8 everyday things that amaze with their epic

No one beats the epic with the man, no one. Even cats, dogs and raccoons, despite their ideality, not up to put us level. For example, raccoons have no Jim Carrey, and we have. Dogs are not built under Switzerland a huge bandura, which accelerates the Higgs bosons, and the man could. Cats could think of public transport, but for some reason lost to the people.

If you think about it every day we do things that on closer examination are striking in their sometimes insane genius. We stopped paying attention to them, although they are forced to think that mankind still has hope.

1. Perpetrated with the body that you want

manygoodtips.com_17.11.2016_iVEqFyYXbg7ATAny amendment, Supplement or strengthen the human body has become so familiar to us that we don’t see a problem in removing a particular organ and then sewing in another place. To make Groovy black guy a Megastar with white skin — a piece of cake. Even removal of part of the intestine has become a common operation, and the man costs nothing to pick up the animal’s body and implant it.

Not to mention all the painful treatments that we do in the pursuit of beauty. We fill her body with tattoos, purposefully implanted implants that are inserted pieces of silicone to change the shape of the body, and do a lot of other crazy stuff, which certainly would not have gone APE and dog. For example, dogs would never have occurred with the birth of a girl to shackle feet in tiny shoes and intentionally to hurt them.

And Polish the list of bodily madness want bodymodification. Frenzied handsome men with forked tongues, scarring and holes in all parts of the body as a hint that natural selection has stopped working.

2. Hunt for hunting

People have special passion to kill wild animals and posing with their dead bodies in photos in social networks. A similar event is now called the hunt. You pay money to shoot at the beast, miss a shot and go for the meat in the supermarket.

Now hunting has become a pastime only if 300 years ago by the dashing of a hunting horn peals in the «real men’s entertainment» nominated for the nobles, now the forest wool ranneklassovye troopers with rifles, accessories & lures.

Human beings are the only species on the planet that can hunt with the help of technology. We are the best runners on long distances in the animal Kingdom and hunters use it for their own purposes, simply exhausting the animal to death.

Sounds creepy, in that we were formed by evolution. The natural need of any creature is the desire to eat. When livestock in the paddocks was not enough, had to go hunting. Now meat in the supermarkets in abundance, and hunting are for the sake of boredom or photos in instagram.

3. Burn ancient organisms to get to the store

Therefore, a common network the myth that gasoline is made of dinosaurs is not entirely true. The oil actually originated from organic material (remains of living organisms), but it was organisms much smaller than dinosaurs. According to scientists, the source material for the formation of oil were the microorganisms that inhabit coastal waters and prehistoric swamps — plankton, 90% of which is phytoplankton. Dead plants and algae clung to each other and form a rock, which then melts from too close proximity with hot and warm the earth’s mineral resources.

But think about it, how it is epic! To go 2 km/h faster, you need to burn a whole batch of prehistoric corpses. Sounds Nazi, but the whole truth.

4. Out of the food chain

manygoodtips.com_17.11.2016_CMJYC2BBYt8HzDo you remember a textbook picture of a biology textbook? A rabbit eats grass, wolf eats the rabbit. Food chain in all its glory.

But where in the chain the man? It is not there: the predators will not put, and after the grass is awkward. However, all logical, because we see nature as a reason for research and a story for another colorful documentary about the wild. People were fenced off from the wild world, occupying the position of the observer behind the glass. He learned to ignore the laws of the food chain and did everything to everything: from microorganisms to predators, was in shock from its activities.

When people are tired from hunting and gathering pasture approximately 11,500 years ago, they came up with a revolutionary idea to obey the laws of nature itself. So there was agriculture.

In order not to disappoint the tribesmen’s lack of production, the ancient ancestor thought to tame wild boars, buffaloes and other animals to get fresh meat on the spot. In the end, the man himself makes these chains, transporting animals from one continent to another, drastically disturbing the ecosystem and building a forest in which to play wild beasts.

5. Adding new dogs

Known fact: the ancestors of dogs were wolves. Hard to believe, but a distant ancestor of the pug and the Terrier was a ferocious predator.

It is believed that people domesticated dogs still being hunter-gatherers. Until now, scientists have not come to a consensus that could explain the actions of prehistoric jerk, dared to tame a creature that usually eats his countrymen. Some say that it was made in hunting, others argue that for fun.

Who was the first dog, is also unclear. It is logical to assume that cubs separated from the mother, because this is the easiest option. But considering that in ancient times people did inexplicable things, the option of taming an adult wolf to reject it is not necessary.

After thousands of years of abuse and experiments wolf reduced in size and shocked by what happens as things turned into a Dachshund.

6. Cut bellies during childbirth

As you know, piss and give birth — can’t wait. You never know when a new person asked out. The birth process is extremely unpredictable and strange. Man, despite all his power, gives the most vulnerable babies in the world. And what’s worse: not a single female is exposed to a high risk of mortality as a human.

The process is complex, anything can happen, so it was a long time. But the people understood that it would be better if someone from the duet of «mother-child» survived. And when the birth’s complicated, some of the old smart enough to slit his belly to get the baby born. At first it a bit, but century stubbornness brought the technology to perfection. The fact remains: a person reveals his stomach to pull out the child.

7. Treat a couple of pills illness, kill entire Nations

manygoodtips.com_17.11.2016_AXf9IDX8ph5QxMany centuries ago the Church and strangely dressed doctors urged to hurt, because the world population was small, and the appearance of basic disease, which is now treated with one tablet, testified that with a probability of 80% it will decrease.

After some time, extremely tired such thing as a «plague,» people took the science. As a result, managed to finally eradicate smallpox, which nearly destroyed American Indians and a few European countries; diphtheria and polio, the human immune system was not developed relationships.

Of course, there are diseases that humanity is not on the shoulder, but the fact that we have learned to defeat the disease, powerless immune system, is expensive.

8. In space, as a home

Humans are the only species on Earth who managed to see the planet from the height of the passing asteroid. It is likely that we are the only ones in the whole Universe.

Man is always attracted by the height of the sky, which leaves a lot of questions. Attempts to answer these questions, first gave rise to the cult, and when it has exhausted itself, and space program.

Now humanity has its own station in space, where for months people live. An obsession to know the Universe incites the exploration of new parts of the Solar system. Now we are encroaching on Mars, and left quite a bit of time before he is ours.

And the amazing thing is that in 60 years of space flight we started to treat this case as something trivial, not worthy of attention. But think about it: the man took less than a hundred years to get off the ground on the ground the plywood plane and get to the moon. Once there is some pride in the human race.

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