8 accidents during sex

1. Crash


December 23, 1991, performing a test flight crashed aircraft company Piper Aircraft.

According to the testimony of the National Council for transport safety the pilots were a man and a woman. According to documents, the right wing of the ship was damaged and the plane crashed in the rainbow lake in Florida.

The investigation revealed that both victims were dressed only partially, and the right front seat is installed in the «supine» position.

None of the victims were not wearing seat belts.

Probable cause of the accident, according to experts was the fact that the first pilot provoked the second pilot to act, not related to the operation of the flight.

2. Bloodthirsty lion


A woman named Sarai Mavera was killed by the king of beasts, when had sex with her boyfriend in the bushes Kariba, a popular tourist spot in Africa.

According to the testimony of the boyfriend, whose name we do not know, he heard a loud roar and instinctively ran to call for help passers-by.

However, the problem was that the man was completely naked, or rather of wardrobe items it was blank except for a condom, and are people found it crazy.

The woman was killed before the scene the police arrived.

I must say that the lions often attack people in these places, so the local authorities are not tired to warn tourists that they should not have my wife suck your cock outdoors, regardless of the strength of their desire.

3. Deadly train


In search of thrills, a couple of Zaporozhye decided to have sex on the railroad tracks. The train proved fatal for both lovers. The train passes killed a woman and cut off the feet of the man.

As stated in the report of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, the pair failed to overcome their natural passion.»

4. Well


Meeting in the square of Ciudad real in Spain, twenty one year Edeliya Aponte with her lover, found a secluded spot and set to work. A couple has failed, not tightly closed well. The girl fell in and her partner panicked and fled. However, he did not forget to anonymously report the incident to the police.

The police dragged a half-naked woman, which, in the opinion of the representatives of the law, was saved thanks to his ability to swim, as well as the fact that in the fall she hit her head.

5. Vibrating underwear


Thirty-year-old housewife from wells fainted in the supermarket Adsa in Swansea. The syncope was vibrating underwear, which the victim was dressed. According to eyewitnesses, during the time until the ambulance arrived, you could hear a strange buzzing coming from the woman clothing.

6. Falling from the roof


Seriously injured and completely naked, the pair was discovered by a taxi driver, was driving through the streets of new York.

As a result of the investigation, the clothes the pair were discovered on the roof of the building, which was located just above the place where you found lovers. No signs of violence, the police have not found that and brought militiamen to the conclusion that the pair were too fond of sex on the roof and fell.

7. Carbon monoxide


Many couples don’t know what sex on the back seat of the car. However, Keith Payton and Salina Johnson of Pennsylvania this experience was the last. In the heat of passion the couple had forgotten to turn off the engine. And since the car was in a locked garage, the result of their forgetfulness was the carbon monoxide poisoning and the death of the lovers.

8. Flash light


Passion caught young lovers Jens Gottlieb and Lisa Grun directly on the autobahn near the town of Werl, Germany.

The couple decided to slow down to the curb and do business in the bushes. But here weather has deteriorated, rzko, a storm began and lightning struck right in the bushes next to the lovers. The flash was so bright that blinded and completely disoriented young people.

Frozen and completely naked, they were found by a passing police patrol, which gave the unfortunate warm clothing, and helped with transporting their cars.

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