8 coolest spy gadgets

Spies are everywhere, man! You can never be completely sure that a can of beer, which lies in the nearest trash, collect information about you. We present to you the 8 coolest spy gadgets that can make you real paranoid.

1. Bugs for shoes


No, dude, it’s not like radio for the employees of the security services. This is a true bug, which the scouts put into the heels of someone’s shoes, to listen to other people’s conversations. Now, it is not surprising that hippies go barefoot.

2. The sensor for the cooler


Warning, this cooler is not water, so don’t raise it above your head when your team wins a football match! According to some reports, Israel has used this cooler is equipped with sensors, to study the landscapes of the time spying against Hezbollah.

3. Granny-spy


The first aircraft the size of an insect (insectothopter, specially designed for intelligence purposes). The CIA created the bug in the 70-ies of XX century. Next time around you will warp annoying grandmother, deny everything!

4. Camera-the cross


This cross has a camera, can take photos and shoot video. Scope lens — 90 degrees. The camera records video and uploads it directly to your computer. The battery of the gadget starts to sit in two hours of continuous operation. Pray that you don’t have to use this thing… or that no one used it on you.

5. The reverse peephole


Used exclusively by law enforcement. Reverse peephole put points closed door to see what was happening. This gadget works with a special lens, protects the lens of the eye. Think again if you really want to see what goes on behind closed doors…

6. Pen with video camera


This thing looks like simple pen, but guess what she does? — Shoots you in the video! This mini camera can record video and audio. Forget about how to write, let the pen shoots video and records sound!

7. Underwater drone


The CIA uses him to explore how robots work underwater, so don’t you think profit the fish. Robot fish «Charlie» was developed by the division of advanced technologies and programs of the CIA. Unmanned underwater vehicle equipped with a communication system and controlled by a wireless remote.

8. Bug-stump


By the way, was used by American intelligence in the seventies to capture information from Moscow, but this gadget was uncovered valiant KGB.

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