8 everyday things that are only computer graphics

Computer graphics system CGI first appeared on screens in 1973. Then, the screens out the film «Westworld,» and everyone was absolutely amazed by what he saw, though, and realized that the world on the screen is not quite true. But technology evolved, computer graphics is also not stood still. Today, few people are able to distinguish reality from fiction, when this reality show to us screens. And all this magnificence has long crept into the everyday routine, beating film Studio and a cinema. I can say that what you see in scientific magazines, furniture catalogs or advertising of cars is not computer graphics? Before answering this question, read our material — it will be interesting.

Advertising cars


Along with the house, car is the largest purchase that the average person makes in their life. So car companies spend insane amounts of money trying to convince people that their car is the most convenient, safe and fast. Not only engineers are working on it, designers and 3D artists, because what you see in car magazines — this is a 3D model of the car, and the car itself. This is especially noticeable at the start of the advertising company when the manufacturer may not even have a working prototype. However, commercial interest preheating is required at all stages of production. It can be called automotive populism, but these are the realities of the market. Designers can draw on posters and promotional materials for a completely different car with a slightly modified position of the door or a slightly different casing. Punctures happen, but even if not, it does not mean that the photo you see the real machine.

Furniture catalogs

Everything you see in furniture catalogs, never existed. Well, almost everything. And the old IKEA is no exception to the rule. Most of the photographs are images of virtual thoughts are created to look beautiful, you want to buy a product. Marketers are increasingly using the cgi version of the product, because taking photos is: a) expensive; b) the result is worse. Miracle computers is able to create a shade that never existed in nature, designers and artists to bring the image to perfection. And again in IKEA. These Swedish speculators all their catalogues to do with digital imaging. Any room painted. They are even small elements of the drawing.

And even pictures NASA

You can’t trust anyone, even an organization like NASA. We are now seeing evidence of conspiracy theories everywhere, because most of satellite images that brought to the public space agencies, the fakes. The organization, NASA has never concealed that many photographs are carefully processed before release the Kraken» to the public. Can confirm my words with an official video.

In reality, the light emitted by the nebula, too faint to be seen with the naked eye. The human eye can see only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the rest we can’t see. To compensate for this, space camera, usually do black and white pictures to see the cluster of lights that they paint the way they want to. For example, if they removed the nebula «Cat’s eye», the scientists can detect a large concentration of hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen (NASA takes pictures for the science, not just for your Wallpaper on your desktop). Each item reflects a certain shade of red light, so photographing every hue, they are painted in a certain way.


Documentary filmmakers are different. Some, such as David Attenborough, really drop all do. But others use dirty tricks and take these films as «the Big travel deep into oceans», where the turtle allegedly goes to great lengths to lay their eggs in the middle of nowhere. The viewer serves as a documentary film, although the filmmakers used only a few scenes, causing the sea turtles to dance in front of a green screen to draw and then everything else. It’s not a documentary, and a reality show. Even the film «101 Dalmatians» seems more documentary — there’s even dog really rushed through the streets and houses.

The BBC do these sins. For example, there is a movie about polar bears, where there is a scene with the birth of baby bear, which occurs on the background of the ice, the cold and danger. However, the documentary does not remember us that all the scenes were filmed in a Belgian zoo. Sir Attenborough, a documentary of the old school, this situation infuriates others. He shoots honestly, suffering in travel, and some assholes create a jungle on the computers and was satisfied.



No one in this no doubt, right? But the problem is that technology sGI used not only for dinosaurs, huge monsters and Davy Jones from «Pirates of the Caribbean». It is used even on shit and urine, which often depict naturalistic in modern comedies. Even when the dog shits on the carpet in the frame, it really is not shit, because it is not possible to do it on command. The operator feeds the poor animal and not walk behind him to catch the moment. In addition, a real turd can seem pretty bleak. So it’s easier to paint everything, even the process itself. Even so will look more realistic.

Clear urine is not the only liquid, which is made more realistic through computer graphics. Blood draw more often, because the cranberry syrup in modern cinema not roll, and it is much more expensive than drawing blood. There are, of course, enthusiasts such as Eli Roth, he prefers to use real blood, which orders all abattoirs (at least for one of his films, he did so — «Fever»), but these tough guys every year more and less. Much easier to draw blood, as it did in the movie «the Expendables 2», where there was not a drop of fake blood, it was computer-generated.

Even the weather conditions in the movie — he was still cheating. In the old days, filmmakers to tear your ass had to wait for suitable weather conditions, and each day cost a lot of money. To bring rain, at times, used water hoses, but is it possible these hoses to fill the whole city? So modern blockbusters use virtual modeling of weather conditions. Weather is not a problem for such television series as «Game of Thrones», where a winter shoot in the lush green hills of Northern Ireland. Any dark corner of the planet can be turned into solar and solar — cold hell from Satan.

Food advertising


Surely you’ve noticed that hamburgers from advertising McDonald’s and hamburgers at the McDonald’s for food. To be honest, advertising can’t have burgers — they are all numbers, even those with such zeal absorb a guest star. Each image is carefully drawn by designers, marketers consider and approve divisional Directors. You can’t just take food because real food doesn’t look so appetizing, but the food is virtual — it would be desirable always.

According to the materials of Chris Radomila

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