colonization of the red planet. However, this may soon change, though the rumor is that Musk is going to unveil Grand plans for the international Astronautical conference in September. Well, let’s be patient and hope that there will be news about the readiness of the ship, not that they have fastened to it a siphon.

5. Know a lot about names

Of course, NASA can sometimes come up with really inspiring names to their large-scale missions, but thanks to the Mask and his love for science fiction (Star wars in particular), SpaceX is in many respects more interesting. Two barges, which were taken that same missile in the sea, called the Falcon-1 and Falcon-9 in honor of, you guessed it, the Millennium Falcon.

It was recently discovered that the code name for rockets and spacecraft that will form the basis of the technology of colonization of Mars, is «devil rocket» and «Fucking space ship.» The translation is correct, in fact the names of even rougher.

6. Roller coaster factory

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2016_t9PjVD4IQI5QBAt SpaceX, like most large companies, there is a large desire for a good specialist. Here are the specialists you have a choice, and therefore between corporations, the race for the conditions of work (think the Google). In a recent biography of Musk noted that considering construction within companies as Spacex and Tesla plants – a real roller coaster for employees. It seems that the blood flows to the brain faster.

7. A global network of Wi-Fi

One of the most ambitious plans, the company will launch a 4,000 micro-satellites into orbit to create a satellite Internet network, which ultimately can bring high-speed wireless Internet access in every corner of the globe. As of last year, the experiments already under way, and all paperwork is gradually being solved.

8. NASA and SpaceX: contract

NASA ended the space Shuttle program in 2011, and to fly forever with the Russian pilots, they apparently do not like. In order to put an end to outsourcing, they contracted with SpaceX (along with a couple other foreign aerospace companies) to develop the next generation of space programs and shuttles.

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