8 epic news from Springfield

manygoodtips.com_17.07.2014_w72lRyEmuoOZtYou remember this funny cartoon, about a crazy family from Springfield? You probably didn’t pay much attention to the news that Homer was watching on TV, sitting on your favorite sofa. But in vain! This Gaga news anchor was quite crazy. Sometimes he even falls into a panic attack live.

On the weekends we manygoodtips.com closed in the office and was going through old seasons of Simpsonov. We have prepared for you some epic news, straight from the TV Homer:

1.»Treehouse of Horror VIII» (season 9, series 4)

News: «That’s how a Hippo became a Deputy.».


This series consists of 3-piece and she is dedicated to Halloween.

1)»Omega Man». On Springfield dropped a bomb that killed everyone except the Simpsons. What to expect from crazy and infected residents?

2)»Fly vs fly». Why not play with the transformer and what have flies? We know one thing — Bart was on the verge of death.

3)»The simplest furnace». Marge actually a witch? The story of the Halloween.

2.»Lisa the Simpson» (season 9 17 series)

News: «the Government believes that public flogging should first enter, and then cancel.».


There is nobody not a secret that all of the Simpson family is mired in total stupidity. Surely Lisa, too, is doomed to failure? Damn genes.

In this episode, Lisa Simpson gets live news where she confesses to all residents of Springfield. Taking advantage of the moment she calls people to the development and spiritual enrichment.

3.»Simpson Tide» (season 9 19 series)

News: «a Nuclear submarine is stolen by Homer Simpson. A Communist is he?».


Bart was the victim mainstem. Homer is fired and he decided to go in a marine reserve.

Stop. Homer ended up in Russia? Lenin rising from the Mausoleum, and the Soviet Union reunited?

To deal with this nonsense, you can only watch the series.

4.»Bart Gets an Elephant» (season 5 episode 17 series)

News: «isn’t this what we had dreamed all his life? «Where’s my elephant?» Personally, I wanted to do!».


Marge gathers the family for General cleaning in the house. Homer: «Why do we need cleaning, do we sissy?». By happy coincidence, Bart receives a gift from the radio station of the present African elephant.

5.»Homer the Vigilante» (season 5 episode 11)

News: «When it starts a wave of robberies here and close to homicidal maniacs. I’m not saying that the robber some kind of monster «, Vermont», but it is very possible!».


Oh, no! The simpsons robbed, and with them and several families of Springfield. Valiant police officers fail in their duties, and Homer has to lead an army of warriors.

Who needed: saxophone, portable TV and beads Marge?

6.»Treehouse of Horror VI» (season 7, 6 series)

News: «In Springfield, the invasion of giant advertising monsters. Perhaps that is part of a new advertising campaign. But advertising of a product can serve as such a bloodbath?»


Homer stole a donut from a huge advertising banner, what gave rise to the revolt of the advertising monsters. The whole city is in danger, that may protect people Springfild from the tragedy?

7.»Marge on the Lam» (season 5, 6 series)

News: «Personally, I think these ladies guilty. They should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, otherwise their example will inspire other women to global anarchy. Apocalypse, friends!!!».


Marge spends all his free time with a new friend. They go the whole hog and narrowly avoided a criminal sentence.

8.»Bart the Fink» (season 7 15 series)

News: «- Krusty the Clown was arrested today for major fraud. And clonetest from taxes. — Clonetest?! — Look in the dictionary! — Dodging! — I didn’t say «clonetest», I said Dodge!».


Bart was responsible for the financial collapse beloved children, Krusty the clown. Clown committed suicide, and Bart tries to solve the mystery of the death of Krusty.

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